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alzy52 (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam HAHAHA I really like how everyone keeps saying she's ripping off all these current female artists like Rhianna. But no one is accusing her of ripping off Salt and Peppa, or anyone from the 90's hip hop era because your all too young to realize that all your favorite artists from today are indeed copying the artists from the last wave. Why? Because these artists grew up idolizing those people and are now paying homage to them. This same fight happens every time something "new" comes out.
alzy52 (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam Agreed! I've already said it somewhere buried deep in here but she's not using the term Diva wrong, she's just not using it at it's current usage.

But if you want to split hairs the original or at least oldest definition of the word "Diva" (although it was spelled different since they where using Old English then but still pronounced the same way) has nothing to do with women at all, it was used to describe a person hired under a Royal family to murder people that spoke against the family.

i believe some people just wanted to watch the video and believe to approximately 5 minutes that they could be a diva too. no matter what the term is. you people are most definetely looking too deep into it.


the REAL of "super"stars

Whats been happening underneath Rihanna's umbrella?? Disclosed sources have said that she contracted the disease herpes from a person left unknown, passed it on to R&B artist Chris Brown and this is why over the past couple of weeks their relationship has been unsteady.

Whatever the case female bashing is not the answer. The day of the grammy's approximately 12:30 someone who heard Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) screaming and not crys' of joy from her runnin man but of pain. What could make this relationship fall from the pedestal from which we have all put it on? One whole year and a couple of bad weeks can ruin it all.

Chris Brown later that day turning himself in on domestic abuse charges at 6:34pm to Los Angelos Police and bail set at 50,ooo which duh, he posted. But still not the point if I were to decide in my dramatic fantasy little head. .... Rihanna got Herpes (please nothing worse) from one of her little white jigga boos (and please not jigga boo!!) and recieved herpes in which she didnt know at this point went back to chris told him and this is where there faultiness started flarring. Though I would have waited until after the grammys for this.

I dont know man! From the abuse it could be rough sex gone arwy. Bite marks, the face bruises could have been the headboard from earlier IDONTKNOW I DONT KNOW. I hope its not an ike and tina not that it efffects my life maybe the sale of doublemints and a lot of umbrellas...

On the other hand..

Is she the kind of women to let this happen? It was only a year relationship not set in stone (star tattoos) but who knows this doesnt have to be the first beating. Cause trust sources say she was WHOPPED like a whopper (i know corny) but she better not pull a taylor swift and write a song about everything then fall back.

I was never a fan of men younger I dont know always felt like there was a compliance in just that mild gesture. Whatever the case because I am not living his or her life for them I hope all is well and Chris Brown's mother prays really hard we all know his doublemint commercial has already been pulled.

On the topic of superstars on superficial pedestal.
Micheal Phelps!!
Mr. Weedies!!

Alex Rodriguez is over here lying in his apologies.. its okie though thats why Madonna dropped you for JESUS... Jesus Luz 21 year old male model to be exact. But dont worry just keep doing your spot-off interviews and suming up your words in a steroids went to my head way... i guess.

until more news breaks the everydays bluessss.
I told you these people are too regular stop putting them up there and then expecting miracle-type results... noone is perfect not even Beyonce sad to say. =(

ha hah hahahahahha gets me EVERytIMEEE!! lol

Other Sources; tmz.com people. com, google imagesss

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Month of Love

SO celebrate this month of love here are just a few things that bring love into my life. =)

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