Art X Positive Messages

Pink is a powerhouse singer and has been in the music industry for many years. I was more of a fan when she first came out but this inspirational video has me loving her all over again. She incorporates gymnastics in her video like she did at the Music Awards a couple of years ago and it seems like the sport is her new hobby. Cool chick. Most importantly, I love messages like these portrayed in songs/video/media. Watch the video, be inspired and live_Gold!


Music: Brandy Back in Session

R&B artist and former "Moesha" is back at it and better than ever! 90's music has sculpted my love for real R&B and her coming back collaborating with today's hottest artists makes me feel like hope is still alive. And it is really is. 

Brandy 's growth as an artist has shown and she is everywhere including the top of the charts. Even her 90's braids have trended back into the cycle. She is now gracing the cover of Vibe Magazine's October/November 2012 Issue and discussing in her interview dealing with Whitney Houston's passing and her future goals for the industry.
In the words of one of my favorite Stylist/Designers. These shots are EVERYTHING!

Old Brandy videos are the best, Go to "Read More" to view some of my Brandy Throw Back favorites and Brandy X Chris Brown "Put it Down"! =)


NGD Website Photo Shoot X Live Your Fantasy Blog Feature

Had fun at this photo shoot for my new website update and Live Your Fantasy Blog by @Liveurfantasy
and check out some photos and interview on her amazing blog See More Here!!!

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FYI: Fashionistas and Stylist alike
Look out for clothing and hats for sale >>> @Nik_Gold 
Stay Fashionable and Live_Gold

Photos below!

Nik_Gold Designs Premieres at BE Magazine No Wire Hangers Fashion Show

I am extremely blessed and excited to announce that I have been selected to premiere my jewelry and custom clothing line at this years third annual @BEmagazine No Wire Hangers Benefit Fashion Show!
The proceeds will benefit @40girls1 40 Girls and Some Shoes. An organization raising shoes and donations for the less fortunate! You can follow No Wire Hangers on twitter @NWHTRIOS
and purchase tickets HERE!!!
The fashion show is November 11, 2012
Come out and support!

Men's Fall Shoe Fashion

Men's Fall Shoe Fashion
Men: Your trendy guy friend or significant other also has the pleasure of changing it up with male fall fashion. Patent leather boots and sneaker detailing are a major fashion DO. As well as keeping it Urban with a Jordan or Van sneaker. Also play with different texture shoes, from suede to patent leather, cloth. Keep it fresh and dress to impress!

$495 - vave-shoerepair.com

Nike shoes
$210 - colette.fr

Retro style shoes


Levi's zip shoes

Women's Fall Shoe Fashion

Women's Fall Shoe Fashion

Women: Fall shoe fashion for women has transitioned from the platform, Jeffrey Campbell and strappy sandal stage of this summer into a low heeled boot, cowboy boot, thigh high boot, wedge, booties and pointy toed classic shoe collecting fall.
From studs and spikes to bright neon colors and now nudes and darker tones. This fall shoe color scheme
is on the brim of warm tones and hard eclectic detailing.Have fun with your shoe collection this season and fall into fashion!


Look of the Week X Style

Working at Little 5 gives me a freedom with what I wear. I wouldn't get the chance to wear thigh highs and a vintage army fatigue jacket to the office!
I got to rock this this past week...
Fishtail Braid
Army Fatigue Jacket: Thrift Store ($3)
Black Tee (Tied): Forever 21
Bleached X Spiked High Waisted Tommy Hilfiger Shorts: Nik_Gold Designs custom made
Thigh Highs: Asos.com
Brown Wedges: Boutique in Atlanta
Chain Link Purse: Boutique in South Carolina
Accessories: Nik_Gold Designs/ Guess Watch

Who says you can't dress fashionable with a budget?
Often I see people brag on labels when they are still not stylish in any way of form.
Fashion may be trendy but style is what you do with it, the confidence and taste you have!

Atlanta X Experimentation X Art

This past weekend I wandered a couple of blocks from my downtown home into Castleberry Hills. A small yet pleasant and cultured part of Atlanta. Luckily, Flux Night had recreated the nightlife on this brisk evening into an evening of art, people and culture, oh and lots of drinks. 

The vibe was very eclectic and relaxed. The night was crisp and electrifying with many peculiar smells piercing the air.  From your local hipsters to Tech students savoring the weekend to adults enjoying a night on the town with friends and partners. My sister and I conquered each art gallery and even networked while absorbing the essence of Atlanta art. Very Positive.

View some of the art below:


Are You Surprised? Chris X Rihanna X Karrueche

It has been blatantly obvious Chris and Rihanna are getting back together or in my opinion Young, Wild, Free and in love. There was a time when they were undercover giving people, (their fans and media) a chance to get over it and apparently now they just don't give any more fruit baskets.
I have no idea what Karrueche has been doing especially after Rihanna's infamous "Cake" remix came out, after pictures of them together surfaced, Chris and Rihanna sleep overs blasted in every magazine, after the 2012 awards show where she was disrespected and ignored, hell after THE OPRAH INTERVIEW!
Leave! Be a woman about yours, always.
I'd advise any female to never be the "other woman" "third party" or "last man out" and to open your own eyes and leave before you get hurt and dumped but of course we don't know all of it. From the looks of it and after watching Chris's video you get a better perspective and it is everything I thought it was.
One of the realest moments you will probably ever see, and you can only imagine the bitterness Karrueche is feeling and confusion Chris is going through while Rihanna is there being who she is. His unofficial lover.
"The Real Chris Brown" from on .
Ahhh that sweet pungent smell of love!
Apparently Kouche didn't see nor want to see the signs and now this media coverage is going to be crazy until the next big thing blows between the soul mates and the abandoned rebound lover.