Myself lol I was angry and tired because i was waiting on someone else to make me happy lol <response to who made you all happy! Live_gold


Going Au Natural

Not only have I thought about this for a duration but I’ve considered every action and reaction.

Quite frankly, why not?

I’ve done everything… not anything to my hair. But the usual, weave, braids, perm, press etc. Why not, live in the state my hair is naturally in? To be honest I will be blow drying and the usual flat iron for maintainability. But stepping away from the creamy crack many of us African American women have gotten to know as relaxer.

Referred to as “relaxer”,  because it literally relaxes our natural “s” or “z” curled hair. Putting less chemical to the hair will not only strengthen but lengthen it. I for one cannot wait to see the transition. Waiting for the day when my hair is 50/50 relaxed than 100% natural so I can wet it moisturize and wear a full out afro!
With my tattoos in full glory =]
Until then were going to transition it using natural oils,
Castor Oil
Olive Oil
African Herbal Body/Hair Oil
Leave in Conditioners
Deep Conditioners
*Diet, Water/Protein
*Routine, wash once a week or once every two weeks [dirty scalps do not grow so more moisturizing to the hair, leaving the scalp breathable], always deep conditioned!
Also Mane and Tail* products leave my hair light and moisturized, just bought their heat protector yesterday which promises a strengthening and lengthening of the hair I am to say the least, excited !!!

[Curbing my enthusiasm]

I am also humbling myself and strengthening myself from the urge to throw some weave (16”) in that bad boy and call it a day.

And yes, I researched this stuff because I will NOT be looking like an unnamed professor @ my University who stays away from a hairdresser, perm and comb (?)

Nik_gold is officially taking it day by day with her hair, less heat and chemicals out and more nutrients, naturals and care in.

Officially, Going to be Puff ball head  =]


Give me*

Kelly Rowland's shoes*

Christina Millian- 's attire.. Shirt [U.O-Obey]



(my knees really aren't that scuffed idk why they look like that -_- and yeah i sleep with a teddy and he makes me happy... and???)


It's funny

I always used to dress like this... and get made fun of or smart comments here and there... now they are all asking where I shop and can I style them =O



Vogue China May 2010

Magazine Vogue China
Issue May 2010
Photographer Paolo Roversi


Love the color change but I'm thinking white nails and navy blue toes?
Wet Love

N'D Ambi

(Four Stars)

I was pleased
I'm a new music fien and love discovering it for myself
Especially when it's close to home
Live music is the best!!!
I am one to break out in dance to a groovy beat or new funky skatting
This right here??
This singer was the last act at Suwanee's music and arts festival
In a snippet she is...
A mixture of Erykah Badu
Nina Simone
Tina Turner 
Janelle Monae
Yeah...A lot =O!
Youtube her. It's worth it!


Tribal enough???

I have always LOVED to bring out my Nigerian side.
Not only with my eccentric hip beads, bangles and colors only from the motherland, but prints, and the many different ways to wear them.
Now what seems to be semi mainstream fashion (Though I was going to rock* it this summer anyway) is the infamous tribal prints***
Found in swimsuits, dresses, leggings and more tribal prints have made their stance in this summer's fashion trends.
Not to be fooled not EVERYONE can pull this look off!!!

1. If your print is full body and b/w add a pop of color in a purse, shoe or even outerwear
2. Never mix two prints of different colors
3. Try to mix a bland, (khaki, jean or white) basic, *top, bottom, jacket* to balance it off especially if you're just starting to test tribal prints (or any prints) out.

And hey! Who says this fashion is only for women???
Please try it MEN =]
I'd love to find a tribal fashion prince on the streets of ATL*    =*

More of these styles can be found on the following sites.

Asos.com + http://www.asos.com/search/pgeSearch.aspx?q=tribal+print
American Apparel + http://www.americanapparel.com/search.html?r=&s=print
H&M + http://www.hm.com/us/#/instoresnow_3/
Forever21 + http://www.forever21.com/search.asp?keyword=print
Karmaloop + https://www.karmaloop.com/search/search.aspx?page=2&keywords=print&msid= 


And for boys who think they can pull this look off check out this link for an idea*




My Mommy*

My mother's, "Is that a juicy couture cover???" face -_-
Only picture I could snap before she sang her usually song, "I don't like pictures!! You know that NIKKI!"
Total opposites I tell ya*
And I will always <3 and appreciate her
My mommy


Life is

Something I haven't fully digested yet.
Not to complicate your view on me or my blog
Because I'm sure your trying to figure both out...
But I think I got the gist of life.
Well "A" gist of it..
Here is my take

You can't give up.
While you are here, leave your mark...
Your mark.
If you are so called done...
You might as well kill yourself
And with even such a saddening defeat,
Your fall was the catalyst to someone else's success.

Now honestly I may be too 
To reach my full potential before I pass
But I know I am going to try.
Starting now..
Im going to try and do something.
Leave something
Preferably positive.
A legacy like Stark*
But with less dramatics.


Let's call them
Until I discover the use of them.
Im making moves, got to do it
Just do it (Nike check here)
That's life.



I knew something had to shone me into blogging... Had that feeling -_- rip Dr. Blakely. Great professor, advisor and friend. 10 am class was just singing to you :/


Rest in peace Lena Horne



Tame! Tiger! Bird! Roar! ???
Avis from Rara Avis* Rare find =] a.k.a nik_gold

we like? no disney!!!!



Oh! Beyonce! I L<3ve You!

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.



Saw my grades... I was never a C, D or F stupid... Student??
IDK how I typed stupid but that fits my mood right now.
Well I got 2 As!!!
And so I have excuses and don't run myself into the ground the following is listed...

1st semester was easier to me. 
I spread myself thin but time managed very well.
Didn't have crazy ADD nor absorb myself into frivolous situations
Was always active, I've caught myself being lazy a couple of times.
Paranoid, shy and a push over when it came to teachers and grades.
4 p.m. class
Did not even try community service -_-
Relationships were not sticky nor was I recovering from anything
Was not tying to support myself and three fish 
and I was focused.
on me
my future
my time and space here
I am getting back to that place this summer
Closer and closer everyday because I look back and compare my 1st to my 2nd semester and can do nothing but shake my head.
Im not horrible nor failing out of college but the term, everyone has been saying these past couple of weeks...
"you are better than this"
Has come into affect
I am better than this.

So no more 4.0's next semester I want and will earn a big ol

Why nik_gold LOVES Fashion*

It is the human expression of art and not everyone has sense of style to pull of a fashion statement so in a way the essence of it is RARA AVIS!


Live, Love, life FOR REAL*



I went off the edge for the past couple days, I don't know why or when or how but I did.
But now I'm back together and all whole and all that mushy stuff. (I promise) lol
You see the brightest light after the storm, they say and in this situation its so very true.
I prayed, meditated and thought deep about who I was, and want to be.
You also find out who your true friends are in these crazy situations, who your enemies are and who truly does care for you...

No matter how dumb they are.
I hate hurting the people around me, though at one point in time I thought in a way most of it was superficial caring.
I see that light waaaayyyy clearer.
Well I also earned money on my fallout LMBO
It only made me determined to make money in general,
The after affects made me realize how beautiful I AM
and now I feel invincible...

Not sure if that's a good thing. -_-

But most importantly, I value my life and the reproductive investment my mother put into me.
Culturing the fact that I have to become famous and weathly to balance out the highs and lows in my family's lifetime.
It feels like something is just waiting to pop out and I'm not saying that I know the direction to fly in but I believe I'm waiting on a sign.

See thats that invincible stuff* right there.
LOL =]
But all in all Im happier, feel freeier and have more confidence, a confidence I should have had not only for myself but that things I invest my time and effort into, my work and the people who care about me around me.