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Iggy Azalea X Nicki Minaj X Jhene Aiko X New Music Videos

Iggy Azalea is back with the newest of four singles off of her new album entitled "The New Classic". I love the Clueless theme of the video and appreciate Iggy's flow as a rapper. She raps about what she knows so this collaboration with Charli XCX is clever, stylish and fun. Watch below!

The next video I put up mostly for visuals. Nicki Minaj is beautiful and the toning down of the pink wigs and crazy costumes has me focusing on more of her as a rapper. It's a plus that what she is rapping of events that I have personally experienced. Especially these "ballers" in the club. Always looking. 

jhene aiko bed peace

If you didn't know Jhene Aiko is the female vision of Drake. She gives you the soothing feel with a mixture of real feelings and creative descriptions. I've been listening to her music for a couple of years and I've played this song all the way out. I like the original concept for the video and of course my love for Childish Gambino is real. I don't care, I don't care what you say! This collaboration is amazing. Sail out and enjoy this video!


Big Sean X Jhene Aiko X Kendrick Lamar X Naya Rivera

I like this new Big Sean.  On "Beware" Big Sean collaborates with rhythmic and angelic voiced Jhene Aiko again. I've heard some recent news that Big Sean's new album is going to be crazy. After hearing "Control" with Kendrick and Jay Electronica I might give to a chance. It sparked a twitter war over KDots controversial and honest lyrics. Check out the video for "Beware" and take a listen to "Control".

"They live for some moments and I live for a living."

IDC IDC IDC They are just too cute.
Naya Rivera and Big Sean spotted leaving Power 106 Radio Station


Music Videos X Feds Watching X Dirty Laundry X Im Out X Scream

Ever had that feeling the feds are watching?
My love, multitalented and ageless Pharrell collaborates on 2 Chainz new single "Feds Watchin" which elaborates on staying fresh while the feds are watching. I love the beginning and the message should be thought about... You are ALWAYS being watched, just saying. For right now enjoy the video which by the way, kudos to the style was smooth, the main female was strutting her life out and I love the recognition of darkskin beauties and girls with not the biggest behind you meet in the club. Beauty however is in the eye of the beholder. Watch and Enjoy!

This song took a while to grow on me but I love the truthful story Kelly tells and know that I think about it, I haven't seen her since the past year or so and she has been looking good from the inside out. *2 snaps* People have their own stories sometimes you have to sit back and listen to understand. Also the visuals were phenomenal and literally attaching me to her emotions. I love Kelly Rowland!

I love the visuals in this Nicki and Ciara duo, very Janet Jackson and Micheal Jackson. The song is okay... That Ciara wet scene was eh.

Throwback Thursdays, I had a dance number to this song in a recital back in Queens. oh the memories!!! (My thighs and abs are still burning from studio time 2 DAYS ago. -_-)
I like classics so if you don't know the video to compare it to, here you are!


A$AP Rocky ft Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar X Bruno Mars X Vee Avi

It never hurts to be diverse.
Especially when it comes to music.
Not only are you exposing yourself and experiencing life in many different lights but exponentially growing yourself in every way possible, and why would you want to limit your own potential?
When it comes to music growing up in New York I have always been inspired to experience different sounds of music.
From Hip hop to pop/rock, electric to eclectic, acoustic, reggae/soca,  jazz and classical, my ears always loved the range and soul that music could express. Every sound has a story and way to tell it.
Below are three videos for 3 genres of today's music I vibe with and liked the videos' to. Enjoy!


Music: Brandy Back in Session

R&B artist and former "Moesha" is back at it and better than ever! 90's music has sculpted my love for real R&B and her coming back collaborating with today's hottest artists makes me feel like hope is still alive. And it is really is. 

Brandy 's growth as an artist has shown and she is everywhere including the top of the charts. Even her 90's braids have trended back into the cycle. She is now gracing the cover of Vibe Magazine's October/November 2012 Issue and discussing in her interview dealing with Whitney Houston's passing and her future goals for the industry.
In the words of one of my favorite Stylist/Designers. These shots are EVERYTHING!

Old Brandy videos are the best, Go to "Read More" to view some of my Brandy Throw Back favorites and Brandy X Chris Brown "Put it Down"! =)


Official Music Video

Don't get me wrong, I love a good video.
I just need something different sometimes.
Not the same videos of butt shots and coke lines.
The next two videos I absolutely love, and it doesn't hurt that I love the songs too.

Drake ft 2 Chainz "No Lie"

Coldplay ft Rihanna "Princess of China"
The visuals in this video is sickening!

SBTRKT X Roses Gabor "Pharaohs"
I like many genres of music, SBTRKT is a love of mine, "Pharaohs" featuring Roses Gabor being one of my favorite songs and finding the video on VEVO, I had to add it.
Thank me, later.


Music to my Ears Baby!

I have had my fun watching mainly urban newly released videos and decided to post some on my blog. Along with updating my iPhone I will add some more of my favs including, Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, Foo Fighters and Mac Miller type -ish

Drake- Practice

Nicki Minaj ft 2 Chains- Beez in the Trap

Drake ft Rihanna- Take Care

Drake ft Lil Wayne- HYFR



-Haven't had Paramore on my blog in a while. I love them the same, and this video is EVERYTHING.

-Finally, another Nicki Minaj video, though nothing surprised me, I wonder if people will ever get tired (or are already tired, by some #FNO tweets of editors and starlets alike I'd say some are) of Nicki Minaj dressing outrageously tacky costume Barbie-like.

Elle UK tweeted, "‘We thought it was Gaga at Prabal, it was Nicki Minaj Pink hair confusion #nyfw...
It's always nice to have a lot of naughty and a little nice... eh or something like that. 

-This summer's craze, today's play with special effects and lots of color. Nonetheless, I love the video, and Kanye and his "ginormous influence of style". Though they could have asked me for help on styling for the video girls... > 
Dreaming to Reality.


Waiting on this video! Many wondered why her album 4 was so love filled, because she was creating love in her belly!
I wonder if she will continue making music videos while pregnant.


Since I've been on bed rest music, and the last of my summer reading has kept me entertained more so than music videos, but here are a couple that
made my day !

Last but not least my favorite video of the summer, and now awaiting Nas official "Nasty" video,


JHENE AIKO - STRANGER from Jhené Aiko on Vimeo.

Came across this video/song
1. Noticed how beautiful and how effortless it was
2. Noticed how meaningful her words were.
3. Noticed I can't sing 
4. I was going to be tight on time to work blogging about it


I love Fabulous! His new video "Pain". Sorry but the video is basic =/