How it is: as of 2-27-08 lol a lil late./ playa chroniclaes* lol nah jk

This whole predicament is crazy cause I'm definantly a no-drama-all-fun person, and ive been this way since birth. Now okay I look good, I take pride in what I wear etc, but Im also a down to Earth person which is why I make the best of friends. In situations like these however I fail to realize the importance of making my own decision and sticking with it.

[People names have changed for the benefit of me and my life]

Ryan Seacrest: is this boy I rarely paid attention to when I first met him, Like "blah who are you?" loti (laughing on the inside), that basically sums it up. But at this goddamned basketball game is when my feelings toward him changed. I dont know what it is but seeing a boy who can dress turns me the hell on. I mean. I dont know what else will but this problem....

[update, marchsumthn, the boy got expelled we dont talk anymore. dont matter wasnt really important. and im probably jumpin to the problem but he wanted to have sex and sweetie that wasnt gon never happen]

Taye Diggs: is probably the first boy (man) I clicked with so easily ad hellafast, like my God we would text 24/7 and not get tired of each other. It could be cause our birthdays are 2 days apart, but who knows. The thing is the distance and the nik-is officially-kikless is starting to hurt...

[update... =( ]

Henrietta, Georgia: is the typical pro.. high school athlete in school. Smart funny, witty. I swear hes the 300th's twin (looks a lil too) but the attraction is nowhere in the solar system to be found. Yea we made out on occasions but that was just me pushing myself not to miss a good thing. And about this necklace...

[update: he got me something for my bday too. woww ewww. he needs to be a friend pronto. idk]

* High School: is a place for me to be free, but mind you to have all the fun necessary. Thank God I associated myself with the right females to make it happen. I just hate drama! Like i've heard (and seen it) in every highschool situation (and even college 1's) and sure boys do have it too and maybe, i dont know just maybe its been searching for me since I moved into this new school...
**Oil!: The problem with Ryan is that he wants to, and i quote "pipe" me, not wife me. And if you know me, Im def not a pipe-y girl. Im the girl you give the gifts to (awww poor Henry) And no Im not just saying this (pipe) I heard it on a threeway with friend Jasmine. So today I deadass dropped him and laughed in his face when he cornered me to talk. Who did he think he was? He was no where near getting this golden treat. loti. He is a cool person Im not gonna take that away but he has some schemes that I had no idea about. But trully i applaud him for telling the truth........ to my friend.

[golden treat? wow but yea he had some bitchassness in him too. and i did talk to him after he stopped coming to school and then he wanted to get all James Bond and shyt and be on the low, so i stopped textn.]

This boy (man) Taye I really dont have any problems though he did hang up the phone yesterday (shaking my head). hes probably the closest I got into a only-talking relationship aside for 300. (sorry if it seems like im putting him on a pedestal but there arent any flaws in this predicament). The flaw however with the Taye and Nicole relationship is that (drumm roll) we have never ever met. So this is definetly a relationship that started on the internet. I mean Im def not scared to meet him I know hes not gonna be perfect and neither am I but we haven't given that impression. Its just that pounding rthymn in my head like if we meet and are fine with each other, whats next, is it going to die out, Re-light? Oh boy! Lets not get started on the goals thingamajig, thats a whole nother novel.

[my views on this paragraph are totally different now but whatever, let it be]

Alright Henry and his necklace, Football team, Track team (dont got a job or car like Ryan though) but hes certified sprung over me and I dont know why, I never tried to impress him. Apparently he likes my big head, the way i dress and my sarcasm? I dont hes pretty funky weird too but as a friend. His valentines day 14k(gold?) locket and marinade in front of the class...wow. He dosent seem like all he wants is sex because he could have Leshaea, Brittany or Quai Quai or whatever (loti) for that matter. But (smh) its not gonna happen anytime soon.

[this is why i need to write blogs when i feel em not months later. I still feel the same way about him though, He gave me a purse and curious george (inside joke) for my bday.]

Extra! Extra! Then there is religious kAy-seA =),, no not religious as in God but religiously there and when i need him (lol) Ima let him know were gonna stay friends (maybe for life). Cause he knows this now but hes such a flirtatious b#?!]. Hes so cool and funky fresh hes like a fresh obreath after livin in the sewer. Too bad hes in college or whatever and cant talk till like 12 in the morning. And sorry those 1500 extra minutes i used were prob on him.. and others. Cause I def never used 3000 minutes in my life.

Bobbielol. KK imagine Ludacris in your mind. With the ATL twists. There is Bobbie aka TimmieBoy. Dont ask but he has the whitest name I know. Okay hes another sex boy, but he claims he didnt want it or didnt approach me for sex (dont all men want sex?) he wanted a relationship. And let me tell you for the first hour he met me he would just stare,, between us fighting. (ah! good times) He claims he wanted to sex up lol my friend Taylor cause shes loose and she only got her numba cause he thought it was mine. He was dropped, Effin weedhead. Him and his brothers are hilarious on the phone though, comedy show i tell ya.

[update: i must have the honesty for all boys i meet cause they seem to tell me things id rather be deaf and ignorant to but w.e now that i know i def cant turn back, at least he aint pressure me into smokin]

Jasmine is the ride or die chick. ( I dont know about the dying yet. Shes madddd kool shes the one who did the threeway with ryan. Even though she did go an extra mile and say I havent had a relationship before. (whoa! What a stretch) she was spilling on the sides for a minute. The thing is my other friends definetly dont..... feel for her. SHe curses hellamuch for no reason and she'll play and be like............ you get the point and the rest of the posse dont go for that, and shes superr friendly and crazzzy with the boys. But other than my friends cutting her loose and attaching scotch tape in between us, shes kool and funny she really aint a prob right now. Did i tell you shes good at talking to boys?? But if it came down to Jasmine or oter friends... itd be other friends.

[ughh kk im neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr writing blogs like this. everrrrrrrr
and with that i end the letter to "myself" if you get to see it in your lifetime have fun. but omg. i gotta get ready if im leaving the house and ew its raining and ouch my head hurts]