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Lace Front Eyebrows X Trend

Has it gone too far?

We ladies have nails, weave, wigs, lashes, corsets, butt lifts, spanks, and anything other add on you can imagine. Now, we have lacefront eyebrows for ladies who want that "look". What? Is nothing real these days??? By the time you wipe off and take off everything off of some of the females you meet in the club they look like a completely different person.

 Isn't this a false representation? Guys don't do nearly as much yet women go above and beyond for this perfect image. Yes maintenance is necessary but I was always told your'e natural beauty should shine outwardly. Be you!


Essence Magazine X May Beauty X Erykah Badu X Ledisi X Solange Knowles

Erykah Badu, Ledisi and Solange Knowles grace the May Beauty issue of Essence magazine! These three dynamic beauties represent individual beauty, style and self expression.

Watch Ledisi's Behind the Cover video below

Watch Solange's Behind the Cover video below

Watch Erykah's Badu Behind the Cover video below

I love these three powerful and electric women who devine the essence of determination, style and uniqueness. What do you think of Essence's May Beauty issue? Comment below.


Going Au Natural

Not only have I thought about this for a duration but I’ve considered every action and reaction.

Quite frankly, why not?

I’ve done everything… not anything to my hair. But the usual, weave, braids, perm, press etc. Why not, live in the state my hair is naturally in? To be honest I will be blow drying and the usual flat iron for maintainability. But stepping away from the creamy crack many of us African American women have gotten to know as relaxer.

Referred to as “relaxer”,  because it literally relaxes our natural “s” or “z” curled hair. Putting less chemical to the hair will not only strengthen but lengthen it. I for one cannot wait to see the transition. Waiting for the day when my hair is 50/50 relaxed than 100% natural so I can wet it moisturize and wear a full out afro!
With my tattoos in full glory =]
Until then were going to transition it using natural oils,
Castor Oil
Olive Oil
African Herbal Body/Hair Oil
Leave in Conditioners
Deep Conditioners
*Diet, Water/Protein
*Routine, wash once a week or once every two weeks [dirty scalps do not grow so more moisturizing to the hair, leaving the scalp breathable], always deep conditioned!
Also Mane and Tail* products leave my hair light and moisturized, just bought their heat protector yesterday which promises a strengthening and lengthening of the hair I am to say the least, excited !!!

[Curbing my enthusiasm]

I am also humbling myself and strengthening myself from the urge to throw some weave (16”) in that bad boy and call it a day.

And yes, I researched this stuff because I will NOT be looking like an unnamed professor @ my University who stays away from a hairdresser, perm and comb (?)

Nik_gold is officially taking it day by day with her hair, less heat and chemicals out and more nutrients, naturals and care in.

Officially, Going to be Puff ball head  =]



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Improvement or just nice change??



pink fridays.

Yea, well its kinda funny cause i got my nails done that day and right after i took this pic i broke my nail coming down the stairs. lol
Well today was weird theres this thing i have when theres like blank spaces in my convos or even texts ill just type "lol" so beware. lol.... smh! its a freakin disease.
Today was so crazy like i really odee violated on this boy that supposedly likes me. lol and after i made him double over in agony.... he still walked me to class. which is weird cause if i was him i wuda puunched me in the boobs or something. i mean reflexes man. But thank god for boys who dont hit back. id be fighting everyday.

I was on the phone talking about the same situation which is the exact reason why i made a lovely pause when answering. lol (lovely?)
I mean if boys think they are soO much stronger than girls then they shudnt hit them. and if girls think they can beat a boy up (or noe this for A FACT,, like mwah) then more power to ya... right?
Im here jammin to shiny toy guns and watchin "john Q" and debating if i should go to the party. lol
If like everyone had powers that were equal in strength then the idea of me beating someone up wudnt b so violent right?
But face it ima lover notta fighter. ive never been ina fight in my life.
i could flirt to save my life and all of my cats, lol

But on a reality not maybe im not as hot as i think i am........
i knowww wheres the self confidence etc.
but like all my guy friends or half of them,, and mayb the other half just wanna tell me,
they think my friend particulary*..(whoa) Beastie, party buddy, best friend atl edition is hot.
to make it short, shes my height, 5'6
thick bottom (whats the other way to say it? lol)
and everything is pretty much like me... soO ummmm.
like im always praising people like i love when people are self assured of themselves like even if i could pick out a few obvious flaws myself. so in response,, like what would i think of my confidence?
or myself for that matter?
i def cant change anything,,all the ambi (i heard rihanna used it odee when younger) and collard greens cant change who i am and will always be..soo y cant i be happy with my apperaance like eveyrone else is??
Ughh probably this dufus that should not be named cause hes a nin-cum-poop and retard and immature brat but def needs to lay off with the dark jokes. cause hes deeeefffffffff crispy i mean midnite.. like black coffee bean with NO cream.. just BLACK. and i see nothing wrong with this cause his skin complexion and defintion and all that shyt is tuff. cud you say whipped.??
and i really dont wanna pop his bubble cause he def wrote me a letter the other day... so y the nonsense?
is it enough i could be called pretty, sexy, different and not feeel it
then be called black and feel all of it??
like damn...... (rsmh!)
i really meant i wish black was royalty and light wasnt in my last post. its time for a change.. we gotta realize white just isnt right.
or mayb i just need to ... realizee.