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Essence Magazine X May Beauty X Erykah Badu X Ledisi X Solange Knowles

Erykah Badu, Ledisi and Solange Knowles grace the May Beauty issue of Essence magazine! These three dynamic beauties represent individual beauty, style and self expression.

Watch Ledisi's Behind the Cover video below

Watch Solange's Behind the Cover video below

Watch Erykah's Badu Behind the Cover video below

I love these three powerful and electric women who devine the essence of determination, style and uniqueness. What do you think of Essence's May Beauty issue? Comment below.


Rihanna X Pour it Up X Music Video

Elaborating on her love for the art of stripping Rihanna serves something in her Explicit "Pour it Up" video. Knowing Rihanna had some rhythm I wasn't startled by her raunchy moves on the throne. It looks like she learned a thing or two from her visits to clubs. I like how she incorporated her Caribbean iced out bra and the blond wig is still growing on me but not a fave. Now I'm waiting for a new album or video to a more recent song.....

In general going to the strip club in Atlanta and a few other major cities has become like heading to a regular club but with good food, barber shops etc while for others it's remained Taboo. 

What do you think, about the video and Atlanta's strip club obsession? *Comment Below


Bakery X Foodgasm X Sweet Halos

One of my good friends Angel is a magician at culinary arts. Angel is originally from New Orleans, she went to school for culinary arts and has had numerous chef experience. She has been baking basically all her life. When I'm out with Angel some part of the evening is going to include food or she will end up whipping up some magic. Every dish is flavorful and made with love. She has opened up her own business and I couldn't be more proud of her watching her grow as a chef! Have an event, baby shower or party coming up? 
Call Sweet Halos and experience this foodgasm!


Live in 3D X NGD Host X Fashion X Art X Music

Big things are in the works! I was asked to co-host a spectacular event here in Atlanta with fellow established stylists and artists to throw one of the biggest networking events here in Atlanta. It's a wonderful opportunity and this amazing soiree is only the kickoff!

Event Details: 

The Social Circle | Art Nouveau Magazine | XII Disciples | Savvy Society | Society X
Live In 3D
The Ultimate Networking Soiree Kick Off Experience
Calling all Fashion Heads, Entrepreuner, Moguls, Socials and everything in between we invite you to meet the young noise makers of Atlanta. This event is designed with YOU in mind. Expose yourself and or brand by being apart of the New Atlanta Movement.
Meet Our Host Committee
@AskiaAbdull (Fashionisto) @HeHimCarter (Creative Director) @Nik_Gold (Designer/Blogger)
 @TheMikeO (LifestyleSpecialist) @DarciDaye (Singer) @HeyItsJSelf (Photographer) @DjJayMarz (DJ)

327 Edgewood Ave. Atlanta. GA 30312
**Former feature artist on my blog @DimitriMcDowell will also be performing**
Free All Night X Drink Specials! RSVP: Live in 3D!!!

This is my first event I will be hosting and I'm sure it will be tons of fun! There will be Nik_Gold Design sales for the royalty you desire as well as a special giveaway! See you there!


Art X Positive Messages

Pink is a powerhouse singer and has been in the music industry for many years. I was more of a fan when she first came out but this inspirational video has me loving her all over again. She incorporates gymnastics in her video like she did at the Music Awards a couple of years ago and it seems like the sport is her new hobby. Cool chick. Most importantly, I love messages like these portrayed in songs/video/media. Watch the video, be inspired and live_Gold!


Nik_Gold Designs Premieres at BE Magazine No Wire Hangers Fashion Show

I am extremely blessed and excited to announce that I have been selected to premiere my jewelry and custom clothing line at this years third annual @BEmagazine No Wire Hangers Benefit Fashion Show!
The proceeds will benefit @40girls1 40 Girls and Some Shoes. An organization raising shoes and donations for the less fortunate! You can follow No Wire Hangers on twitter @NWHTRIOS
and purchase tickets HERE!!!
The fashion show is November 11, 2012
Come out and support!


Atlanta X Experimentation X Art

This past weekend I wandered a couple of blocks from my downtown home into Castleberry Hills. A small yet pleasant and cultured part of Atlanta. Luckily, Flux Night had recreated the nightlife on this brisk evening into an evening of art, people and culture, oh and lots of drinks. 

The vibe was very eclectic and relaxed. The night was crisp and electrifying with many peculiar smells piercing the air.  From your local hipsters to Tech students savoring the weekend to adults enjoying a night on the town with friends and partners. My sister and I conquered each art gallery and even networked while absorbing the essence of Atlanta art. Very Positive.

View some of the art below:


Poetry X Video

Here are some poems I skimmed across and absolutely love.
"10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman" I viewed on my sister's page.
I absolutely love her eccentric being.

The next one was totally random but ended up very meaningful and a really blunt poem I relate to. 

I must say, The Arts (Poetry, Dance, Music *vocal/instrumental*) is more heavily concentrated and encouraged up North.
Compared to living in the South where you sort of have to search for the Arts, Karaoke, Spoken Word nights etc.

Don't let our Arts die!
They are our voice.