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Iggy Azalea X Nicki Minaj X Jhene Aiko X New Music Videos

Iggy Azalea is back with the newest of four singles off of her new album entitled "The New Classic". I love the Clueless theme of the video and appreciate Iggy's flow as a rapper. She raps about what she knows so this collaboration with Charli XCX is clever, stylish and fun. Watch below!

The next video I put up mostly for visuals. Nicki Minaj is beautiful and the toning down of the pink wigs and crazy costumes has me focusing on more of her as a rapper. It's a plus that what she is rapping of events that I have personally experienced. Especially these "ballers" in the club. Always looking. 

jhene aiko bed peace

If you didn't know Jhene Aiko is the female vision of Drake. She gives you the soothing feel with a mixture of real feelings and creative descriptions. I've been listening to her music for a couple of years and I've played this song all the way out. I like the original concept for the video and of course my love for Childish Gambino is real. I don't care, I don't care what you say! This collaboration is amazing. Sail out and enjoy this video!


-A couple of people who have directly influenced my life, doing big things!
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Singer, Rapper, Dancer and very stylish LA is a star in the making. Not only is his music taste of R&B, hip hop and pop but deep roots with a basis of soul, funk and classic punk, Not to mention he is not to bad to look at, but ladies hands off! This guy is all about his dream, which he someday soon will reach. WATCH OUT! for Da Kid LA.

If a great group of rappers, lyricist and poets is what you're looking for, look no further. Each of the members having their own style and unique delivery symbolizing, soul, blues and hip hop this new set can either be a great combo or an episode of bond to fail. However, these talented artist hold it all together and consistantly make extremely cool, new music. Listen UP!