Must Haves for Summer 2012

Summer is in full effect and just glancing through my look books of what I have worn so far, it is apparent these items are a necessity in your closest.
Invest in style and items that are classic staples and not only trends that will trend out and keep unneeded space in that closest!

And Thank GOD! Full Length skirts are here to stay! From sheer, to hi-low, colored to patterned. There are so many ways to wear a skirt. Have fun with your full length skirt look and email me a picture of you rocking it the way you like. I'll post the best look on the blog @ NikGoldDesigns@gmail.com !!!

Though the Mickey Mouse shades may not come back next year as the hottest style to try, finding the right glass frame for your face is essential. The bug eye sunglasses will not and I repeat WILL NOT work for everyone! Be inconspicuous with a shade to match your personality.

I love a heel! I don't remember the last time I wore flats all day. These wedges and platforms are not only comfortable (you can run and dance in wedges better than any other heel) but look fashionable with jeans to a funky dress. Rock out this summer like a lady, a lady in complimentary heels*

This summer I have seen more mid-drift than a teenage slumber party, and honestly I don't mind it. As long as the stomach is tight that is... These flattering, corsets, cropped corsets, cropped tops and bandeau's compliment, full length skirts, high waisted shorts or pretty much anything you want to pair with them.

You can never go wrong with a statement clutch. Not only can you change it up by color, texture or print but it adds a certain statement to a otherwise classic outfit. Turn up the heat to a simple look with one of these hot summer clutches!

Whatever you end up wearing this summer, wear it with confidence a smile and...

Nik Gold Designs Web Premiere

A Fearless Intern Putting in Work

I started interning for Fearless a couple of weeks ago and have loved it!
I've gotten to style people, mannequins and even the website/blog.
My love for Japanese fashion and being weird has grown tremendously if that's even possible.
Since I was younger I was always teased for being different...
Now different is the new cool and everybody is trying to get on.
I'm like...
Ummm that's cool, come let me style you
and YES you can be my Fearless little style weirdo.
Let's Work!

Me and my doll An'gel at a listening party for Sye Spence @SyeSpence (Featured model on www.NikGoldDesigns.com Premiering July 4th!)

Poetry X Video

Here are some poems I skimmed across and absolutely love.
"10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman" I viewed on my sister's page.
I absolutely love her eccentric being.

The next one was totally random but ended up very meaningful and a really blunt poem I relate to. 

I must say, The Arts (Poetry, Dance, Music *vocal/instrumental*) is more heavily concentrated and encouraged up North.
Compared to living in the South where you sort of have to search for the Arts, Karaoke, Spoken Word nights etc.

Don't let our Arts die!
They are our voice.


Pool Time Fun

I have been enjoying my summer, obviously. Thanks to Kanye's work out plan...JK! Workouts since early winter and no days off have made me beach ready.
I went out for my friend CocoKiss's pool party with a few friends and had a blast. 
A blast plus one, that night was too much fun!


Reflecting back on what survivors, hero's and role models have gone through and overcome, you sincerely begin to understand that trials and tribulations make you who you are today.
If I never felt a spec of negativity for my skin tone, intelligence, sex, or the way I dress who is to say I would be who I am today?
A strong individual isn't formed overnight with the pressure load of feathers and things sweet but rather is consistently tested and makes it out on top with medals of battle scars and bruises.
So in this journey called life, armor up and stay positive.


Spiked X Dyed

Some thrifted jeans I cut-frayed-bleached-and-studded. Yeah it was work but look at the result!

 #NikGoldDesigns custom clothing works will be featured on my website available upon request. So stay posted!

Teyana Taylor Takes on Black Men Mag

Starting around her sign to G.O.O.D music Teyana Taylor has been receiving a lot of media buzz. I quite frankly am waiting on the actual music to flow in. She was originally signed to Pharell's label around the time of her sweet sixteen premiere but now this lady is all grown up, a self-proclaimed (Sexiest Virgin), model, actress which is what most people know her for and also singer/rapper (remixed Marvin's Room) and is covering magazines and Instagram timelines everywhere. And has even showcased some of @KeyshaiDior lipstick line. I'm quietly awaiting Teyana's work! Stay tuned.