Instagram X Business Woman X Alex_Elle

So there is no secret I love to support once I know the cause is right.
I love finding people that are like-minded in that way.
I have been following one very inspirational individual.

Meet Alex_Elle Creator X Blogger X Poet X Vegetarian
I have been following her journey making her brand, her eclectic jewelry which has inspired me to never stop making mine! Her natural journey has encouraged me to stick to my own, though it is weaved up and much easier to handle I will always read good tips and stay alert for natural products. Alex maintains style and grace while being a naturalist, mother and an overall inspiration.
Before even meeting her I know her heart is in the right place and this is another reason I love networking!

Following Alex_Elle has not only motivated me to do me and not give up when there are trials but be better and grow from every situation.  Be that beautiful, strong multi-talented woman and most importantly stay humble, yet confident in what you have to offer.
It doesn't hurt that her jewelry is unique, many socialites and celebrities have been seen wearing it and Alex herself is one hot tamale.
Yes, I said it.
After a church sermon one day I realized I needed these positive movers around me to consistently stimulate me and I have been focused and positive ever since!
Follow her on twitter @AisforAlex

Featured in Atlanta Street Fashion Blog

Just another day being featured on another fashion blog. Being shown love in Atlanta for my fashion and my brand has made me want to start a link with just features. Stay tuned! This particular feature is with Atlanta Street Fashion. I have seen him around Atlanta taking pictures and he actually stopped in my store Fearless Weirdos and was amazed by my thifting jumpsuit and wanted to shoot me.
You know me being down for anything, it was a couple shots outside of the store ( I was still working lol)
From just shooting outside with him I was offered a modeling job. Ha, but that's just the area I work in.
I'm looking for some one who does business cards. If you know any one special email me at NikGoldDesigns@gmail.com Thanks!
Check out the photos below
and view the fashion blog HERE!


jumpsuit: thrifted
sunnies: asos.com
cuff: diy
shoes and ring: Forever 21

And I Wait


New to Nik_Gold Designs

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1. 100% Yellow Satin Geo Cut Out Blouse- $49.99

2. Cream Hi-Low Shirt- $45


This fall is going to be one full of bright colors, nude schemes, beautiful textures and lots of layering. One summer trend sure to fall into this fall fashion is sheer and studs. This industrial look not only goes well with moto jackets but also embellishing flats and accessories well.
Sheer clothing may be thin but it surely is transitioning into the fall-wear effortlessly. From sheer dresses to blouses that can be paired with a fall texture such as leather, velvet or a nice pleated pant. Whatever you rock your sheer number with, wear it classy, effortlessly and with confidence!

This Week On Instagram

This week has been productive and full of places to go in which the question arrives on what to wear. For me I get inspired to wear a certain outfit. I never plan or over-think a look for a certain setting and believe when you do your outfit suffers. 
Style should be effortless. 
Luckily this weeks' plans has included business, fashion and an educational setting. Running errands the other day I put on this cream number. I'm not usually the jeans type and I definitely do not even own a wifebeater (white ribbed tank top) Not in my wardrobe. So I took my spin on cream and received a great response!


Kevye Kim

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a great couple whether you love them or hate them. Making money together, blowing up the tabloids and being fabulous as usual. They are even teaming up with funnyman Kevin Hart for the VMA's and Kanye called Kim the perfect woman in a song he wrote for her.

How sweet!
This relationship will make the best album ever.

Jhene Aiko X 3:16 Official Video

If you've heard a song from Jhene Aiko, you have let her streaming golden vocals soothe and mesmerize you.
This 24 year old singer/songwriter is not only strikingly beautiful but talented. Her background is mixed with almost every race you could think of and she has a young daughter with Omarions younger brother, O'Ryan. 
(Her birthday is March 16th, 2 days before mine!) 
Jhene Aiko's genre doesn't fit in any category and her feel is soothing. Through her music which is the epitome of poetry, she sings full of emotion physically connecting you to her music. It is EVERYTHING and hypnotizing. She has even worked with Bei Maejor who I interviewed previously. Check out a snippet of the interview HERE! and view her new video "3:16AM" below!

Download here mixtape Click Here

Fashionably Long And Braided X Ethnic Hairstyles

I absolutely love the long Solange Knowles/ Janet Jackson chunky braid look. However, only a select few can pull it off. Some end up looking like a hippie gone array. If you are a stylish Brooklyn native and my sister Lulu you can pull it off with a shaved side and an edgy nose ring.

You can follow her on twitter @LuluAfrica
Enjoy the looks below!