"i love breezy's new song
deuces! i want to have his
violent babies!"

Only my sister, I LOVE her :D


I have this guilty pleasure
Everyone dances to
Feet to the rhythm
Head swinging 
Nose Flared 
Beat throbbing
Rocks me back and forth
Breathing Faster
Mind racing
So passionate I lick my lips
Start the swallow pant
Hands Slipping
Mind drifting
Back Sweating
Good music makes my temptations run rash.

QUADRON: A Danish band recently performed right Here in Atlanta... and I Missed It!
Like their feel/music?
LISTEN/BUY their new album, self titled and featured on ITUNES.
One of the six new albums on my Iphone.

Shoes run my life literally. If it wasnt for my moms obsession for Payless when I was younger I might have not developed the loathing feeling I have with low end shoes.
Not trying to down play the profit Payless brings in yearly but considering style and value options Payless is not known for having a squeaky clean record.
I indulged myself when I was younger into finding out about shoes, shoe collaborations and which shoes made big side feet, ducked the Banana Boat feet at daycamp, look way smaller, until I would finally grow into them.
There was a problem however, I was also tall for my age and standing out in the Big Bird was not my idea of stepping up my "shoe game".
Little did I know God had a plan for me not to grow and inch after I turned 16 years old.
Now standing a gigantic 5'5 I adorn my weekly pedicured feet (even if I do it and only because it's time, come on, Im halfway to 19, step that woman game up) with heels, which I have grown unusually comfortable in thanks to numerous modeling jobs and my short height inching its way to tallness. 
Only when I wore the noncheap-pricedwell quality heels of course.





Manga Body tutorial part 4/8 Clothes 1/3

In My Spare Time...

What it is/What it do

Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire

SERIOUSLY: What I don't agree on are immigration authorities using race as ethnicity. You can't stop every mexican looking person in the street and ask for some sort of paperwork.
That beyond any measure is certified racism.


I don't stand behind the basis of hunting down Latin-America because the volume of them seems to be too much.
We knew this since they made the "Keeping up with the Garcias" -Series. 
(on your local news channels)
Attacking now will only provoke violence and disturb the rest of the nation.
Find better methods and then I will support your "immigration act"

It would not last, I just hope she doesn't use the, "I was pregnant didn't know he was making me sign divorce papers" excuse for long.
Also to add, the dream reminds me of someone...a crazy old man. Its sick but I get a vibe from people and Im never wrong.
You should have RAN!

POOR Violet. No Pun intended*

And who knew she was friends with Serena Williams?
Definitely doing the single thing! 
And it looks great on her =]


So it is no secrest I love jewelry, but not Beauty Supply Jewls you can find on any city girl in America, JEWLS with value, purpose and meaning.
Jewelry you can find adorned by stylist, the stylish and in the mags.
I've been known to shop on sites just for items such as jewelry or bags and Karmaloop one of my favorite sites because they are so reasonably priced and have the most fashionable items including FINSK shoes have a whole new buggie of new jewelry.
Though they always have creative jewls these collaborations will have you digging in your wallets... and pockets.


lol, "Good!Good!"
But it makes me want to dance again, Seriously.