title wave.

its so weird cause i notice things i normally wouldn't since being in this broadcast journalism class

but both videos start off with linking shots then zoom in to the main focus.

**** the fact is the paris, tokyo video is newER, but song is sOoooo stupid old right now
lmao that was def on my page last year

and this has nothing to do with me being so music influenced... =X

ughh mom was playing Otis Redding in the car over and over and over and overrrrrr.

On more curent news...

i feel like she left me like a piece of luggage (irony)
since i was ... lmaoo

but um yeah i ordered more clothes from wherever else? (forever21 145dinero) until h&m openes up. lol

and i also put in papers for forever and bakers the other day
then went back to check on it and meet the manager yet again. i dont think we made eye contact the first time...

i really want/need/got to havee it!!

and i guess my fastin thing has gone down the drain ill just minimize my talking until i get hurt again and crawl in my shell =(

im so un-gushying myself
i have no idea when the caring, loving understanding Nicole came from
but it also came with the materialistic, sensitive, procrastic shit to.

o no got to go.

like how are you going to tell people to get themselves together and your the epitome of scattered-ness
reminds me =)

and with that my entertainment of the day has retired itself.
so i shall retire to my strip of mattrass(ma -trass mon!) too.

its funny when i actually talk (aim) 10 people or more mom wants me off...
when i have noone she all mellow n shyttttt.
sleep tight.
like a title wave...
(should i have done that, try to tie it in??)

**fav show right now VIVA HOLLYWOOD!!


the warning

the warning;;

kk so the deal is i haven't had a phone in what feels like 3months
and in a sense i don't want one cause i feel tracked down;;

well same thing with this internet and comp thing.
like i sorta want to break it again
so i dont have to be clockinin or just feel attached to something soooo


so basically the warning is im fasting or w.e

and maybe in this sense when i come back on, ill have like a million comments or w.e

so basically im untouchable if you dont have my house #
in a way im trapped cause the internet is my music source

i dont listen to the radio

(hate georgia personalities)
but in a sense i guess ill live

cause w.o the comp phone or w.e i get creative on my own
having to comfort myself or be "in person" with whoever is entertaining me,

i know however this is going to be hard
because im gonna be wondering whos talkin to who, what is he/she doing

but truthfully ill get over it

cause in order to strengthn anything or friendship (or more) i have with you guys on (www)

i have to strengthm myself
(or w.e that means,, i guess ill figure that out , cause def got that from my sis breakin up with former hubby)
and now that shes going back to ny its gonna be even harder.
But i guess like Sam ill just recieve a more outgoing...interesting busy life
like the one i had in ny

cause to tell you the truth i do nothing
and thats basically why i have nothing to say..

so with that i part.

much love and animosity
see you in a couple of longgg hardddd weeks. lol


visit the space (www.myspace.com/na318) so, "when i come back on, ill have like a million comments or w.e" will happen.
lol kk?

;;took a pic with me and the dress before i return it for a pair of skinny ymi gray jeansss. lol in love already. =]


deez woodz.

how the pages have changed in a mere dreary (not literally) couple of days.

The little communication i have on the computer has shown so many people's true colors.
Its like i try to open up to people and they constantly shut me down...

SOooo.. thats the end i guess.
Accept of course the person who is always there for me even though all the details of my life don't touch thee ear. sigh*
And my friends here in the boondocks have been non-existent since my sister came, but i have to say thats partly my fault wanting to feel more isolated then i already feel.

My only vice is my music which i dosed myself in over the couple of days, but even the melancholy beats cant express my feelings so my pen meets my paper once again which seems like my feelings never stop flooding once they start... and my lil ol fingers never write fast enough..

But as it seems to be all going under a bright light illuminates in the darkness *
no lie but it seems like everytime im about to like pack it up someone or something brightens my day.
It seems like the one thing i want back the most,, idk..
Cause i thought i solved my side of the puzzle and it seems like foreverrrr (but its been like 2-3 days) smh. My heads like a 24/7 clocker. like wtf?
who lives like thisss?
Why i never did relationships in the past. Like Mary J Blige's song (hurt again), about her seeing everything wrong in them so not wanting to put her foot in them or w.e (yeah same thing)

ughh well let me get back to this resume and change my profile song b4 i cry, (wtf?)

me and the goon walkin around SoNo, Georgia (yeah thats a real place =X)

anddddddd, the window of lighttt opennssss. lol '0=)'


i miss

im definetly missing my funky short crew haircuts..

and dreamm..
kk heres the deal i just like the songs
  • fast car

  • love your girl

  • ditch that nigga

  • his songs are good ringtones. lmaoo

    smh how many days till im actually smiling when i type lol?


    reel it in

    lol wow. blogs got me in trouble over the past couple days in what seems like reoccurring events of the weirdest and craziest moments in my life.
    so were gonna take it back to the basics.

    if you dont know me, which noone does, tear* when i get hurt or whatever the case may be, i take it back to music (or sleeping) so ive been shutting it up and listening.
    eff the clubs, movies or w.e the next couple of days,
    my brain needs to marinate in the most compelling, vibrant, magnificant, new new shyt.

    So here we are with Outcast, there were rumors they were back but heres just the song. Please listen and keep an ear out, they are one of the reasons i listen to music these days.

    and there song (who dosent like Big boi?). o yes. lol lyrically wise is stupidly ridic. =P

    Then there is Nikki Jean and ive def heard of her before, but didnt really listen. Hmmmm seems i have fallen across something.
    Just listen! .. lol

    Love lovee loveeEE ths videoo...

    like no lie but the whole time i was starrin at her teeth. lmaoo =E
    i wanna smile like that! ughhh

    meanwhile i have a maJor headache that refuses to cease.

    but thats kk. drama is seeking me out yet again. too sleep i run.
    hip hop has saved my life.... yeaa bout that. lol
    what do you say, im more of a r&bpopsoulfunkytechowannalaybackandsipalemonadenswattthebees kinda girl?

    srry i posted videos twice. can never be too secure right?? =/ smh

    gnite folks


    wow april

    i cant even hate on boys tryna talk to more than more than one girl.
    cause first of all we're young

    second i did it like a pro and still didnt give anything up.

    third, i dont see whats wrong, honestly if you like/love all of them.

    But that was the past and virtually ended when my kick passed on.
    Thats probably why i had difficulty letting go, cause it was my phone and everything else communicator.

    But idk since i let it go ive seen what boys were talkin bout when they talked to me.... im not gonna lie i did it w.e but thats not the kinda person i was so when i see people try to do it to me its like..... Ummm def not dumb.

    And its like i keep saying just cut them off but my heart wont let me. and its not like im fully attached cause i can point out flaws like skyscrapers but something tells me not to. Soo its like having split ends and tryna rock a bob........ omg
    It was fun doin it but it being done to you is def not kool. Its a stupid amount of drama and excess brain thinkn (which i do Not need) .

    Listening to: Damaged, Danity Kane. lol

    So now im here drinkn this pink lemonade in this warm weather, thinkn bout this dream i had....

    Dream scene 1

    I dont no how the dream went like which went first or last but to sum up what i got ..

    1. This is the fourth or fifth dream i had where i had a baby and estranged husband whos trying to kill me and tried to find me

    2. In this dream was people i loved and think or want to lovee....

    3. Queens and Lithonia was mashed into one odd place.

    4 I was on the run from husband, me, mom and tasha was on the run from............

    yeah.. i have no clue but it was stupid funny

    the dreams chaotic and as the day goes on i forget it more and more, aside for the tryna kill me part, but hopefully mom rents some movies, i fall asleep and dream about that.

    i realized ive done nothing with my life in georgia but grow old.
    i plan to change that.

    ugh tomorrow. lol
    i def smell meatballs =)

    o sweat and i was in zaxbys the other day (chicken joint) lmao
    wit my sis from ny, so we was goin in on every1, it was pretty entertaining
    and so we see these girls in shorts n heels n bad makeup n wayy to much jam on forehead
    mind you it was 40 thunderstorm and everything,
    so i was like whores,
    she said " i need to be going where theyre going " (nik rolls eyes)
    and i felt bad so took it back,
    cause im def tryna be nice w. no sarcasm this month.,...
    yeah but then this man came behind them (when they were walking in) and paid for there food.
    Then these two guys in the corner (my mom pointed one out to me and was like that talll one is cute for you nikki {puke on dressing} def atl meat) cameover and did theyre w.e hand thing idk hello i guess.
    lol and then took the girls to sit down.
    meanwhile me and my sis was just sitting there and you noe my mom felt dumb cause it was obvious they were doing an exchange of money and uhunn (womenly parts) so
    that just shows you the kinds of dudes my mom attracks smh.
    I wanted to say, "dont do it girl!" knowing full and well georgia has the highest concentrated percentage of african americans with aids and highest with people dont get tested... smhhhh.
    so basically
    umm i said it. lmbo

    you only live once right?
    then we got our food i looked one last time
    the pimp looked at me n winked..
    me n my sis started singing, "its hard out here for a pimp" and made an exit
    most eventful zaxbys visit ever!!
    oh and the chicken salad wasnt that bad either. lol


    I wrote a blog in school but it got erased. lol

    i got the victory. is the song of the day.
    im so not into people on the phone who talk for hours.. and...um im not in the conversation..

    yeah so thats it^^^ lol

    its soo refreshing to be off.
    but shes calling me back..
    and my chores plan didnt work
    so ima bout to get some pink lemonade and watch some fresh prince.

    *till next time.

    o wait her she is... im out. lol