whatd u think? lol im bangin my grows out. lol (growin my bangs out)
o cheaa, def no make-up for summer cause its HOTTTT ^^^(nat-tu-ral)^^^
85 degress is not what it was 5 years ago. =0


i was sitting on my bed one day. Rudely awoken my my mom probably for something dumb and unreasonable, but when i was sitting there all these thoughts rammed them selfs into my head as big as it is. =]

And i got a headache.

But thats besides the point, I faced my mirror (which is adjacent) to my bed and asked myself, what have i done with my life? No seriously, I know what i haven't done, no kids, sex, drugs, gangs (lol me in a gang?? ) bad grades or w.e. But what have i done to leave my mark on the world, When I'm gone what will change? What will stay the same? Am I truly meaningless? Sure, some tears will fall but don't we have the same reaction when our favorite show ends or our pet dies? How do we truly measure our worth as a human being and more importantly what steps could I take that are efficient in striving to make a difference in this brutally-honest world...

Yeah that headache lasted for a minute..

But throughout the duration of the day I wondered would I be doing community service other than credits and would I have enough energy to change the world or more importantly the community i live in. If it was that easy wouldn't it have been done before, wouldn't i have heard of people who tried? Or is EVERYONE lazy, idle and uncaring??
What could I contribute?
My sarcastic remarks?
Ignorant and childish rants of insanity and neediness...
Do people really need to hear another teenage story to complicate and explain their lifes?

Well after hours of pondering and weighing the pros and cons of my existence
Ive decided I'm here for a reason only God knows and not me.. for a reason you see
For the lives we change if we knew the path we were to take would be much less than if we had no idea where to go
like blind mice in a cage, how much of a difference would we make, where would we travel and how many lives would we influence?
We wouldn't know until we threw on our kick em boots strap on our work belt and hit the road.
isn't it...
Life is like a box of chocolates.. You never know what your going to get?
Well yeah that sums up my rude awakening.