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NGD X More in Store X Watch

Nik_Gold Designs is my business, baby and passion. I've been working on more pieces for this year. These are some of my previous creations! If you would like to buy or use some of my pieces for styling purposes. Contact me Via FB, email ( I also make custom pieces so the sky is the limit! I look forward to working with you. Press PLAY!


Voting 2012 X Obama X Vote

This year was my first year voting, being the young and vivacious 20 year old lady that I am.
For some reason my old soul felt like I voted the first time around for Obama or just wished I did in those cold DC streets
but I did November 6th 2012 and I was elated to see life changes and history made.
Only 40 years ago President Kennedy's brother was quoted as to see America electing an "Afro-American negro" as president in approximately 40 years and I am proud to say he has been elected for a second run!

Lets be aware voting because he is of a certain race is just as ignorant as not voting at all. Learn why Obama is such a great push for ALL of the people and then support! It doesn't hurt to have a voice. It helps to have a opinion of your own!


Pool Time Fun

I have been enjoying my summer, obviously. Thanks to Kanye's work out plan...JK! Workouts since early winter and no days off have made me beach ready.
I went out for my friend CocoKiss's pool party with a few friends and had a blast. 
A blast plus one, that night was too much fun!


#BTS X NikGoldDesigns

Had a blast working with Marquis #StylistQG and main photographer for Kontrol Magazine, Nathan Pearcy.  My jewelry was featured for the shoot as well as a little creative directing. The shoot was at first very earthy and eclectic and ended on a pop/future yet sophisticated look. Here are some behind the scene photos taken in between shots. Enjoy!

Accessories: Nik_Gold 
Style: Marquis Guthrie
Model: Eliza May
Photographer: Nathan Pearcy


Nik_Gold Designs Website Premiere

This summer I have learned to focus. On my craft, my passion and how to manipulate each second of this life I live into a lesson. When each second of your time is focused it resembles a lion before he attacks his meal. It zones in. It also takes independence in your actions and focus. Like a butterfly spreading it's wings for a beautiful flight. It gives me much pleasure to be selling my creations for all _Gold supporters to purchase!

Website Premiere, Nik_Gold Presents:
July 4th *