Ciara X Body Party Iggy Azalea X Work Music Video

Ciara brings it with her new music video, "Body Party". Keeping that signature "Yes, b**** I can dance" and adding her personal life and new beau Future's first meeting experience at a mansion party here in Atlanta. To say the least I love it, the realness of fate, the choreography and Ciara! (Emoji in love face here). Experience the magic below!

I may no not a thing about being broke, 16 and living in Miami but I know I love this new Iggy Azalea. I first mentioned her on my blog (Iggy Azalea obsession 2012)
I've featured her last year and she has been semi quiet aside for signing with T.I. Check the new work out now.



Big Boi XNik_Gold X BEmagazine

I, Nicole Ayilola of Nik_Gold Designs have had the pleasure of writing the feature story/interview from one of my favorite rappers/creators Big Boi in @BEmagazines 2nd annual men's issue.
(If you haven't seen the first article in which I also wrote with "Think Like a Man's" producer William Packer, and former BET host now E! news host Terrance J ), BEmagazine First Men's Issue ft Nik_Gold
Not only have I been tantalized by Big Boi's creative rhythm but ultimate aura of pure genius and coolness that emits seamlessly.
You can find out more when the issue is released the first week of May. #STAYTUNED


Top 5 Summer Must-Haves X Style

Summer by far takes that cake as far as style and simplicity.  It's not only about coordinating and not matching unless your'e going for a monochrome look, but making it look easy with less layering than the fall or winter would call for. It's best to be stylish (not so much trendy, classics with key pieces) and staying cool (not naked).

Here are the top five looks to up do your summer wardrobe!

Top 5 Summer Must-Haves

Issa london dress
$315 - theoutnet.com

American vintage

Topshop mesh top


Coco s Fortune maxi skirt
$46 - rarelondon.com

River Island black skirt
$34 - riverisland.com

Lacing shoes
$170 - nelly.com

Givenchy leather handbag

Kelly wearstler

Dkny tote

Envelope clutch
$20 - newlook.com


1. Maxi, tank dresses and bodycon dresses, catch some air and can be stylish all in one. Color, print and texture lets you play this look up or down.

2. All white, have fun with freshness of summer but be careful to keep it clean and classy, a simple white crop top, tank, jeans and purse will go off with the right accessories and shoe game.

3. Full skirts, from ombre'd maxis, to color blocked and printed wide legs you can have fun and catch that fresh air while keeping it simple and stylish!

4. Accessories can make or break a look, with the right clutch you can have an easy breezy summer!

5. Floral is so much fun and can also be a sharp look added with the right bottoms, shoes or tops! Go for River Islands black floral skirt with straps, a funky floral blazer or floral accessories to bring summer everywhere with you.

Whatever you wear have fun and keep it clean!

Poem X Scorcher

Finger tip numbed
By the sizzling rhythmn of thick ashy smoke
Seeping through sea blue vessels
Breaking off citrus kisses
Underneath your seared heart
Damp traces evaporate on your mahognany hurt
While your eyes shed
Snowflakes of innocent delivery
My flaming palm guides your
Icey smooth cheek to my
Motherly chest so you can
Hear how human I am
The flame of sweet life dancing in my veins
You are nestled safely now in my scorching passion.



Videoshoot X NikGoldDesigns

NikGoldDesigns X Custom Designs X Videoshoot

The other night just cruising through Atlanta I spotted a video shoot taking place at a well known downtown studio. When I pulled up one of the Love Hip Hop husbands to Rasheeda mentioned me to join the event. So with that notion I did, at first as an extra but when I felt the need to put more Nik_Gold Designs into it for accessories and styling. I promptly networked and made my way to the dressing room to put in work. The photo shoot lasted until in the morning but I left knowing I had classes super early which was a disappoint but fueled me to do more while I was on set. Life of a college student, business owner, worker and journalist. Juggling a busy schedule but nothing is going to stop my drive or creativity. Let's work.