music for musiq

I knew she was a brunette. Lol
I like it love it
My whitish side of me.

kissed a girl

your so gay

long shot
once you like one you like them all. =]
well I did

omg flashback of t h e Y E A R!!!

i was 3 and giddy 0=]

Song of the year (last year)
0=] good times
I love her sound, vibe, aura


Adele Amy and Duffy =] help me sleep at night.
song in my head all day
cause I feel like im going through the motions






On rotate on the ipod =]


when tears fall blind




i left my emotions in Gerogia


feelings are for wimps
ive always wanted to say that but not feel it
always falling in traps not setting it

not saying ive been an emotional reck with boys..

umm no thats why i dont do serious relationships but in peoples relations to me in general

not trying to make more friends
not caring

its been heavy since i came to new york for the summer
especially since mom didnt think about postponing my trip until people actually get out of school.

see but im okie with that cause i dont care- kinda
just nervous trying to fit everyone in my schedule (no lie) physically saying be here or ill be there etc.
my head
so advil is my friend these days
maybe thats why my emotions are being clouded by my medicated states. idk one way or another
i realized

i know even less than the less i know
so im just sittin on sand waiting for a drop of rain

kk my tiger striped nails (that i myself created)
are irratating the hell out of me tapping against the keyboard
and my half dressed picture on myspace got me more private mundane messages
that are along the line "waddup sexci"

smh than actual comments
so im off the computer and hopefully a nap before dad over here tells me to wash more dishes or
(animated) sis comes home and borrows more of my clothes she cant fit and jewelry i wont see again

really left my emotions there huh??


and yesterday was nice even though i know it wont happen again

lol especially with me leaving again but thats not that bad is it?

back to l.i to do absolutely nothing but hibernate and then georgia...GEORGIA.

nope, rings no bells.