so today i found out i was a jealous
someone with flaws inabilities and casalities.

i hate it. lol
ill get over it in a couple days



Goin in for L-O-V-E

This is a poem I wrote the other day about these feelings that were growing on me,

Opinions deflect us with dichotomy
Sunrise beats the clouds epiphany
Only seas survive with the energy of my black atomic bomb

It shall never be odd the beating of two hearts equaling one
Or one sun is chased by the darling moon
Starry eyed night paints irregularities in my heart’s deepest treasure chest

Our love over the crowds unbarring eyes
Unraveling in pursuit of a jealous mother
Ever changing love induced spear of leeway

Argue to behold a common peace
As we sit fighting each other’s perpetual stare
My heart degrades the red pumping with venom

Your fondness penetrates my eager superstitions
Molded ink tales run chapters in my own atrocious wit
Can’t let myself fare too remote

So kiss, these frosted engines of lust filled gratitude
Sunday inspired dignity
Too carry in guests of accompany and merriment

So we shall walk naked on the sharpest of seashells
Obscure sunset with brisk brown wind
Tinkling the nape of our dazed ankles

In our tears rejoined
With purple lubricants of dynasty and everlasting affection
Two hearts to fill one body in motion of the deep blue sea



Your bliss in this year will not be self consciously dismissed*

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Lets start a new =) (my terrified face her funny one)

My longest blog title so far. But i mean it.
This year we cannot dismiss our hopes and dreams to achieve common and under the limit goals.
Undermining our boundaries, capabilities and aimless titles of reconstruction.
We can do it all we say to ourselfs the first fresh and innocent days of the new year.
The first couple of months in our positively dandy resumes and attitudes fly out the dusty and used window along with our resoulutions of helplessly losing those few added pounds and/or moving up on the social/ career path.

Its been a year since ive been a common blogger. Blogging about things that come to mind and trigger a response throughout my mundane day.
What ive learned is that the response to words such as these are not just a product of the person saying them but what the words actually mean to those read and comprehend the written notions of them.
A universal soundtrack of love, hate and or understanding.
Some words are even the direct contact of us being vessels for the highest one above.
His love our written syllables so when we breathe we dismiss ashes of death.
the unassumed responsibility of the mind to cope with indifferences in the world and the constant search of comparisons between decent human beings.

I love the constant motion of the life the ups AND downs. The downs just because without them we wouldnt know the true meaning of a high.
I know its disgustingly random but My mind wonders to the themes of my expressions when thinkng about why I write them.

On to a familiar topic on New Years. WHy make resolutions when you end up breaking them two to three weeks in? How about striving not to break the resolutions you would of have if you actually made them. Or just striving to be all you can be like the army without being in the army.
Which reminds me I would have loved to be at the inauguration but because of a improvident mother and a tendency to let things slide to the "back-burner" I will be home and or in school occuring my time. Life lessons...

We shall see how this first week of my graduation, evolving, maturing, loving, caring, providing, progressing year goes.

live GOLD