Dance X Style X SYTYCD


Dancing and style are two of my favorite things (well aside for food). I have been catching up with SYTYCD when I find the time and found two pieces of dance and style close to my heart.

The first one is Ke$ha themed (stylist/artist) I've been following for years (who is now working with American Apparel ) mixed with Lady Gaga's quirky dancer/choreographer Mark and a bit of a MIA feel. The style is sharp, dancing a bit avant-garde and even a tad drag. You know I love a splash of G0ld with everything! Check out this out of the world routine below!

The second piece is with my favorite dancer of the season, Jasmine along with Amy. They are both so sharp and distinctive in their movement. Let's not skip these costumes!!! With one of my favorite songs "The Diva Dance" from my favorite movie "The Fifth Element" the choreographer captures the novelty and uniqueness of sound. As a stylist I would have done white or blue asymmetrical wigs instead of mere black ones. However, the piece is beautiful, awkward, modelesque and attention capturing. Enjoy!