NGD X F/W Preview X Royal Slideshow

Heading into the fall with my fall/winter collection I have decided to preview and shoot with some custom pieces in the mean time. With my sewing skills growing I get to work with many different materials and enjoyed roaming the isles of MOOD when I was in NYC earlier this month. I can't believe how fast this summer went by!

Now it's back to business as I continue to expand my brand and grow my skills in making clothes, customizing pieces and of course hand making jewelry and accessories.
I can't wait to style my newest pieces in my photo shoot coming up and show you whats in store for Nik_Gold Designs!

#ShopGOLD #LiveGold

Enjoy my slideshow and visit my online boutique www.NikGoldDesigns.com


Music Videos X Feds Watching X Dirty Laundry X Im Out X Scream

Ever had that feeling the feds are watching?
My love, multitalented and ageless Pharrell collaborates on 2 Chainz new single "Feds Watchin" which elaborates on staying fresh while the feds are watching. I love the beginning and the message should be thought about... You are ALWAYS being watched, just saying. For right now enjoy the video which by the way, kudos to the style was smooth, the main female was strutting her life out and I love the recognition of darkskin beauties and girls with not the biggest behind you meet in the club. Beauty however is in the eye of the beholder. Watch and Enjoy!

This song took a while to grow on me but I love the truthful story Kelly tells and know that I think about it, I haven't seen her since the past year or so and she has been looking good from the inside out. *2 snaps* People have their own stories sometimes you have to sit back and listen to understand. Also the visuals were phenomenal and literally attaching me to her emotions. I love Kelly Rowland!

I love the visuals in this Nicki and Ciara duo, very Janet Jackson and Micheal Jackson. The song is okay... That Ciara wet scene was eh.

Throwback Thursdays, I had a dance number to this song in a recital back in Queens. oh the memories!!! (My thighs and abs are still burning from studio time 2 DAYS ago. -_-)
I like classics so if you don't know the video to compare it to, here you are!


NGD X 1 Yr Online Anniversary

Tomorrow 7/4/13* is the first year anniversary of my online boutique. 
Nik_Gold Designs has been in business for almost 4 years and selling online has helped tremendously. Not only can you custom order but purchase one of a kind pieces online. The anniversary marks my growth and the potential to make this full time, the anniversary is just in time because most of my previous items are sold out. Accessorizing celebrities video and photo shoots, hosting fashion events and premiering my line at an annual BE Magazine fashion show has only fueled me to do more and bigger. There are levels to this but there are no limits for me.

Model Artrece wearing, "Spike Me Earrings", "Gold Wire Cuff" X "Pearled Out 4 Finger Ring"

 #NIKGOLDDESIGNS premiere line viewing with @BEmagazine @MimiFaust

 This year I've worked more with clothes, hand sewn and custom, I grew a deeper passion for making things from scratch just seeing a vision become reality, it's therapeutic. I have more eye catching handmade jewelry and accessories and I love making  extraordinary pieces for guys as well. I will be releasing some special pieces for the rest of the summer and it feels wonderful to have the support system I have. Emails, meetings and phone calls "What's next?", or "Can you create...?" or "I need to shoot with your line" fuels me everyday. Nik_Gold Designs is more than a line but a lifestyle of royalty and self worth. 

Reflection X Time X Growth

Time passing is inevitable and as I was looking through my pictures the other day I realized how fast it flies. When I first moved to Atlanta I was the eclectic dressing, coffee drinking, dancing blogger from New York and quickly made friends with other newbies from New Orleans, Detroit and some from Atlanta. Over time people began to appreciate my style, sarcastic personality and creative outlets. The picture below was taken by D.Sincere Photography at Fearless Weirdos Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia, long before I started working there.

 I was in the store for a fashion show and never imagined taking it as a platform to elevate me to where I wanted to be. After I left New York I wasn't sure what would happen then Atlanta became my playground to grow stronger, faster, smarter and use my uniqueness to make money, connections and build a brighter future. Wherever you are in life know that you are exactly where you need to be to get where you are going.