My short Thanksgiving vacation was pretty enjoyable. While carrying out the main reason of my visit... with family, food     [lots of it] and rest, I managed to squeeze in some career filled high points and meet some new cool ambitious people...

One is a fellow fashionista, Atlien like me, one used to work for Wendy Williams and is a personality at the local radio station and one is a really cool, funky artist! Guess...
The environment was cool/chic as usual and the store (FEARLESSweirdos) was having a outdoor music/fashion festival for all of little 5 Points.
And you already know some bums passed through -_-
I was there with David SinCere, as a photographers assistant and even got some compliments on my ensemble I threw together for the aggravating dreary weather...=/
And David even found his mini me!

I actually enjoyed being a photographers assistant, doing whatever quick handy work was needed, some nods of approvals/ styling/ taking back stage pictures for his reality show (DavidSinCereRealityTV) Etc. Pretty cool and definitely better than being stuck in the house!!!

BTW: anyone with STYLE would love to shop at this boutique. Any one item/accessory could upgrade your whole closet..[boy/girl] and did I spill that the boutique owner is 23 AND this is her second store?
Ambition on THAT*



Albert Elbaz, a designer of Lanvin. Will all his designs be used for the skinnier styled customers?

The Lanvin line has been released and stolen to H&M's lovers closests in Atlanta, (Atlantic Station), the new wear was taken seriously. From it's on opening in the store to crowds of people only in the H&M vicinty. The Lanvin line at H&M was off to a great start. Will H&M shoppers give to the heavily patterned, heavily structured and relunctant multi combo ensembles of Lanvin clothing?





Seems like a lot of celebrities and maybe even Vashtie- On The Move! exclusively for females has paved a pathway for cool/edgy but sexy/cool sneakers.
Santigold has collaborated with Vans to make an amazing sneaker which will be available Spring/Summer 2011, and any off day I would let these Vans replace my worn Supras from last year =]

Kelis in her new video,"Brave".

Loving Bruno Mars new video/song, "Grenade".

Diggy Simmons again proving that he can YES, rap in "Shook Ones Freestyle".





Let's get this straight. This is my hood verified card. Yupp I said it.
The "blond" girl, the funny, cool "it's whatever" chick you may see from time to time.
I may dress like this and may have come into an attitude that's becoming of what I want to do in life. But please believe I am not from a "privileged" background. Far from it. 

 I'm on loans and scholarships like everyone else in college and was contemplating community just for the sack of the $$$ honey... and though i didn't grow up behind a dumpster, that neighborhood everyone was scarred of was in my backyard, and yeah I've ducked for bullets before and seen some grimey business before my eyes. 

So before you assume I can't run in these 5-inch pumps and I've never been through "it". Look into my eyes and see what I've seen. Walk through my neighborhood back in New York.
Go through the things a 11 year old latch key kid in new York went through.
And no I wasn't on welfare, living in section 8, but nowadays who's really that far from it??

Just know that if you're in that place where left overs are the regular and you can't have any company cause you dont have any heat or hot water, you can still make it somewhere in life. The unmotivated ones are the ones content in where they are and that was just NEVER me. Eating over at friends house cause you knew that was your last meal for the night and sales/clearance was the ONLY clothing you bought and rarely, no pets, no security systems and a car with a 1/4 tank of gas ALWAYS... say what?? BUS. And I'm not content yet, still moving on up with no one thing or venue to stop me,

Oh Yes, It's 2010 and this is 
Nik_gold signing out

"Who gon' check me?"

When my lil sisters become big sisters to someone else.
When progressive movement seems %100 guilty
When stares are never blocked and the swords come swinging
When the light is so bright I squint and keep aiming
When the trigger is pulled and mercy and distinct honor poor out
When my mom calls and the phone is unanswered
When I attend classes and am still a WIP (work in progress)
When G talk and Sweet talk are filled with bitter phrases
When love becomes mistaken with keeping company
When labels overrule true new love
When college and degrees seem irrelevant
When "I want to marry you" becomes the new "I like you"
When being fakeishly natural overrules being yourself
When there are 1,000,000 beautiful talented witty weird girls and one fitting room
When diaries becomes twitter, facebook and blog sites
When clothes are easily taken off rather than kept on to separate bodies
When the light becomes to bright and everyone is wearing shades to keep cooler than you.
When when meets when
And all the foolishness comes to a complete end.
the end...


well not exactly, it seems as though, smoking, SMOKING WEED in particular, drinking, SNIFFING, snorting, doing drugs of any sort have become cool, the Norm*, the thing to do.

                 Now, this is not the easiest post for me to write and I'm not bashing any drugs, nor saying they are bad, wont get you to your right place etc...  paraphernalia of ANY kind especially if it is naturally grown I have no problemo with, however when such an "illegal" activity makes it to the screens of "Due Date", "The Hangover" and NUMEROUS other speculation starting movies so casually, you can view the "hilarious" perception of it all but in reality these drugs are REAL and usually highly illegal.

               You can't in fact travel a great distance across the country buying weed and smoking it with your ugly faced dog as they portrayed in "Due Date" (Great movie BTW), along with out running border control cops in a pick up truck and trailer... well you could put that on YOUR bucket list. Some attributes of movies seem cool but when the same item is displayed across the screen of a movie theatre and seems to amp up every scene to get the party started audience members can do nothing but wonder is that how it really is? Unless you've already hit it and quit it...of course.

     But where do we recognize the lines of reality and fiction? When are they crossed and how can we distinct them? Movies and humor are often based loosely on real life, so when has, weed, drinking and cocaine become so culturally accepting and appealing? People smoke, drink all day, and putting it in movies, shows and music only make them "cooler" and more accountable for blame. 

Do rappers such as Wiz khalifa, Lil Wayne, Eminem and Snoop Dogg and countless celebrities in and out of rehab contribute to this media frenzy? Or has the use of different remedies just become so cool over time, meaning they could possibly lose some restraint on drug usage? Or is this view of life as true as it gets and movies only making money off of countless true life experiences and friends getting you off on Rupees with only pictures on a Kodak to remember a weekly process now?

Just Saying...

I have three iPods including my iPhone. I love listening to all of them and reflecting back on the music I used to listen to. Where I was lyrically, musically and instrumentally back then. What songs I listened to repeatedly back then that annoy the #$%& out of me now and what songs bring back the most memories...Listening also makes me want to research where some artist are now or just look for NEW new music, people and sound. My iPods Fuel Me.

Old iPod #1:
Lily Allen
Gym Class Heroes
The Dream
Mariah Carey
Kings of Leon
Erykah Badu
Wyclef John
Black Eyed Peas
P. Diddy (not Diddy)
Pharell Williams
Kanye West
Lil Wayne
Wiz Khalifa
Nelly Furtado
Taylor Swift
Juelz Santana
Alicia Keys
Robin Thicke
Chrisette Michele
50 Cent
Trey Songz
Chris Brown
Kirk Franklin
Ryan Leslie
Solange Knowles
Busta Rhymes
Boys to Men
Cassie and JoJo
John Legend
Destiny's Child
Jamie Foxx
Andre 3000
Faith Evans
Kid Cudi
....to name a few

and jewels that stand out are what it's all about this season!
From chain rope necklaces made of different metals, amber stones, blingBLINGbling, to 3D and 3- 4 finger rings. The more distinct the better!!! Above is my owl named "LEE" I purchased on a shopping spree. There are owl rings, necklaces (ALWAYS), as well as an array of animals to adorn your body with! Keep in mind jewelry can make or break an outfit so follow the golden rule, don't OVER Accessorize and take off one piece before you step out fashionably!


Music for All Kinds


by the window
that shows me direction
envisioning my future and wiping
off my past
leaving faded memories and 
distant friendships dripping on the palm of my hand,
I peer out my window
Seating like no other
Feeling the fog the heat from my nose is dispersing,
Waiting for my brain freeze to fully recover.
Blank stares on the other side.
knowing they won't be along for this here ride
Feeling every inch from every mother and daughter
Oh, how they suffer.
long walks on the side of the road
So cold the heat burns 
Feeling no love
Only the Yearn
I sit back
head on the head rest
Feeling at my best
with power, liberty and the pursuit of happiness tight
to my chest.


MTV European Awards 2010

What do you think?