choices pt 1

doesnt this say everything?
.. yupp more to come!!


In my head

In my head im rich, at least a Paris Hilton or Oprah... so heres my new favorite store conviently located a bit far but a bit close, in Inman Park, GA =)

yummmm L.A.M.B jessica simpson BETSYVILLE n way more! (ADVERTISING Maybe?)

Now bumping into this store was a must. It was destiny! I was just leaving my now third favorite store after affordable (forever21) and after this one, (the fourth being Urban Outfitters which I have yet to try out online) when we (friend Kir and I) were walking to the pharmacy up the hill to buy a card for my friend's bday party. When I paused and looked in the window expecting to see American Apparel, which was a few stores down and my wallet started to scream. "Help!!!" it screamed, "This bitch is going to spend me!"

And well... I did!... Well as much as I could ($50) I bought Anne Michelle light brownish patent leather sling backs and $9 sunglasses... $9!!! I was soo happy though a butterfly and cubic diamond ring I picked out was the most expensive fake thing I have ever laid eyes on ($46). The sunglasses here was cheaper at this boutque than the (basically, a thift store) place I just came from. The boutique also had crazy-cute not trashy and most definetly not TOO trendy dresses. More cool jewelry and a bracelet I thought Lady Gaga would not hestate to slap on, purses, shoes galore and sunglasses.. well duh, lol,

The name "BOMB" fits the stores collection of assorted apparel I almost fell over with glee, thank God for trusted friend Kir to have my back literally. When I get a J-O-B this summer I am most likely rewarding myself with a trip back there!!
Hope noone I know finds out about it!**