Tichina Arnold X BE Magazine X Holiday Edition

Tichina Arnold or Pam as you may know her from the phenomenal, hilarious and cornerstone of African American shows "Martin" and even "Everybody Hates Chris". I had the pleasure of viewing her interview on the Wendy Williams show, catching some snapshots of her happy wedding to Rico Hines earlier this year in Hawaii and now in BE Magazine (@BEmagazine) the extraordinary actress and personality Tichina Arnold (@TichinaArnold) graces the cover with style and finesse!

Tichina is now in the cast of Happily Divorced with The Nanny's Fran on TV Land which I will be sure to catch, viewing her evolved acting skills and on screen chemistry with a diverse cast and modern day script.
You can catch more of her interview with BE magazine HERE where she talks about career longevity and her sister's fight with Lupus. Pick up a copy of the Holiday edition when it is released in early December!

Interview with Singer X Songwriter @DimitriMcDowell

I have had the pleasure of growing up with many talented and humble individuals in my life. One especially is 20 year old music genius Dimitri McDowell from Queens, New York. We grew up and attended Camp Joharie in upstate New York and Bethel church right in Jamaica, Queens together for years and he was always been an inspiration to me! 

Recently, I've gotten a chance to rekindle our friendship and learn more about his journey in the music business. Below is my interview with Dimitri discussing his life, point of view and road to success.
Enjoy and be INSPIRED!

What's your name and birthday?

- Dimitri McDowell - December 23 1992

What/who inspired your music?

- I was young, singing and rapping was my passion and thats all I knew how to do, then I got into poetry but never was up front about it. I struggled with a terrible speech impediment since I was four, and getting teased and made fun of was second nature to me and always brought me in a depression as well as low self esteem. I began writing my feelings down in a note book when I was in 6th grade, and my principle at the time found my notebook lying around somewhere and she called me in an office and expressed that it was a beautiful feeling and she wanted me to say the poem at a christmas concert as well as dance and lip sing to a old song "Donnie McClurkin - Walking In Authority". My father started taking me to diffrent places to perform such as the Apollo, in which I won several times, McDonalds Gospelfest, Knick Poetry Slam, diffrent churches and venues. From then, I continued to write, sing, and dance and it served as a form of relief and it began to go with the emotions I have at that moment. Growing up, as I began to create more songs and poetry and perform it everywhere, I wanted to take this as a life long dream and become a mainstream artist and a songwriter, I believed I can because my music was good and I knew I can make it. A lot of people wouldnt take me serious and continue to clown my stutter but that didnt stop me. My insipration came directly from God and my close family and friends. I plan to take my parents and my family out of our situations and where we live, and bring them to a bigger and better life.  


Fall/Winter 2012 NGD Collection X Bang

 I have always been the prima donna to layer shirts/skirts/shorts and stockings and stray away from hooded apparel and jumpsuits. I have since then evolved and adapted my style into select fall/winter pieces for males and females. From dashing beanies to stylish graphic shirts and sweatshirts, who says you can't be stylish and cozy at the same time? Affordable prices as low as $10 you can look royal and live_gold without breaking the bank!

Nik_Gold Designs X Collaborations X Exclusive Pics

Here are a few snapshots of a photo shoot earlier this year with one of my favorite models.

Nik_Gold Accessories:
1. Red Tassel Me Earrings
2. Tribal Hooped Earrings & Spiked Out 2-Finger Ring
3. Royal Chain X Spike Earring

Music X Azealia Banks X Kendrick Lamar

Ever since her club/vogue toned voice and vulgar lyrics graced my ears I knew we were meant to be.
In my playlist that is.
Azealia Amanda Banks, a Harlem born American rapper aka "Rapunzel" has crossed such covers as Dazed X Confused magazine and her covers are as scandalous as her lyrics!
Whenever one of her beats come on I want to vogue, fall out and top it off with a signature strut down the runway. Music should move you!

View a couple of my favorite Azealia videos below

I've been waiting for Kendrick Lamar to be on and receive his spotlight hype. 
Kendrick is not the type of artist to fit into "commercial" standings. His view, regular speech and lyrics pull at the standard of life. More people will become fans of the music I listened to for many nights.
The feeling you have like you're the only person feeling a certain way and then he sums it up in 16 bars over a hook with harmonizing strings playing.

Take a break out of your day and listen to this GOOD music. 


BE Magazine X Fashion Show X NGD Line Premiere Success

The highly anticipated @Bemagazine @nwhTROIS benefit fashion show for @40girls1 hosted by Love and Hip Hop's own @MimiFaust went off flawlessly this weekend!
I was beyond ecstatic as I have been planning the special night for weeks and nothing was going to stand in my way!
To top it off my best friends and true supporters @Livin_w0rth and @Aehtelayt  came from South Carolina to support and the musically inclined and always a joy to see @DimitriMcDowell

I was able to accessorize the lovely MiMi and celebrity DJ/radio personality @TraciSteele !!!

 "The evening BEgan with a VIP reception which presented 2 up & coming designers Nik Gold Designs by Nicole Ayilola & Remmarc Zelyts by Dwight Holt Jr. Guests enjoyed unlimited Cool Breeze cocktails by FOU-DRE Vodka, and were entertained by Grammy Award Nominee Torica & her live band The Perfect Mistakes."

My model Kendra working NGD custom dress and accessories.

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Poem X Emotions and What Not

A little something I wrote when I was calling sleeps name and it wasn't calling me...

Styling X Profiling X NGD

I had the pleasure of working with Natasha for Part 2/3 of Nik_Gold Designs photo shoot premiere.

These are Part 1 and Part 2 where I am going for a spunky denim/camo feel
and the plaid/studded hipster.

Nik_Gold Designs is the brand bringing a royal feel to looks from grudge to glam.

Live life like it's golden!

It felt good to not only style and accessorize but to be in front of the camera once again. Modeling has always been a passion of mine since my younger days in New York and I must say it brings me life to pose and strut again on the runway.
Look out world I'm serving face!

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Music Videos X Rihanna X Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Rihanna has done it again with this video!
Chris Brown X Rihanna are two creative individuals who are doing their art and don't give AF as they rightfully should.
When I was told Chris Brown would be the main love interest I thought I would at least see his face. I guess his features and tattoos are enough to suit.

I've marinated with the song and absolutely love it while the video leaves me in a trance. Pretty tranquil and positive vibes. Enjoy and shine bright*

Look of the Day X NwhTROIS Fitting X MimiFaust X Vina Mills!

Snapped a quick photo of me at my first official fitting for @BEmagazine @nwhTROIS fashion show. I opted for a chill yet classy look on the brisk November night. 
I absolutely love my pointy toe highlighter heels. I'm used to wearing heels higher than 4" but I still felt very girly in this number!
I love patterns, so this trend of big bold prints does me justice along with a beautiful colored skinny jeans and point heel shoe with my own Nik_Gold Accessories and a sharp middle part bob.

Vintage : Snakeskin Blouse/ Thift good
Purple Skinnies: H&M
Pink Pointy Toe Stilettos: Shoe Boutique Atlanta , GA
Nik_Gold Designs: Heart Diamond Ring and Spike Earrings

Be sure to get your $20 VIP tickets HERE!
I will be premiering my line, NGD Accessories and even some custom clothing along with other talented designers! It is the place to be with networking, fashion and complimentary drinks in Atlanta!

The beautiful MiMi Faust will be hosting and the bada** Vina Mills performing!

 It is always good running into @VinaMills I previously accessorized her for a Black Socialites magazine cover!