Hope in moderation;;

So we finally have the president all (most) of us have been waiting for. Some change in our lives that noone can take away (hopefully not another Kennedy)...

Dont end something you believe will self distruct on its own.

On my point of view let the man run his full term. It took Bush two full terms to put us in this mess.

One term of positive reinforcement and changes for the better can only take us so far. We are in fact running this term only for the next one. It will take at least 8 years to rake up half the disorderly term oil we are (America) in now.

I always wanted a black president (Biracial can cut it)

Not just because Im black (but trust it has something to do with it)

But also

1. Now our little black boys and girls can have something to look up to. Cant make excuses now because we can make it every single one of us.

2. I dont want any negros running around the streets making havoc because they have a black (homeboy on their side now) but now we can run the streets afros and all ( what stopped us before?)

3. Color coding blacks even with the number of power blacks we have running all around the world. Still being judged on the few bad apples, every race has their bad examples.. We can cope with ours and plant seeds so our young never turn out the same rotten types.

I always wanted a black president for our past.

We came from the cement to create and form a true rose.

Someone that can see the world for the many points of view.

Someone with untainted aspects of the world and doesnt mind letting his fellow Americans know, you know hey guys we have a real problem here, instead of dragging us around like blind mice on leashes.

I want to be fed the truth no matter how bitter sweet it is.

I know I am young, heck I didnt even get to vote. But just knowing a presidential candidate got the most young adults (college students and youth etc) to come out and vote period made my year and years to come. Making changes and he wasnt even elected president yet.

And I can go on with a didactic speech on why if I was 18 I would have voted Obama but who else would have most grey states (indecisive states) voting blue (Democrats).

Only 12 percent of America is Black and to have over 90 percent of your own peoples vote's is miraculous, even more because he was not like Al Sharpen (depending on the negro vote to win).... cause you wont win. It was his own mothers line (Caucasian, clear, white) including the mass majority people of all ages, ehtinicites, backgrounds, the common man, the needy man, the dependent man to come out and vote.

When do we all pick the work over the play??

When the vast majority likes what it offers, the after affects and can live with it everyday of the next four years.

When we know the outcomes and possibilties of what could happen would be positive because we worked every day... just wooww

all of that holiday time, time off because we worked hard and didnt give in (impeachment?, pleasee)

For some reason God didnt give a doubt in my mind that McCain would win, and I was fine with it. Knowing who my leader would be, who would be making the changes for the next four years on health care, education and most importantly the economy.

The sun shone brighter the next morning.

Next to everyone showing their full out for support for Obama.

It was wonderful

A question though..

Who will stand behind him when the economy starts to bail (even more than it is now)?

When the changes are coming too slowly and we, the people are becoming impatient?

Are we still going to be the same Obama supporters we were when he was elected?

Have the same views and opinions the day he was inaugurated?

Be the same fan of change and progression the day his first bill came out?


Will we turn on him like Aubrey from Danity Kane?

Banish him like Janet from the Superbowl?

Dismiss hims like tomatoes in the Salmonella scare?

I wont

I really wont not when he showed his true colors from the start and never wavered nor backed down when a stern hand stood in his way.

Who else then Obama to bring us through the storm.. the same ol Bush-fan-retired- republican cant no matter how many votes you try and cheat states you try and win.

Its always darkest before the light.

And wouldnt you want to see such a change with a man such as Obama?

Tell you grandchildren how a change did come and you were there to stand by its side and see its plans pull through.

Believe in C*O*h*B*a*A*n*M*g*A*e

A change is worth living for dont you think?