off of her newest album, "Let Freedom Reign"

I am Christian
I have been saved for seven years now.
And its been hard.
No lie.
Over and over the hurdles of your weakness.
Programmed only for you
Your personalized quiz of life.
being a Christian
there are an array of Christians
I'm not judging just admitting what I see.
As far left as the world can see
They run right
Hands in prayer form
bowing their heads but their eyes are squinted open
Peering and whispering
Gossiping to the person in the next pew
But we leave these 'Christians' alone
because of what they title themselves
But if these 'Christians' are following the light
then what happened when the wronged want to be right
and follow the so called light?
Wanting to walk into the Lords foot steps
but instead they're following your steps?
Bowing and gossiping?
What a pitiful combination.
These same 'Christians' spreading their legs
like they spread open the pages of the bible.
Updating their facebook and twitter
while updating their 7,8 boyfriends that they've only slept 
with one other... minus each other
confused are their minds and used are their bodies,
Not all "Christians" but these few of the many
dirty the bunch.
yet we walk with our head held high.
Hurdling the hurdles and wondering when the bad eggs will fall off and crack.
Or even better actually turn into a sheep which they fake at times so well
Thus reshaping Christians as a whole.
Maybe one day they will stop blowing down peoples houses like the wolves in sheepskin they are.
Or stop blowing people for that matter.
maybe one day.
And yes the day will come.
Some will run, some will deny their fun
But in the end kingdom come.



 LOVE/LIVE/REAL/MUSIC:  "We are not HIGH Rappers, The New Era of weed smoking Artists, we are rappers who get high and rap about REAL sh*t, this is an everyday thing."


[My Christmas List always looks like this: Sidenotes and such lol] 


I LOVE Chelsea Lately. Hope her voice never gets tainted*

"Damn... Dont, don't, damn. Don't leave, cause your my oxygen, without you I won't breathe. You're my everything, I want, need. For you I wear my heart on a short sleeve..."

We like?
I don't however like Keyshia's first hairstyle... The compulsive updo?
The side pony, the verdict is out.
Not everyone can try full frontal fashion.

Keyshia though hasn't aged one bit.
Kudos, Nicki as usual.
Bad B*tch.
Regular Lovers+Haters.



 Babydads house in Miami, 

Don't laugh Im serious.

 Meeting her for the second time was much like the first, aside for the different look and setting[ Def not in Walmart this time]. She was still humble, patient and didn't mind holding a convo. I know if she was Beyonce it would be a little different but a star is a star and having time to talk to them and relate to them on a human level makes me realize that every little thing you do makes a difference. 
So milking everything for what its worth and getting the most out of everything wont hurt. Yeah a little more energy and less socializing and yes I'm talking about college,  wont hurt. The road to being rich and famous can be just as paved as the yellow brick road... if I let it.
[2nd semester talk]
It's crazy out of talking to Chili and Ciara, I get, follow my dreams and try hard in EVERYTHING, not leave everything, move back to New York and "network" everywhere. Just real words, from real women who reached REAL success.
The best.

 Autographed new Cd
 Ciara is so humble! "Youre beautiful as well, doll. Stay focused, that's what life is about."
 Too giddy -_-
Makeup/Hair/Clothes/Personality on Point*