So ucking fake, mad i was friends with u plastic. Growing calluses were my tolerance of you used to be.
Find me one that likes girls =]


Just a START.

Spring Time FASHION* All you need to know =]

Spring/Summer time is here and we have all lived through thee annual FashionWEEK to have some inspiration for what outfits and creations we would LOVEEE to put together this season.

Whether you're out and about, at your summer job or even on your way to your summer getaway, here are a few ideas to have people "DOUBLE TAKING" YOU in the BEST of ways =]

*Strewn, bleached and cut up tops are best when paired with skinny jeans or a minimalist bottom to show the focal point!

*Jean shirt, jean jackets and jean shorts, rompers are hot, durable and easily paired with this summer. Try soft chiffon, floral or a colorful blouse for the best match up!!!

Florals are ultra feminine and soft, be bold and pair it with minimum to focus in or something hard and edgy. Whatever you do try and be innovative. New ideas are great ones!

*One shoulder or an emphasized shoulder has been adorned since the fall by celebs like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Beyonce and have flawlessly made their way into our trendy Spring/Summer. One shoulder swimsuits are fashionable if you find the right fit! So go yonder search and BE fashion with your skin out!!! i.e Serena Williams in Gottex Reflection monokini*

Whatever you decide to throw on this summer be sure to:
*be money wise
*dress accordingly
*wear everything with confidence!


Belated BDAY!!!

Im finally 18 .. andddd posting my bday pictures.
Which are not as much.
Didnt get to celebrate until this weekend =]
so here they are!!!

Well, the bday celebration went on for the whole week lol and this week =]
It's sad to say ending soon the end of March is near!!
Legal 18 _ =]



My feelings get dismayed for my weakness 
But in fact Im not a God to get weakened.
Im like you but not in a way
That makes an "us" ideally
I smile daily realistically because there cannot be that much stress in the world
To turn my frown in a plaster of daily suspense

My feelings tell me to breathe easy
Everyday is another opportunity
But in reality another task is at hand and if one is not completed they all pile up
A sticky sand dune left in the sun's wrath
My we are so close to the beginning I often wonder, when will it be over?
And my elbows and shoulders are growing calluses and my face is casting a stone and Im dismayed

My feelings tell me to run and hide
To try and protect the feeling I have left
One half of my body is already Numb
Yet I press on ready and willing to experience the world head on
Good and Bad
Yet we skim through the light and delightful and make songs about the sad and depressing

My feelings turn yellow at the sight of flaws
Dilemmas peaking the height of my day
Dimming the weather to my air
Spreading the last of my tenderness and I feel nothing.
Compelled and withdrawn from here and there
Then and now.
My days melt together and my feelings are gone.
My feelings get dismayed for my weakness
Pageant_gold 2010*

 Though I didn't take home the crown I learned a lot.
Not only that having your own confidence can win a crowd over but smiling through it all can keep you on top..
I made 9 new sisters and had some of the most draining practices, more then dance, modeling and tennis put together. You had to consistently pour out an aura of elegance, grace, positivity, self assurance and humbleness (which I must add is not an easy fleet!!!)

Knowing that the first pageant I did was a total floop, money hole and phony scheme, this pageant boosted my confidence and reassured me that being multitalented, intelligent and true  Goddess of Nile is NEVER a bad thing ;-]

Pushing through all the barriers and stereotypes Im proud that I competed in a pageant my freshman year now they cant say they weren't ready for me sophomore year!!!
This is only the BEGINNING =]



TEENVOGUE*Fashion Starts Here

Teen Vogue is
*Upgrading Yourself inside and out
and it is one of the most renowned teen fashion sites.
TeenVogue.com is the little sister site to www.Vogue.com and the Vogue magazine.
Containing, pictures, videos, journalist blogs and quizzes.
This website is fun, easy to read and move through.
Hyperlinks are underlined when hovered over.
Not only do they carry topics like today's fashion, celeb gossip but also worldy and culturing news.

Below is a video of a young girl verifying her spot to become a host on Entertainment Tonight.

TeenVogue.com also helps their teens retain jobs as seen below are tips on snagging a job/interview the right way. =]

Interview Tips

* Prepare a list of your favorite designers, photographers, and stylists. A comprehensive knowledge of the field demonstrates your passion and shows that you've done research.

* Arrive on time and dress to impress. Your ensemble should reflect your personal style as well as the position you're applying for.

* Remember to ask some questions of your own. Inquiring about the details of the job indicates enthusiasm.

* Send a handwritten thank-you note—not an e-mail—after the interview. It's a thoughtful gesture.

Internship Search Tips

* Suss out any connections you might have. Do any of your extended family members or friends work in the business? If so, they may be able to pass along your résumé to someone who needs an intern.

* Web sites like Ed2010 and Mediabistro are good resources when hunting for an internship—scour them often for updates and career advice.

* Contact your college alumni organization. Many people recruit interns from their alma mater, so ask around or browse your university's alumni web site for tips.

Résumé and Cover Letter Tips

* Make your résumé and cover letter succinct. One page will suffice for an entry-level résumé; three paragraphs for a cover letter.

* Steer clear of silly stunts. Scented résumés may work in movies like Legally Blonde, but in the real world yours should be clean and simple, typed in a font between ten and fourteen points, and printed on plain paper.

* Address each cover letter to a specific person, not "to whom it may concern." To do so, check the masthead of the magazine or conduct some online research.

Teen Vogue are known for their behind the scene videos/pictures of photoshoot with our most loved celebs!!! They are proving that they belong on top by being the best selling magazine at Newstand.co.uk

Here are a few interesting videos I hope you enjoy!

Lastly and most important TeenVogue.com is all about Fashion
*How To's
*Whats hot this season and the next season
*Best Dressed Readers
*Best Dressed Celebs
*Blog (Blogger of the moment June Paski)

***Visit today*** www.TEENVOGUE.com
with freebes, contest and giveaways for boys and girls you're sure to enjoy yourself and feel free to provide feedback on the site!!!



Life is a teacher.
and sometimes the teacher gives you nasty looks when youve asked a "dumb question"
passes you a test you swore you passed
and even dismisses you from class.
then, the bell rings.
Teenvogue.com is a site often visited not only do they have hyperlinks to other great fashion sites, but quizzes, internships, fun facts pictires, and fashion blogs. Whats not to love.
visit, teenvogue.com. Someday soon!!!


Showering Off

This old, raggidy, immature 17 yr old layer. =]

Happy Bday TO ME!
pics to come.. DUHHHHH!



I <3 my mom!!!!! :]


I know, I know, I know. Im slippin... Well not really. I need a day to endulge in all the juicy stuff i have to tell you. This is my first college spring break!!! Pictures and everything. :) coming soon.



Crying in church?? It was like someone was physically pulling on my tears, but i needed it, instantly feeling lighter in between " HE IS ABLE " and "EXPE


Made my day :]


Tell me a Secret.


Fight the night!

Got my whitening strips in the mail.
Yay Whitening Strips!!! Im excited.
They say seven days so lets see how my smile improves when I get back to CU
Ive been wanting them for a while. Lets see how they turn out!

My friend Ty on a Claflin day



Life is constantly changing, people evolving or deteriorating, but for me its all about progression. I realized God gave
me a gift to sort out some of this bs to make my life easier and i've been hesitant to use it. Im about to be eighteen. That's eighteen years of experience, now getting a job and other miscellaneous items, still searching what im here for my focus has been narrowed and some people have been discharged and dont even know it yet. Im trying to make events take place in my life and no one is going to filter them. I am much more than meets the eye and im aiming for what catapults you to the next level, money, knowledge and a craving for the two. Are you ready? _gold