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Stay safe X I love you!

These past couple of months have taught me a lot about myself than ever before.

 Seeing myself recover from obstacles and use them as stepping stones. Catching myself becoming content and immediately turning the fire up based on my goals and knowing anything you WANT you can ascertain. 

Now comes the productive winter for a rewarding summer. Staying busy progressive because I promised someone very special to me and to myself I'll be in a different place by next summer. Just wait on it! Aimed with a 2nd job, a great support system and a mind full of ideas and plans everyday I wake up with a better view of life.

***Instead of writing a list of what's wrong with life focus on the good and live life like it's golden because it certainly isn't promised.***

Take a moment out to read a poem I wrote today.

The twist

Vibrating lesions toss my body one way then another
The beauty of authenticity bares my soul willingly
While tender fascinating kisses are planted where deep bruises once laid
Warm tears of patience and appreciation trickle down my left cheek effortlessly
Never has a care burn so deep and shine so bright
Blinded by the dedication and passion
I tilt my crown to the sun and praise the mountains and valleys of the earth
My pounding rigorous breathe escapes in whispers of wonder
And finally, I own the white engrossing mist of consciousness

Music Videos X Jay Z X JT X Chris X Nicki X Lorde X Drake

Here are a few of my favorite songs and their official music videos. Enjoy!

I love this video of Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, "Holy Grail". It was clean yet innovative the way they switched it up. Very Nice.

Dedicated to Chris Brown heading to long term rehab for attacking a photo bomber is his new video with Nicki Minaj. I could watch this video on mute and just watch him dance actually.

My favorite new song has the weirdest video but I don't care I still love the song and Lorde's quirky feel.
Lorde in Royal

Haven't gotten tired of Drake's acting in his video "Hold On, We're Going Home" yet! I think it's safe to say we will be seeing some more acting in the near future!


Rihanna X Pour it Up X Music Video

Elaborating on her love for the art of stripping Rihanna serves something in her Explicit "Pour it Up" video. Knowing Rihanna had some rhythm I wasn't startled by her raunchy moves on the throne. It looks like she learned a thing or two from her visits to clubs. I like how she incorporated her Caribbean iced out bra and the blond wig is still growing on me but not a fave. Now I'm waiting for a new album or video to a more recent song.....

In general going to the strip club in Atlanta and a few other major cities has become like heading to a regular club but with good food, barber shops etc while for others it's remained Taboo. 

What do you think, about the video and Atlanta's strip club obsession? *Comment Below

Fashion Week X Spring 2014

Spring fashion is the start of something new for the new year. Whether it's to upgrade your look or add some special pieces to your collection a revival of fashion comes inevitably with the change of season

Ciara in Emilio Pucci

Iggy Azalea in Viscose Jacquard
From celebrities trendsetting at fashion events to releases of premier lines from our favorite designers you are in for a great time enjoying the spring season of fashion which always gets me excited for the new year! From designers like Lanvin to A. Wang and Balmain I have fallen in love with the use of materials like leather, chiffon and sequins.

One of my two favorites are fresh new Ivory Coast designer Loza Maleombo for her layered tie-dye looks and extensive use of structure. I appreciate the diversity of fashion and she brings a new look being a West African designer.

My second favorite is Givenchy for his beautiful workings of drapery and luxurious materials.

Nik_Gold 2014 Style Forecast

***S/S 2014 promises us lots of leather ( so don't put those leather skirts and shorts away yet) and metallic material, tribal, floral and plaid print and a diverse collection of avant garde structure, sporty chic looks and classic lined fits.
Whatever you decide to wear for the upcoming season personalize it and make it yours!