Rubberband Stand influences the Wooden Straws.

Just thought that you should know.
That since youve been in my life
Everything I thought was right.

The lyrics of the night.
Dedicted to that special noone.

Right now im in a dilemna.
Trying to cut off dead strings of friendships/relationships that arent getting me anywhere,
Probably motivated by the sudden spark of interest in ... uh dessert. caramel dessert to be exact.
but on a serious note.
Friends with bad motivations who always want you to tag along arent friends at all.

And friends who are more persistant then you to chill etc arent friends but groupies,
Hence the no acquaintances in those sentences.

Plan and simple

Off for my entertainment of the night.

sweet tongue me

so the usual response I get when I tell people im a virgin is... "o wow, seriously?"
the usual response when I tell people I never.. ever had a boyfriend is.... "what? whyyy?"
quite simply because theres no need for one.
Yeah ive been through the whole "friends with benefits" thingy and look wheres that has gotten me.
I mean im a virgin so quite raw-ly theres no putting out, giving in OR letting go. I have it until im married no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Secondly were on the phone for ends on the time... k thats surely going to fade away because I get bored with people easily.
So you know where I live and paid for my movie before.... thats what friends do when friends are broke...
Is this cruel?
I doubt it, this is why my heart has never been broken.. I have never put it out there.
And yes i have still experienced love in all its bliss but im to say the least not putting my neck out there for something that is not guarenteed to come back or even look back.
And sure ive had crushes .. but the moment I find a flaw its over I mean I might still crush a lil but your pedestal has been chopped to shreds you are now just a mere mortal with flaws, worries and anxietes... what a turn off!
I kid, I do, because finding the perfect person is impossible in mild words. I would hate a robot of a man to be always on time, always knowing what to say(aww_ puke*) and then trying to fix me. ME? I believe ill grow on my own please and thank-you.
But right now im interviewing for that first boyfriend position and ive got to be quite honest i will now be seperating my friends from more because the line has gotten as thick as gravy these past couple of weeks. But we shall see.... boyfriend necessity or nah??


Modern substitutes

I promise my titles will never mean anything but random glowy words that float into my head.



Its been a while!!
and i've been sick (sad face here)

But since sick i've seen the world from a different point of view life is short as stated in previous blogs ( R.I.P Trevayne).

SOOooo Ive been more of myself.
Chipper outgoing caring funny goofy loving self.
People love it .. i don't see any objections
Even my teachers love it when i participate (they know its that or my heads down)
What also has helped is my self esteem
I know nothing good would come of this shopping online but more clothes....
Well I have too much
I haven't worn like 10 items but why rush it right?
Its not bad... I still dont have a pair of sneakes!
But also with the new clothes and glowing charisma (smh) i've gotten compliments boys and girls yippie!

Away from materialistic things!!

I handle tasks so much easier
go to sleep earlier so i function throughout the day.. less complaining when i go to dance and f.b.l.a meetings,

Or maybe its because Ive gotten to a point where its , if im not happy with who i am now and start making moves to catapult my career... when is the chance?

So here I am. Being all responsible.
Reading my bible
Responding to most of my messages (;-P)
Chilling with the partying etc,
My mind has to be right
Plus I was watching this guru program that triggered a verse i read in the bible
Ill come back for it!

kk well thats it.
lol Ive limited myself to a half hour
Oh snap!!
i gotta start writing my demonic complicated syrup dipped poems again (scholarships here!!!)

Goodnight/God Bless/ Live life!!!