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Personal X Reflection X Move

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening right now, 
We forget what we have been through or better yet where we are headed.
There will always be a problem, always something taking our attention off of that next move.
I should know, it seems my biggest failures are when I forget the bigger picture.
Weeks pasts and I'm like, uhhhh what did I do but dwell in that mountain of a mole hill?
This life is all about a brighter future, building an empire. 
There will be a brighter day if you look up for it.
If not you'll be stuck, looking on the shaded ground for rusted pennies only to trick and trip yourself into limiting yourself.
It's already February of 2014 and I'm trying to get somewhere so profound this year.
It's my time.
Something is feeding it into my soul however, getting sidetracked and distracted only takes away that oh so precious time.
It's time. 


Live GOLD in 2014

Ah, a new year. What's next?

Mission: Get better and live GOLD.


Big Sean X Jhene Aiko X Kendrick Lamar X Naya Rivera

I like this new Big Sean.  On "Beware" Big Sean collaborates with rhythmic and angelic voiced Jhene Aiko again. I've heard some recent news that Big Sean's new album is going to be crazy. After hearing "Control" with Kendrick and Jay Electronica I might give to a chance. It sparked a twitter war over KDots controversial and honest lyrics. Check out the video for "Beware" and take a listen to "Control".

"They live for some moments and I live for a living."

IDC IDC IDC They are just too cute.
Naya Rivera and Big Sean spotted leaving Power 106 Radio Station


NGD X Summer X Custom Apparel and Jewelry

This summer is about to be...

Trials and tribulations fuel me to creatively express myself through my business #NikGoldDesigns. Coming up on a year of selling online my profits and experience helped me grow #LiveGold #ShopGold from a line to a brand, and a way of life. People can copy material from you, put you down and there will also be missed opportunities but no one can ever steal your creative mind, persistence and talent. This summer there is so much more in store and I get to work with clients I look up to. 

Creativity X Progress X Positivity
Check out some of my pieces that will be available online!
Follow me on Twitter and IG @Nik_Gold

1. NGD Chain Printed Halter - Handmade
2. Gold Chain Necklace - Custom

1. Sheer Gold Trimmed Collar Shirt- Custom

1. Gold Sequin Back Out Dress -Handmade

1. Black Sequined Clutch with Optional chain link - Custom
2. Gold Pyramid Earrings - Handmade

1. Gold Halter Hi-Low Tank -Handmade

1. Diamond Finger Link Chain- Handmade

For any inquiries or pricing please email me


Videoshoot X NikGoldDesigns

NikGoldDesigns X Custom Designs X Videoshoot

The other night just cruising through Atlanta I spotted a video shoot taking place at a well known downtown studio. When I pulled up one of the Love Hip Hop husbands to Rasheeda mentioned me to join the event. So with that notion I did, at first as an extra but when I felt the need to put more Nik_Gold Designs into it for accessories and styling. I promptly networked and made my way to the dressing room to put in work. The photo shoot lasted until in the morning but I left knowing I had classes super early which was a disappoint but fueled me to do more while I was on set. Life of a college student, business owner, worker and journalist. Juggling a busy schedule but nothing is going to stop my drive or creativity. Let's work.


More Than A Resolution!


2012 has been some year. Words cannot even explain it. I have grown and watched the world change rapidly around me. As long as I have been alive I have the same two qualities I'd love to hate, actually I'm pretty sure I hate both. That's why I'm making a change, more than a resolution but a positive change for the betterment of my life.

Between situations changing rapidly and more and more people I know just leaving Earth without notice I know how precious this life we have is. Honestly, the present is a present and people take it for granted *raises hand* I do too.

Between procrastinating and the depressing feeling of contentment and over thinking or stressing over the  BS life throws your way from time to time, one of the quicksand potholes will have you preaching "Tomorrow is a new day" instead of "Just do it" or "Now is the time!"

I realized this life is a blank canvas, every second and experience we have paints our canvas and makes it dense with intensity, lessons and the true stains of life. I'm ready for the journey and truly tired of being tired. Sleep is the cousin of death and procrastination is the devil whispering in your ear. 

Learn and live _GOLD.


Poetry X Video

Here are some poems I skimmed across and absolutely love.
"10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman" I viewed on my sister's page.
I absolutely love her eccentric being.

The next one was totally random but ended up very meaningful and a really blunt poem I relate to. 

I must say, The Arts (Poetry, Dance, Music *vocal/instrumental*) is more heavily concentrated and encouraged up North.
Compared to living in the South where you sort of have to search for the Arts, Karaoke, Spoken Word nights etc.

Don't let our Arts die!
They are our voice.


Beyonce Fancy

Nothing can stop an artist from his craft.
Beyonce solidifies this statement by perfecting the craft of performing.
And also being named the best performer since Micheal Jackson.
Yes, that very talented, understated and over accused artist that passed and now everyone feels he deserves the credit.
There are artist...
and performers.
Beyonce, Ms. Fancy is one.
Another reason why I don't call females divas who just act "boujee" not a lot can hold up to the title of "Diva".
Beyonce Fancy, well that's in her name.


My short Thanksgiving vacation was pretty enjoyable. While carrying out the main reason of my visit... with family, food     [lots of it] and rest, I managed to squeeze in some career filled high points and meet some new cool ambitious people...

One is a fellow fashionista, Atlien like me, one used to work for Wendy Williams and is a personality at the local radio station and one is a really cool, funky artist! Guess...
The environment was cool/chic as usual and the store (FEARLESSweirdos) was having a outdoor music/fashion festival for all of little 5 Points.
And you already know some bums passed through -_-
I was there with David SinCere, as a photographers assistant and even got some compliments on my ensemble I threw together for the aggravating dreary weather...=/
And David even found his mini me!

I actually enjoyed being a photographers assistant, doing whatever quick handy work was needed, some nods of approvals/ styling/ taking back stage pictures for his reality show (DavidSinCereRealityTV) Etc. Pretty cool and definitely better than being stuck in the house!!!

BTW: anyone with STYLE would love to shop at this boutique. Any one item/accessory could upgrade your whole closet..[boy/girl] and did I spill that the boutique owner is 23 AND this is her second store?
Ambition on THAT*