Wonderless Temptress

Sooo' im just here blessing my page

Galatians 2:12

Everything is going swell.
This week is college scholarship week =)
just trying to be a smart passionate youngster with potential.

I didnt order anything today =)

I am opening my social pattern .... not really caring (more*) who i hang out with (young&old, big or small*) as long as theyre goal and money oriented and faithful christians who dont bore me to death. Not too hard right?
Or you no what just not focusing on friends at all cause they could get in the way of what i am striving for (education and extracurricular activities and a meaningful relationship with GOD.*) and plus i have enough, so if you want to be one you really have to put yourself out there...
cause i am trying to catapult my career.
but i have to stand up for myself with my friend borrowing my clothes
cause quite frankly its annoying and i don't want to borrow her's =/

Skinny belts
and ankle boots are in

so jump on the bandwagon (don't*) smh
and mix up your style with your personality (do)

Have a great day/night
My music play list is slowly being taken over my wayne

Waiting for the video...
I listened to my Damien Marley album which i haven't in the longest.
Please check out his last album **
does wonders for the soul

Well i have school
So be blessed not stressed

nik_gold. =)


Mister Beasley

So i have some serious problems with this shopping online thing

First of all, im only on here because i took a nap from my last period class until i woke up around 8 at home..
(sorry to the people that passed me on my way home!*)
im a little.. umm lol inconsiderate when my eyes are literally half open.

And now thanks to my internal clock im craving bacon and eggs... yummm

So back to this online shopping, its my moms money im just SPENDING.
and DUH i know its wrong and credit money is the worst but tell my eyes that when they look and look at every skinny jeans and brand new stiletto shoe on the page.
Tell my mind that when it ponders on the many ways i could wear the clothing choice.
Tell my skin that when it yearns for the attention and neediness of being clothed in the best
AND tell my fingers that when they are entering the credit card number to complete the weekly process.

I do have a lot of clothes i must say.
I can only think of the ones recently purchased....most definetly cant remember the countless amount of jewelry i own so i circulate in the circle i know.
Its kind of scary, hopefully when i get my HELLO KITTY debit card next week i wont be recklessly trying to change my style and order 100 pairs of Jordans and recently released blazers... =X ahh!

UGHHH! i can see it now!
I need a job.. and for that.. where i live a car is needed..
ohh yeah ** license would be nice

SOOOO, i saw the Obama family on the cover of Essence and the first lady (almost) on the cover of Ebony*
I must say, they are quite a cute little picture family.
Little brown people with brilliant minds and winning personality qualities
and the ability to converse with a diversified crowd and still have a sense of who they are and where they come from!

All i want for Christmas!!
ISSS for Barack to be president..
Mexican vice??(freee gov cheeesee for all!! AND release borders!)

lol but also for him to run for a full term, no plots etc for a termination of this, no schemes to split the marvelous Brown family apart.
Just an honest in-control positively influenced and outcomed (a word?) term.
Everything cant be healed in one term but its enough for African American and Black immigrants.
Anyone with extra Pigment in their skin to STAND up and say!! "SI SE PUEDE!!!"
Just a wish,

And im off to do some work due thurs and TRYY so desperately hard to sleep
and pray for these addictions im developing so early in my life.
(hopefully i get my celly(??) back tomorrow!! )
I wasn't sneaky enough today!

(actually laughing out loud)
well until next time.

live it golden_
oHH and visit my myspace n stuff (myspace.com/na318)*****
(why did the delivery guy for pizza hut have the nerve (since i get pizza delivery like twice a week) im fat... but to the point... to give me his myspace numberrr everything!! lol.. like im NOT gonna order pizza friday!) come on!

My sister bought a bed AND she has my debit card too!! =)


thee saddest post.

RIP Trevayne Cozart

wow, way too young.
i just saw this boy the other day. =/
i wanted to talk to him but he past me and kept walking.

i didn't know much about him...

I did know he was chill, known and from Georgia'
He didn't seem to get in much trouble and now i feel so slow for not taking the time out to get to know him.

Not that there would be a difference in my sadness
A. Want to know someone but cant cause you waited too long and life is too short?
B. Know someone cherish them and have them taken away from you in a blink of an eye?

Not that i drink but if i did this would be the moment to do so.
Its crazy i never knew/spoke to anyone that passed before.
they say the best leave first**

live life n enjoy every moment,



lets make this short cause moms coming home.
i miss textin ... my friend
school is tomorrow
i need to focus
and start reading my bible yet AGAIN
(when i neglected my phone i neglected my bible)

umm some picss

my friend is leaving 15th and left my house yesterday =(
** came out the womb myself so i can survive on my own** =/

me, bestie, dates hand =/.. her date is somewhere..

school n stuff,

why would they have the first day of school and senior pictures on the same day??????????
can anyone say ride??

pray for me*

fastinggg. cul8r. lol


Feeling ok?

i was sad yesterday now im coolin it. I used to be a text whore now my phone is dead and i just dont care... Sad to say everyone i need is here with me.
Everything else is FLUFF. Much WANTED fluff but its w.e

thank GOD for besties, a bible and a pool to chillax.
Oh yeah and a car to drive. lol

hopefully ill find what im looking for.
Well im off to take a shower so here are some pics chix.


i cooked breakfast for my mom this morning. Could she not tell something was wrong? Or am i becoming a better actress? I didnt even put some food on the side for myself. (not hungry these past couple of days) O wells. I should be over this loving-affection giving syndrome in the next 2-3 days.

my fridge is packed these days, no room for extras!

school starts in 6 days.

Error: Message Could Not Be Sent, Try Again Later.

My mind runs around in forwarded messages complaining about the forwardees that reply. My fingers dangling off my board hopelessly waiting for a meaningful message but noone sends. My heart quivers with the thoughts of losing feeling, going numb, dumb, blinded, with that just smoked a blunt feeling.

Techno spirited but absentminded because I'm trying not to cry over the convos we could of had since two in the morn. my skin vibrates with sympathy with being a temptation unprescribed for and thus unwanted and unnecessary. When can i find my three am replyer, without female forwarders or in this case concubine texters, and after three years of comfort and relief im not fasted for like a bad drug...

They say life has its ups and downs like a roller coaster, a mistaken sent message, or even worse a love note with the wrong name. I must label this a down's down, labeled chill cause worse would be a resender in this weather when we all know you got the message.


Corona n lime*

Make me =) for a while.



corona n lime

dont be shy

she loves everybody

finding my way back

before you were my man

i need you bad

more than friends