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Lace Front Eyebrows X Trend

Has it gone too far?

We ladies have nails, weave, wigs, lashes, corsets, butt lifts, spanks, and anything other add on you can imagine. Now, we have lacefront eyebrows for ladies who want that "look". What? Is nothing real these days??? By the time you wipe off and take off everything off of some of the females you meet in the club they look like a completely different person.

 Isn't this a false representation? Guys don't do nearly as much yet women go above and beyond for this perfect image. Yes maintenance is necessary but I was always told your'e natural beauty should shine outwardly. Be you!


Iggy Azalea X Nicki Minaj X Jhene Aiko X New Music Videos

Iggy Azalea is back with the newest of four singles off of her new album entitled "The New Classic". I love the Clueless theme of the video and appreciate Iggy's flow as a rapper. She raps about what she knows so this collaboration with Charli XCX is clever, stylish and fun. Watch below!

The next video I put up mostly for visuals. Nicki Minaj is beautiful and the toning down of the pink wigs and crazy costumes has me focusing on more of her as a rapper. It's a plus that what she is rapping of events that I have personally experienced. Especially these "ballers" in the club. Always looking. 

jhene aiko bed peace

If you didn't know Jhene Aiko is the female vision of Drake. She gives you the soothing feel with a mixture of real feelings and creative descriptions. I've been listening to her music for a couple of years and I've played this song all the way out. I like the original concept for the video and of course my love for Childish Gambino is real. I don't care, I don't care what you say! This collaboration is amazing. Sail out and enjoy this video!


Bound 2 and 3 Official Video X Necole Bitchie The Breakfast Club

If you haven't seen it by now, here is Kanye West's newest video to Bound 2, a song I love!
I originally saw this video on the Ellen show and was shocked by the vulgarity of it but then again Nicki's boobies were all over the show a couple of months ago...

Then I watched comedians crack on Kanye's video possibly being considered as Kim's second sex tape.
Hmmmm.... you choose.
I kill for the face shots in the video though.

Bound 3: James Franco and  Seth Rogan spoof.

Kanye West sits down with 105.1 a popular radio show, The Breakfast Club and Charlamagne serves Kanye his piece. 

Watch this video as Charlamagne gives it all hes got and Kanye rants about being like Steve Jobs, working for the industry and Bound 2 video being a big joke.

I love Charlamagne's realness .
How do you feel about Kanye's interview?


Necole Bitchie chats with 105.1 morning show, The Breakfast Club.

*Gives her take on blogging, keeping it real and balancing her life today.

One of my favorite bloggers and inspirations Necole Bitchie did an interview with one of my favorite radio shows that I have been listening to since I lived in NYC. (Check out Peter Gunz of LHHNY interview with The Breakfast Club here.) The Breakfast Club includes radio personalities Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy of 105.1 
Necole Bitchie's in dept interview elaborates on her rise to success, starting from the bottom and the life of journalist/bloggers today.


Music Videos X Jay Z X JT X Chris X Nicki X Lorde X Drake

Here are a few of my favorite songs and their official music videos. Enjoy!

I love this video of Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, "Holy Grail". It was clean yet innovative the way they switched it up. Very Nice.

Dedicated to Chris Brown heading to long term rehab for attacking a photo bomber is his new video with Nicki Minaj. I could watch this video on mute and just watch him dance actually.

My favorite new song has the weirdest video but I don't care I still love the song and Lorde's quirky feel.
Lorde in Royal

Haven't gotten tired of Drake's acting in his video "Hold On, We're Going Home" yet! I think it's safe to say we will be seeing some more acting in the near future!


Big Sean X Jhene Aiko X Kendrick Lamar X Naya Rivera

I like this new Big Sean.  On "Beware" Big Sean collaborates with rhythmic and angelic voiced Jhene Aiko again. I've heard some recent news that Big Sean's new album is going to be crazy. After hearing "Control" with Kendrick and Jay Electronica I might give to a chance. It sparked a twitter war over KDots controversial and honest lyrics. Check out the video for "Beware" and take a listen to "Control".

"They live for some moments and I live for a living."

IDC IDC IDC They are just too cute.
Naya Rivera and Big Sean spotted leaving Power 106 Radio Station


Music Videos X Feds Watching X Dirty Laundry X Im Out X Scream

Ever had that feeling the feds are watching?
My love, multitalented and ageless Pharrell collaborates on 2 Chainz new single "Feds Watchin" which elaborates on staying fresh while the feds are watching. I love the beginning and the message should be thought about... You are ALWAYS being watched, just saying. For right now enjoy the video which by the way, kudos to the style was smooth, the main female was strutting her life out and I love the recognition of darkskin beauties and girls with not the biggest behind you meet in the club. Beauty however is in the eye of the beholder. Watch and Enjoy!

This song took a while to grow on me but I love the truthful story Kelly tells and know that I think about it, I haven't seen her since the past year or so and she has been looking good from the inside out. *2 snaps* People have their own stories sometimes you have to sit back and listen to understand. Also the visuals were phenomenal and literally attaching me to her emotions. I love Kelly Rowland!

I love the visuals in this Nicki and Ciara duo, very Janet Jackson and Micheal Jackson. The song is okay... That Ciara wet scene was eh.

Throwback Thursdays, I had a dance number to this song in a recital back in Queens. oh the memories!!! (My thighs and abs are still burning from studio time 2 DAYS ago. -_-)
I like classics so if you don't know the video to compare it to, here you are!


Miley Cyrus X Style X We Can't Stop

The Fifth Element of Miley Cyrus comes out with this deliciously mind blowing video to a song I grew to adore. Not only am I loving Miley Cyrus evolved style and grace but also her new sound, working with Pharell?? Yes mam. Check out her newest video "We Can't Stop". Rihan... I mean Miley Cyrus has blossomed I can't wait to see her in full bloom!

Miley's evolved style.

Miley Cyrus in V Magazine


Ciara X Body Party Iggy Azalea X Work Music Video

Ciara brings it with her new music video, "Body Party". Keeping that signature "Yes, b**** I can dance" and adding her personal life and new beau Future's first meeting experience at a mansion party here in Atlanta. To say the least I love it, the realness of fate, the choreography and Ciara! (Emoji in love face here). Experience the magic below!

I may no not a thing about being broke, 16 and living in Miami but I know I love this new Iggy Azalea. I first mentioned her on my blog (Iggy Azalea obsession 2012)
I've featured her last year and she has been semi quiet aside for signing with T.I. Check the new work out now.



New Music Video X Blurred Lines

I came across this video and loved the concept. It didn't hurt that Pharrell was in all. I adored the video, fashion, energy, props, even Kodak use of the striking brown skinned model throughout but the actual song seemed to drag on at one point. Needless to say I'll be hooked and repeating the lyrics in a matter of days!



-Give me a week or so I'll be completely off of them,

Not all music fans will love the new direction Kid Cudi and his left* hand man Dot Da Guy have gone in with music, but others will live off of it.
Frankly, you can't be everyones cup of tea.


Main Offstream Music

Wiz Khalifa;;

Favorite Part: “ Don’t watch me, watch Flava Love or something on tv, this is tv, nigga HD cant afford me- yeah”

Live:: Wiz Khalifa n Curren$y

First heard of him from ummmm, yeah lol but anyways about 3 years ago.
He grew on me and now is featured on my blog =]
He is not the cutest but his rapping is off the chain<< so Proper Also he is connected to Lil Wayne??? ** There is a story behind it;; I’d look that up if I were you =]

kk time to grub



Bloggin in

So why have I been thinkin I was tall all this time???
Im def shorter than my sis who I've been saying is my empalumpa
I hate saying im going to make a part two and don't so I wont
I hate boys who think there spittin game.. you think youre the first or something

I want a skype
Im going to conquer the world one day
I will never be boring..

Finish what I start.
Welcome 2010


Very Merry nik_gold*

I can't wait until my birthday
** I'm going to look, feel and BE miraculous!!!
It's almost Christmas and truthfully
** I'll be fine just being in a warm house with pleasant people and food
It's almost a new year
** And I don't know a thing I could have done differently for this one
I <3 Pretty people with Impeccable personalities
** I aspire to be the perfect me (not perfect)
Cleanliness is next to Godliness I learned the hard way
** "EWWWW what is that??!!"
I need to write a letter to Dad and rekindle my love affair with the family
** Before it's too late
I'm going to be super next year starting now
** Super grades, Super personality, Super outfits, Super job, Super skills, Super nik_gold!!
Positivity motivates me
** So I'm positively getting rid of the negative vixens in my life!