En Veux's makeup was done my two Mac make up artists. Who in the words of B . Scott "Beat our face". I loved the bright color, though I mostly embellish my lashes and put on a sassy color on my lips. I loved the change and wouldn't mind rocking it for another fashion show !


I really like Rick Ross's version (beginning intro portion) to "Devil in a New Dress" really highlights the magnificence of it.


WIZKID, heard his song on V103 while I was in Atlanta, and though this is not the song I heard that blew me away, you can hear that he has an IT factor. Hope he doesn't remind you of Sean Kingston. He can be bigger (not really) and better and I'm not just saying that because he is Nigerian =]


WALE has always been a favorite of mine. I'm adding this video because I feel like it's a Maybach music Wale, not changed exactly but defined a little more. I appreciate the sticking around of creative lines. As well as Meek Mills! I almost forgot I liked him as a rapper. Rick Ross, The Boss, of course.


"Sh*tting on these nigg*s like I need Depends. "




-And she is really contemplating forgiving him already!
Kollege Kounts Fashion Show This Friday in Atlanta! =]

It has been an extremely long journey with the En Veux Modeling Company. We have not only adapted to changes as they come along but have even grown stronger rather than weaker against adversity. Not that we are perfect and sleepover each others houses every night roasting marshmallows but it's a progressive respect that  keeps us moving, and if not at a standstill we are advancing. That's what got us to this point and given us the chance to compete in Atlanta, a task I thought we would not be given the chance to compete in.
So win or lose but it's all about the WIN...
and the $5000 and other prizes on the line.


Video of the Day: (until I learn) 
The Rej3ctz Ft Chris Brown


Picture of the Day:
Beyonce & Tyra
I love these Divas!

Define Yourself



*Tear, I was like you before! Starring at a blog and thinking, "I could do this! And it will be wayyyy better!" 
Blogs are hard work... mostly to keep up with, follow up on and reinventing yourself. I wouldn't give it up for anything and thought it's not everything I want it to be now, I KNOW one day it will get there.
So get started!
I was browsing and found this book on one of my favorite sites for only $6.95 and may be on sale for cheaper.
Thats shows you all the successful ways to make one, keep one and make some money off of it!
Great Investment 101