Barbie Basics

Well I was browsing my favorite stlye blog and ran across these two components.

The cutest and most comfortable/stylish outfit for a school girl like me...
and BARBIES! oh joy! I adore how the barbies are getting a little more diversified and Im loving the fit on each one! =)

What do you think?




Nicole Richie Marie Claire UK. Enough said.




Is so not cool.
Now back to Fashion*


Sex is...

A relative feeling that two can have that ultimately destroy or enlighten.

Random Picture of the day =)

In other news there ia a tornado watch.. But noone is watching me so I'm confused.



Through it all

So Iv'e been pretty stuck in a situation these past couple of days and realized some things I can't change. Once the path is set the course is going to be run. I wish I learned to step back and watch things play out a week ago....

Agenda on this Friday
1. Buy Bio book
2. Get to the rest of classes early
3. Don't be consious to eat lunch/ dinner at cafe
4. Buy best camera at book store
5. Do all work
6. This Daddy Letter Thing/ Postcards
7. Go out and have true carefree Friday fun. =)




Mine first!!

I'm not shopping until Febuary (ouch!)
I had to cut some stuff out of my life I could live without. ( aw nik_gold budgeting!)
But seriously life's finances are crazy and fashion will always be a weakness for me!
I've been in love with one shoulder dresses for the longest, I dont even know why...
but now I'm not the only one!
Fall of '09 is when one shoulder dresses started back on the catwalks of many famous designers and the celebrity influence of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and even Shakira.
Not to be mistaken with Goddess dresses (which are heavily draped), one shoulder dresses actually hold one shoulder in, can be strapless, or long sleeved and looks best when paired with a vibrant colored pump!!
I tried so hard when one shoulder dresses became mainstream again to focus on something more creative and unthinkable like colorblock dresses on shapes... idk
But I CAN'T!!!! I so want a one shoulder dress, I might even forget about my Febuary wait if I find a killer one for a nice price
I even got a one shoulder top though it's just not the same!

** Here are some reasonably priced one shoulder dresses from Forever 21. **

Keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers and ...



Pink me!

Shakila James yeah! iwaS aSking about that lip gloSS that u had that went So great* with ur Skin color; .&. knowing we have near the Same exact Skin color iwaS aSking u where could I get a lip gloSS like that or Something Similar too it, or did u know of any that go perfect with dark Skin .&. give it that lil pinkiSh pout

Nicole Ayilola oohhh lol when did you ask? i have a lot of pinks the ones that work, the best so far are Max Factor Girls Night out, this Covergirl(in a silver case) lipstick #976 with some clear lipgloss.. they may have better shades of that one. But I just pick white girls pink lipstick- chapstick and make it work! =)


The Bond We Share?*

Is as entertaining as a night off
As tough as a bag full of leather
As deep as the sea
And as flamboyant as the weather
Full of ups and downs I love her
Can't disconnect nor ignore me, deny me its in our blood
Part of our identity
I love her so much its crazy
Ill fight for her and I don't even like it
And when I get rich I promise I'll spoil her because she deserves it
If not as the person she is as the sister she already is
The adult she is aiming and conceiving and the unique individual she someday will patent and hold sale
My bestie, my relevant, my confidant, my sister
I will make ones for my children so they can feel half the bond me and my sister have
7 years apart but not a wavelength separate! =)

I <3 you!


Say Something

I am the topic of conversation but I never acknowledge it

I really miss...
In order for me to miss... I have to miss ...

Which in fact makes me miss ... a whooooleee lot!!! =)

the 30th*

Today is pretty good trying to get productive stuff done!



Stranger Danger

The first day back is soo overrated.
Not having a camera is sooooo underrated.
Im missing my baby! having a withdrawal.


But anyway the first day back is a whole bunch of stares, confusion and uncomfortable remarks.
A lot of "how was your break?"
"you look goood!" 's and a bunch of
"I missed you!!"
No matter if they care or mean them

Im looking into next month because I already know this month I need to get settled, put every energy cell into doing something progressive and do as many community service hrs as possible.

So if I have to be emotionless or not in a relationship because of all the drama and back-and-forth then I wont. It's soo looking that way.. plus I need a job!
Then I can look back on January and say, damn I may not have a Valentine but my grades look pretty neat.. LMFAO

Thats all that matters really because grades can never leave you and my 3.0 (2.9) will in fact be a 4.0 by the end of this semester.



Fashion eh.. Style <3

What comes to mind when you think of the word style??
This does when I think of it =]
Enjoy 2010

Babette Epaulette Shoulder Jewelry.. How FETCH =]


Just a snapshot or collection of pictures all cohesive to each other - Harper’s Bazaar February 2010.


2010 already?

discover me

Bloggin in

So why have I been thinkin I was tall all this time???
Im def shorter than my sis who I've been saying is my empalumpa
I hate saying im going to make a part two and don't so I wont
I hate boys who think there spittin game.. you think youre the first or something

I want a skype
Im going to conquer the world one day
I will never be boring..

Finish what I start.
Welcome 2010