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Live GOLD in 2014

Ah, a new year. What's next?

Mission: Get better and live GOLD.


Style X S/S X Iconic

Headed into the fall my mind is already set on S/S 2014 trends. Since I've been working on my own Spring/ Summer line for #NikGoldDesigns it's rejuvenating to see how my collection fits into the future view of style as far as colors, patterns and the variation of textures.

My first feature is Iconic Inanity which is a explosive sighting of heavily influenced Ankara cloth pieces along with striking lines and feminine silhouettes. View some runway snap shots below.


Videoshoot X NikGoldDesigns

NikGoldDesigns X Custom Designs X Videoshoot

The other night just cruising through Atlanta I spotted a video shoot taking place at a well known downtown studio. When I pulled up one of the Love Hip Hop husbands to Rasheeda mentioned me to join the event. So with that notion I did, at first as an extra but when I felt the need to put more Nik_Gold Designs into it for accessories and styling. I promptly networked and made my way to the dressing room to put in work. The photo shoot lasted until in the morning but I left knowing I had classes super early which was a disappoint but fueled me to do more while I was on set. Life of a college student, business owner, worker and journalist. Juggling a busy schedule but nothing is going to stop my drive or creativity. Let's work.


Music X Azealia Banks X Kendrick Lamar

Ever since her club/vogue toned voice and vulgar lyrics graced my ears I knew we were meant to be.
In my playlist that is.
Azealia Amanda Banks, a Harlem born American rapper aka "Rapunzel" has crossed such covers as Dazed X Confused magazine and her covers are as scandalous as her lyrics!
Whenever one of her beats come on I want to vogue, fall out and top it off with a signature strut down the runway. Music should move you!

View a couple of my favorite Azealia videos below

I've been waiting for Kendrick Lamar to be on and receive his spotlight hype. 
Kendrick is not the type of artist to fit into "commercial" standings. His view, regular speech and lyrics pull at the standard of life. More people will become fans of the music I listened to for many nights.
The feeling you have like you're the only person feeling a certain way and then he sums it up in 16 bars over a hook with harmonizing strings playing.

Take a break out of your day and listen to this GOOD music. 


Styling X Profiling X NGD

I had the pleasure of working with Natasha for Part 2/3 of Nik_Gold Designs photo shoot premiere.

These are Part 1 and Part 2 where I am going for a spunky denim/camo feel
and the plaid/studded hipster.

Nik_Gold Designs is the brand bringing a royal feel to looks from grudge to glam.

Live life like it's golden!

It felt good to not only style and accessorize but to be in front of the camera once again. Modeling has always been a passion of mine since my younger days in New York and I must say it brings me life to pose and strut again on the runway.
Look out world I'm serving face!

See more...


Music Videos X Rihanna X Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Rihanna has done it again with this video!
Chris Brown X Rihanna are two creative individuals who are doing their art and don't give AF as they rightfully should.
When I was told Chris Brown would be the main love interest I thought I would at least see his face. I guess his features and tattoos are enough to suit.

I've marinated with the song and absolutely love it while the video leaves me in a trance. Pretty tranquil and positive vibes. Enjoy and shine bright*


Nik_Gold Designs Premieres at BE Magazine No Wire Hangers Fashion Show

I am extremely blessed and excited to announce that I have been selected to premiere my jewelry and custom clothing line at this years third annual @BEmagazine No Wire Hangers Benefit Fashion Show!
The proceeds will benefit @40girls1 40 Girls and Some Shoes. An organization raising shoes and donations for the less fortunate! You can follow No Wire Hangers on twitter @NWHTRIOS
and purchase tickets HERE!!!
The fashion show is November 11, 2012
Come out and support!