A little something I scribbled down before I fell asleep the other day...

I've realized in order to get better you have to improve on every flaw.

Being progressive only starts with the humbleness of an individual. Being 100% visual of flaws and potential.
At first I thought my family was being harsh by always criticizing me and took their critiques in bad light but as I grew I knew I had to be more open minded (not only about health, but life goals, priorities etc). I take all advice with a grain of salt.
I thought back on this as I did my Honesty Reflection in the mirror today for my work out plan.
And no.. I'm not fat, chunky nor do I have obnoxious love handles but though I may be skinny I'm not in shape! I've been doing gymnastics, tennis and dance all my life and though I may not weigh one more pound then I did my freshman year in college I'm certainly not on my best. I even get winded walking my dog for 35mins. My goal is to tone up and shape up inside and out for Spring Break (my birthday!!!) and also as a ritual for the rest of my life.


An excerpt from my interview with Bei_Maejor. @BeiMaejor for @BEmagazine
Had a great interview with the really super cool and humble Bei Maejor.
I have listened to lots of his music, and music he has produced for others.
I absolutely love meeting determined, young, talented individuals.
He really motivated me to start now, do my best in everything and stay POSITIVE always!

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" lol My face > 0_o
After we talked about style, family, motivation etc


Photos I Like X Love X Lust

RIP Aaliyah

You can not downplay the beauty, talent and grace of Aaliyah.

"Hotter than a summer day in California..."

My Life This Week Via Instagram

#NikGoldDesigns Mirror Earrings and Suede Fringe Necklace by me

 Nail color of the week. I call it Blue Ivy... jk =)

I've been feeling blue this week, in the best way possible

#NikGoldDesign Gold Shoulder Cut out/ Back out Dress.
All Dresses made by me are hand made!
No, I'm not playing.

Tassel Earrings Now in Red/Blue/Green

#NikGoldDesign original 
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The beat in my head



Today I started school again since my semester off.
Last semester, a couple of days before school I severely burned my leg and ended up needing to receive skin graft surgery. Even though I healed like a superwoman I was out for the semester and it killed me!
I love school.
No, not the teachers, other students or the chalkboards but the educational part. The learning among your peers though you may grasp it a little quicker. I missed the homework (that never made it home), the structure, the progressive routine. I remember having practice for gymnastics in the early morning then school, then fashion show practice. I was at my best, fullest, busiest, and happiest.  I lived and am going to live a progressive life.
What I don't miss however are stupid/simple/basic people.
The thought or notion that being slow is acceptable. 
-_-Why bother coming?
Or keeping a facade that says on thing when your aura speaks differently?
You can be beautiful, talented and intellectual.
Try it.