Wearing the shirt dress I salvaged...

Kim K's Valentine's Day look I was thinking of wearing something similar for my birthday coming up soon!... Wherever I am for this Spring Break/Birthday. lol

Beyonce darkening her face for the 90th anniversary of L'Officiel magazine, voluntarily agreed to portray Nigerian African Queen and singer, Fela Kuti 

 Rihanna celebrated her Birthday at a private residence in beverly Hills. 
I love the looks shes been playing with. All of the "Colors" have been growing on me though I try and submerge that feeling, =/ I've been trying to tame down the looks but I honestly can't help the creative flow. Neither can RiRi!

 The party was adorned with celebrities, love and fun! What a Pisces =]
I love this nail design! Can't wait to try it =]




I love this song! It's so X-rated 

Highly awaited video? Kanye doesnt look as edgy as I would like aside for the sneaker game, Rihanna looks lighter than usual, Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi... =]


Quality is a little sucky but still very entertaining, go Griffin!



How I was feeling today, no real place in MY life per say,
but felt like putting it out into the air.
I always have something to say.
but two things constantly escape me.
Energy + Time


I'm loving the new strap-wedge shoe!!!