Big Girl

Wanting a car and job by the time i graduate.
Wanting a bf to ALWAYS call hubby know everything about and say baby
Be able to shop whenever do whats necessary to make me and the ones directly around me happy with no consequences.

I used to despise that word yupp i despise it once again.

Mommy used to tell me only the devil needs to get that close.. or something like that
1. When is it ever time to quote my mom.
2. When is it safe to say I hate being ignorant and though knowing everything in the world would ultimately kill me I REALLY WANT TO KNOW.
3. I effin hate surprises like dead ass I HATE THEM.
4 Im probably not going to keep in touch with these folks in school, well after tonight idk who I will keep in touch with .. probably the principal.. he is always full of quotes.
5 Im about to be real sarcastic and to myself again.. God I thought I passed that stage in life ... i guess freakin not.
6. Im about to do WHATEVER i want, everyone else does without caring if it hurts others.
7. just LISTEN to your mom whoever has your best interest at heart but then again you dont really know your in a ditch until you look up.

I need God, yeah like the more I search for him the cloudier the road gets, the road to him gets more and more slippery by the second. There is always an excuse for failing but success has no excuses.

No more playing with this big girl stuff if you dont know what it is RUN!!

lol little scaredy cat.