I feel bad that I'm broke and not mommy's little girl anymore.
Time to get back to the money.

Lightening Earrings: Back and Front Detail
Stone Ring: Wrapped in Gold Wire

2011 on it*

I've been waiting for this video! Must I add I want to see you guys REALLY kiss, and I love Nicki's personalities. yes I diagnosed it, PERSONALITIES.

"Moment For Life"



Could have worked the other morning. 


... asked me why I have a blog or twitter.
People read thoughts but thats such a now thing.
A year from now you're going to be like, ' I tweeted, I hate this class.'
Thinking, whyyyyyy??


-one of my new favorite artist


I love my skin. The color, texture, richness and possibilities. Everyone should love their skin even I still run into people who dont seem to even recognize the quality of the skin they are in. Of course I went through the hurt of finding out the prejudice against darker skin. Still I embraced my skin, my beauty and how strong and courageous every black female is.

I started playing in make up when I was around 14, in fashion shows and dance recitals putting on strong colored lip gloss and mascara. Run into darker skinned individuals who said they couldn't wear make up and colors because they never had their color, or tone. I found that as a stepping stone. Too dark to wear a color on my lips? PLEASE. As I've gotten older, doing makeup for friends, going to Barbizon* where they taught, modeling, acting, make up and etiquette I dabeled in make up more.

I must say it annoys me when girls because they are definetely not ladies, yet, are so concerned with girls who were the slightest amount of make up, colored lipgloss/stick etc. Keep in mind I don't agree with clown faced or double masked wearing females.
I find it humorous when the same girls so profound an advocate against makeup are the ones who a little concealer or mascara wouldn't hurt. When it comes to events where they want to wear makeup or look special one day theyre makeup is that of a clowns.
Maybe they are just ignorant to the use of make up?
I digress [yes, digress] I don't agree with college girls beating there face everyday and therefore don't do it
but to each their own right?
But of course before make up is applied your skin is the major priority, what I love most about black skin is the way it shines. How healthy it can look and that certain glow can be shown, [no bronzer]

We don't crack and therefore I think extreme measures such as Botex should be carefully reconsidered.
Melanin.. the natural pigmentation of our skin protects us from harmful rays, we are like walking Super people!.... To some degree.
And heathly, glowing, naturally even and moisturized soft skin like a baby's bottom is always a good look!