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Beyonce X Flawless X Chinmamanda X Music Video

Beyonce does it right everytime.
I know one half of spectators are obsessed with Beyonce's album while the other half hates her guts in general (Illuminati this, overrated, blah, blah.). 
Listening to her album with a neutral listening palette I have considered "Flawless" as one of my favorite songs. Specifically the part in the song about women empowerment. Not only does it spell out Beyonce feeling slightly disrespected in the industry and being wonderfully and beautiful made like everyone else is but the assumed roles women are supposed to play in modern day society.

"We teach girls to shrink themselves...


Bound 2 and 3 Official Video X Necole Bitchie The Breakfast Club

If you haven't seen it by now, here is Kanye West's newest video to Bound 2, a song I love!
I originally saw this video on the Ellen show and was shocked by the vulgarity of it but then again Nicki's boobies were all over the show a couple of months ago...

Then I watched comedians crack on Kanye's video possibly being considered as Kim's second sex tape.
Hmmmm.... you choose.
I kill for the face shots in the video though.

Bound 3: James Franco and  Seth Rogan spoof.

Kanye West sits down with 105.1 a popular radio show, The Breakfast Club and Charlamagne serves Kanye his piece. 

Watch this video as Charlamagne gives it all hes got and Kanye rants about being like Steve Jobs, working for the industry and Bound 2 video being a big joke.

I love Charlamagne's realness .
How do you feel about Kanye's interview?


Necole Bitchie chats with 105.1 morning show, The Breakfast Club.

*Gives her take on blogging, keeping it real and balancing her life today.

One of my favorite bloggers and inspirations Necole Bitchie did an interview with one of my favorite radio shows that I have been listening to since I lived in NYC. (Check out Peter Gunz of LHHNY interview with The Breakfast Club here.) The Breakfast Club includes radio personalities Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy of 105.1 
Necole Bitchie's in dept interview elaborates on her rise to success, starting from the bottom and the life of journalist/bloggers today.


Music Videos X Jay Z X JT X Chris X Nicki X Lorde X Drake

Here are a few of my favorite songs and their official music videos. Enjoy!

I love this video of Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, "Holy Grail". It was clean yet innovative the way they switched it up. Very Nice.

Dedicated to Chris Brown heading to long term rehab for attacking a photo bomber is his new video with Nicki Minaj. I could watch this video on mute and just watch him dance actually.

My favorite new song has the weirdest video but I don't care I still love the song and Lorde's quirky feel.
Lorde in Royal

Haven't gotten tired of Drake's acting in his video "Hold On, We're Going Home" yet! I think it's safe to say we will be seeing some more acting in the near future!


Rihanna X Pour it Up X Music Video

Elaborating on her love for the art of stripping Rihanna serves something in her Explicit "Pour it Up" video. Knowing Rihanna had some rhythm I wasn't startled by her raunchy moves on the throne. It looks like she learned a thing or two from her visits to clubs. I like how she incorporated her Caribbean iced out bra and the blond wig is still growing on me but not a fave. Now I'm waiting for a new album or video to a more recent song.....

In general going to the strip club in Atlanta and a few other major cities has become like heading to a regular club but with good food, barber shops etc while for others it's remained Taboo. 

What do you think, about the video and Atlanta's strip club obsession? *Comment Below


Jade Novah X Show Out X Stay Music Video

I had the pleasure of meeting amazing songstress and soulful personality Jade Novah at the BE annual toasting event!

Jade has been a special artist BE Magazine has covered. I first spotted her in her cover for Rihanna's Stay that received over a million in views. I was captivated by her uniqueness, style, full and majestic voice and Broadway style of singing. It's almost as if she can fill a room with her personality alone and then her voice takes over.
Listen to her new song "Show Out" It definitely gets you pumped up, flipping that hair and a little two step! You can't help but appreciate her vocal delivery in her music. It's filled with energy, passion and an honest calling to sing her lungs out!

Also my favorite video and vocals in "Stay" I love the A-line skirt in the kitchen scene. YES mam!


Vina Mills X Music Video X Blue Gold

   My love and fly chick Vina Mills is out with another masterpiece, Blue Gold. Check out the sneak peak video below!


Ciara X Body Party Iggy Azalea X Work Music Video

Ciara brings it with her new music video, "Body Party". Keeping that signature "Yes, b**** I can dance" and adding her personal life and new beau Future's first meeting experience at a mansion party here in Atlanta. To say the least I love it, the realness of fate, the choreography and Ciara! (Emoji in love face here). Experience the magic below!

I may no not a thing about being broke, 16 and living in Miami but I know I love this new Iggy Azalea. I first mentioned her on my blog (Iggy Azalea obsession 2012)
I've featured her last year and she has been semi quiet aside for signing with T.I. Check the new work out now.



New Music Video X Blurred Lines

I came across this video and loved the concept. It didn't hurt that Pharrell was in all. I adored the video, fashion, energy, props, even Kodak use of the striking brown skinned model throughout but the actual song seemed to drag on at one point. Needless to say I'll be hooked and repeating the lyrics in a matter of days!


Music X Azealia Banks X Kendrick Lamar

Ever since her club/vogue toned voice and vulgar lyrics graced my ears I knew we were meant to be.
In my playlist that is.
Azealia Amanda Banks, a Harlem born American rapper aka "Rapunzel" has crossed such covers as Dazed X Confused magazine and her covers are as scandalous as her lyrics!
Whenever one of her beats come on I want to vogue, fall out and top it off with a signature strut down the runway. Music should move you!

View a couple of my favorite Azealia videos below

I've been waiting for Kendrick Lamar to be on and receive his spotlight hype. 
Kendrick is not the type of artist to fit into "commercial" standings. His view, regular speech and lyrics pull at the standard of life. More people will become fans of the music I listened to for many nights.
The feeling you have like you're the only person feeling a certain way and then he sums it up in 16 bars over a hook with harmonizing strings playing.

Take a break out of your day and listen to this GOOD music. 


Music Videos X Rihanna X Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Rihanna has done it again with this video!
Chris Brown X Rihanna are two creative individuals who are doing their art and don't give AF as they rightfully should.
When I was told Chris Brown would be the main love interest I thought I would at least see his face. I guess his features and tattoos are enough to suit.

I've marinated with the song and absolutely love it while the video leaves me in a trance. Pretty tranquil and positive vibes. Enjoy and shine bright*


Prototype X Andre 3000 X Official Music Video

My favorite song of all time and the first song to bless my blog years ago when most of my posts were straight poetry. lol
I'm dedicating it to...
Change is never wanted but always necessary.
I'm loving how the wind blows, "I think I'm on the right track now"


Art X Positive Messages

Pink is a powerhouse singer and has been in the music industry for many years. I was more of a fan when she first came out but this inspirational video has me loving her all over again. She incorporates gymnastics in her video like she did at the Music Awards a couple of years ago and it seems like the sport is her new hobby. Cool chick. Most importantly, I love messages like these portrayed in songs/video/media. Watch the video, be inspired and live_Gold!


And I was called the 
weird one when I replayed M.I.A & Santogold 24/7. To be blunt I don't care! I love the feel, especially of M.I.A's music, that trademark "IDGAF" attitude that she gave so eloquently displayed at the superbowl using just one finger. 
Gotta love how she is sexy without showing any skin.

"Life fast, die young, bad girls do it well."