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Poem X Blissful Remedy

Hold me tight
Hold me right
From the stars until the blissful sunrise
 A surprise that can not be denied
Feel the everlasting love
That glows within my body
Feel my touch
Feel my pulse blush
Only for me to see
For you to know
If this bliss we have can last
Im strapped in for the permanent cast
If its a roller coaster
Sending me loads of far away posters
Ill hang every one on my wall
I feel steamy inside
As on my cocoa skin goosebumps arise
Everyday I pray for a new sunrise
My eyes comply
The view, oh so sweet
Memories made on repeat
A compromise never denied
My love will always supply.


Music Video X @DimitriMcDowell @MrNewEra13

Covering one of my favorite artists and friends @DimitriMcDowell he teams up with @MrNewEra13 to make a superbly covered "B**** Don't Kill My Vibe" , filmed on spring break in Panama. They put their own unique vibe and mesmerizing lyrics on the song and made it theirs!
Take a listen below and check out some of my former posts on Musical genius Dimitri McDowell. 
Christmas EP X Interview with artist Dimitri McDowell

I love poetry!
The feeling it emits by describing episodes and moments in time.
I have to have the "define craftmenship" of art, feeling and color. Take a look of this emotionally channeled poem below


Poem X Scorcher

Finger tip numbed
By the sizzling rhythmn of thick ashy smoke
Seeping through sea blue vessels
Breaking off citrus kisses
Underneath your seared heart
Damp traces evaporate on your mahognany hurt
While your eyes shed
Snowflakes of innocent delivery
My flaming palm guides your
Icey smooth cheek to my
Motherly chest so you can
Hear how human I am
The flame of sweet life dancing in my veins
You are nestled safely now in my scorching passion.



Poem X Emotions and What Not

A little something I wrote when I was calling sleeps name and it wasn't calling me...


Instagram X Business Woman X Alex_Elle

So there is no secret I love to support once I know the cause is right.
I love finding people that are like-minded in that way.
I have been following one very inspirational individual.

Meet Alex_Elle Creator X Blogger X Poet X Vegetarian
I have been following her journey making her brand, her eclectic jewelry which has inspired me to never stop making mine! Her natural journey has encouraged me to stick to my own, though it is weaved up and much easier to handle I will always read good tips and stay alert for natural products. Alex maintains style and grace while being a naturalist, mother and an overall inspiration.
Before even meeting her I know her heart is in the right place and this is another reason I love networking!

Following Alex_Elle has not only motivated me to do me and not give up when there are trials but be better and grow from every situation.  Be that beautiful, strong multi-talented woman and most importantly stay humble, yet confident in what you have to offer.
It doesn't hurt that her jewelry is unique, many socialites and celebrities have been seen wearing it and Alex herself is one hot tamale.
Yes, I said it.
After a church sermon one day I realized I needed these positive movers around me to consistently stimulate me and I have been focused and positive ever since!
Follow her on twitter @AisforAlex

And I Wait



Life has me by the tail.
Nostril flaming tormenting rules
In progression my feet sizzles on the coal
Mold them, soak them
Behind the force blows a constant screaming charge
Revitalized and alert
My voice screams at the heavens
The peak is in eyesight
I soar forward wind seeping through my locks
Sun warming my back
Almost there.


Quite contrar, and just because I love this song =]



-Give me a week or so I'll be completely off of them,


Muted despair and anxiety fall to the democracy of liquid courage
Violently allowing the withheld secrecy melt at the feet of uncaring ears and cynical laughs
Untold stories revealing a distant yet ignorant past of file cabinets and wooden gum polluted desks

The bright light at the end of the stairwell illuminate the lonely artwork bashed in and casted out
Halfway hooked onto a decently shaded failure of a wall.
Telling it's life's regrets and blatantly not performing the acts asked of it
However steadily leading the lost to a brilliantly locked door

Unique and certified to keep any and everyone out
The remnants of the room inside more valuable than the value-less world it belongs to
A sharp yet refreshing breeze passes through the crack at the bottom of the threshold
Easing ones mind into a sense of curiosity
Almost as if it were natural and relevant to push the tablet of knowledge 
Bending down to elaborate on ones mind a clever trap door is opened and another soul has been tricked into life's bitter and unforgiving blood soaked cavity.

Cleverishly tricking one to believe it has been enlightened or released for the betterment of the future
The distant ignorance that plants false ideas, hopes and dreams
leading the blind in circles and playing music for the deaf

Growing tired, yet too old to turn back and discover the overflowing fountain of all things too wonderful to be held by any one man.
Now bitterly hurt and mislead uncaring ears and cynical laughs carry on before a short and passionless depart.


How I was feeling today, no real place in MY life per say,
but felt like putting it out into the air.
I always have something to say.
but two things constantly escape me.
Energy + Time


When my lil sisters become big sisters to someone else.
When progressive movement seems %100 guilty
When stares are never blocked and the swords come swinging
When the light is so bright I squint and keep aiming
When the trigger is pulled and mercy and distinct honor poor out
When my mom calls and the phone is unanswered
When I attend classes and am still a WIP (work in progress)
When G talk and Sweet talk are filled with bitter phrases
When love becomes mistaken with keeping company
When labels overrule true new love
When college and degrees seem irrelevant
When "I want to marry you" becomes the new "I like you"
When being fakeishly natural overrules being yourself
When there are 1,000,000 beautiful talented witty weird girls and one fitting room
When diaries becomes twitter, facebook and blog sites
When clothes are easily taken off rather than kept on to separate bodies
When the light becomes to bright and everyone is wearing shades to keep cooler than you.
When when meets when
And all the foolishness comes to a complete end.
the end...



by the window
that shows me direction
envisioning my future and wiping
off my past
leaving faded memories and 
distant friendships dripping on the palm of my hand,
I peer out my window
Seating like no other
Feeling the fog the heat from my nose is dispersing,
Waiting for my brain freeze to fully recover.
Blank stares on the other side.
knowing they won't be along for this here ride
Feeling every inch from every mother and daughter
Oh, how they suffer.
long walks on the side of the road
So cold the heat burns 
Feeling no love
Only the Yearn
I sit back
head on the head rest
Feeling at my best
with power, liberty and the pursuit of happiness tight
to my chest.



It was nice too.
and quite lengthy...

I didn't really expect it 
but welcomed it fully with open arms.
You have never done anything 
significant in life if nothing is permanetly made for you.
Or maybe I'm just thinking this way
because I have my own poem now...

Either way,
My gratitude, humbleness and applause is granted
to the lovely poet.

If you didn't write the poem


Realized no one's life is simple and cute.

But intwining with events, people and accomidies that just nearly fill in the blanks.
A notebook with no paper.
Left unfulfilled until someone glues the restless pages back in.
What kind of life to live when no one trully fits in?
Bumping into each others' messes like a Coney Island joy ride.
How distant a path we pave blinded by ignorance
The bittersweet consequences we all bring.

No one's life is simple and cute
I rebuttle
Because Life is nothing short of suttle
Not meant to cuddle
We can only fess up and confide
In our bear for the moment, the friend 
who may be oh so kind
Making memories to last a lifetime
While cementing our attitudes toward life and beyond.

No one's life is simple and cute.
It surely is not a suit
Anyone could wear
Drifting to the side of our parallel life
Like old pajama wear
We lay our heads to dream these dreams
Complicated as they seem
Simply the truth seen and unseen.
Beyond the pages, glue and despair
We are all left to be complicated amongst each other
To win, to lose, someone must dare