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Live GOLD in 2014

Ah, a new year. What's next?

Mission: Get better and live GOLD.


Music Video X @DimitriMcDowell @MrNewEra13

Covering one of my favorite artists and friends @DimitriMcDowell he teams up with @MrNewEra13 to make a superbly covered "B**** Don't Kill My Vibe" , filmed on spring break in Panama. They put their own unique vibe and mesmerizing lyrics on the song and made it theirs!
Take a listen below and check out some of my former posts on Musical genius Dimitri McDowell. 
Christmas EP X Interview with artist Dimitri McDowell

I love poetry!
The feeling it emits by describing episodes and moments in time.
I have to have the "define craftmenship" of art, feeling and color. Take a look of this emotionally channeled poem below


Ciara X Body Party Iggy Azalea X Work Music Video

Ciara brings it with her new music video, "Body Party". Keeping that signature "Yes, b**** I can dance" and adding her personal life and new beau Future's first meeting experience at a mansion party here in Atlanta. To say the least I love it, the realness of fate, the choreography and Ciara! (Emoji in love face here). Experience the magic below!

I may no not a thing about being broke, 16 and living in Miami but I know I love this new Iggy Azalea. I first mentioned her on my blog (Iggy Azalea obsession 2012)
I've featured her last year and she has been semi quiet aside for signing with T.I. Check the new work out now.