Lucky Valentine

October so far.. has been a marvelous month.
Sure the work I have been drowning in only seems to multiply but career wise and friend wise...


can you have a sisters back or what?

oh yeah and I have boyfriend(s) now, =)

NO ONE can stop me hahahaha TAKING over the world!
boy golly gee(v.p debate<<<, did you watch)
I miss that show (pinky and the brain)

well im off for now.
Going to watch Apocalyto again

3 things I wish could change
mom pay the heat bill so I can take warm showers again
mom pay the phone bill so the phone wont cut off in the middle of my convo
I didnt have something annoying lodged in my eye.

This week is spirit week at school or homecoming,,,, whatever the case may be expect pictures and lots
MONDAY>> celebrity day_ me myself and i. never went to rehab

Ps. Im out
God Bless =)


Drifting joy//Deadly venom =X

when good things go you hold on tighter??

well I let it go
that old saying if you trully love it let it go and if it comes back its true?

well when it flies back I still dont have a grip nor do I want one
no thats a bold face lie
Its just about being comfortable with it
Dont want to feel sick deep loving into it.
Something that close to you can surely harm you....

so for me the next step isnt loving but trust making
im not talking about catch-me excercises.
im talking about true life and whatever garbage is thrown your way trust.

when that test is passed its freedom and bliss
something my butt cant dismiss

you can deny lust but never true blue love

Just waiting to travel up the hood path with extra leverage of experience and Godly knowledge.
that would be greeaaaaaaaaaaaaattt.

--The coming attraction
WHAT, the main feature.
SO thick will ability
Is it in your facilty?--



why do people always find a way to make you miserable?

And I find myself always stuck in between a rock and a hard place.
Drama always finds me at the most awkward moment in time but I must say it isnt as bad as it could be because I rarely get drama,.

But ill pray on it.