“Black Americana” is a four part photo-essay presenting a commentary on Black American life and patriotism.

I am so "full scholarship minded" right now it's ridiculous, but towards the loans I previously took out, thank you. 
And when I die, my degrees will keep me warm.

I didn't know where else to go

I'm stubborn in wanting only the best for the ones I love.
Struggling to do better for myself so I can spread the goodness
I'm not perfect in any way shape or form
I make mistakes daily
I also manage to make people smile daily
I'm good spirited
But still seem to hurt feelings
I'm greedy with love
Yet self less with my friendship.

I want more good and less bad
In every sense of the word
And when my well doings are misconceived I am the most fragile
I hate being misunderstood,
but being so different and novel to the world you will get more misunderstandings than
appreciation of your true life form
I switch topics when I run out of things to say or rather how to say them
The people who know me well know this
I usually do it in conversations that are going nowhere...

I'm stubborn in wanting the best for the ones I love
My only fear is not doing all I have to do to bring out my positiveness to the world
It's so easy to piss someone off or make mistakes continuously
But to try, to make an effort, to correct a mistake
Is the difference between dying and living.


Chunky Cardigans X Over-sized Sweaters X Tailored Jackets

This fall/winter season is all about chunky cardigans, boyfriend sweaters and tailored jackets and blazers. Not only do they keep you warm and are very interchangeable with your mood and the weather but they can also be  used in formal and informal settings. By simply switching out the bottom, shoes and accessories you can quickly take one business outfit into a stylish nighttime wear.

The Neptunes speak on "The 8th Planet".
What do you think?

They swamped out Andre 3000?!
But why? 
Nonetheless nice video. Very young, fresh and entertaining, still a lively and catchy tune. Kanye West is not in it but that's regular, right?


I met J.Cole @ the House of Blues, got the standard autograph just cause. But what was really unique was his humbleness. Actually talking to his fans after the concert. Taking the time to take pictures, make jokes etc. Very nice.

I have to perfect my autograph. =)

I styled my friend the other day. Venturing out and doing some business with the things I love to do. I revamped a couple of outfits she bought over, did her hair (I previously sewed in) and applied some make up. I went for a very Saturday-lounge-chic feel. With a flowy top, cute pants, a pair of my favorite heels I tied the ensemble together with these huge feather earrings I made, red lips and a red clutch.
End result!

We had a lot of fun with this look. Bringing out the sexy without the basic mini skirt and really standing out from the rest with an interesting choice of accessories. Her confidence was boosted 100% and it was justified so! When you feel good you look good.

This trial inspired me to network my skills even more and I began working on this flyer. I know FLYER right? But it's more of a sample of my work with my contact information attached. Can't wait to receive some feedback

The flyer I came up with...

This is just the beginning!

Which one would you wear?

I'm really picky when it comes to tote bags. mostly because I have so much already that it's pointless getting another grey tote with metallic fixtures.
Also my tote brings up the mood of my day. I'm guaranteed to have everything needed in there for you and I and a couple of snacks.
Hmmm it's about that time to invest in a new treasure chest.


Keep it Classy

Keep it Classy

$595 - calypsostbarth.com

Etro stretch twill pants
£340 - net-a-porter.com

Jeffrey campbell booties
£119 - oxygenboutique.com

ASOS clutch handbag
$81 - asos.com

Illesteva silver sunglasses
$260 - net-a-porter.com

Monday's music selection was inspired by the high life. Not only in the smoking sense of the word but the above average, read the deeper meaning type of way. 

I'm open to many different kinds of music and since I've been in the south I've widened my spectrum so much more. My iTunes contains, The Fray, Kings of Lion, The Fugees, Outkast, Fabulous, Curren$y, Sade, Carl Thomas, Musiq Soulchild, Ryan Leslie, Kendrick Lamar, Paramore, The Red Stripes... The list goes on and on considering I have three iPods full of music from different eras. 

Monday's playlist contained the two selections above. I love discovering people having a passion for music/art expression as deeply as I do.
Not only is their opinion deeply considered in a wide spectrum of music but they also have a deeper appreciation for what music is and what it does!

Here is a look I posted on lookbook.
A vintage top I purchased recently. It was a nice Monday out and I wanted to stay in all black.
Signature red lips, Nik_gold Accessories and one of my most comfortable shoes.
I had a great monday. Hope you did too.


I found this!
Might use it as my post signature?
Not sure but it's so me, yet to the point...

I have a slight obsession with suede. It's all good. I've gotten really good at preserving my heels!.
Here are a few that caught my attention.