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NGD X More in Store X Watch

Nik_Gold Designs is my business, baby and passion. I've been working on more pieces for this year. These are some of my previous creations! If you would like to buy or use some of my pieces for styling purposes. Contact me Via FB, email ( I also make custom pieces so the sky is the limit! I look forward to working with you. Press PLAY!


Personal X Smile X Progress

Stay safe X I love you!

These past couple of months have taught me a lot about myself than ever before.

 Seeing myself recover from obstacles and use them as stepping stones. Catching myself becoming content and immediately turning the fire up based on my goals and knowing anything you WANT you can ascertain. 

Now comes the productive winter for a rewarding summer. Staying busy progressive because I promised someone very special to me and to myself I'll be in a different place by next summer. Just wait on it! Aimed with a 2nd job, a great support system and a mind full of ideas and plans everyday I wake up with a better view of life.

***Instead of writing a list of what's wrong with life focus on the good and live life like it's golden because it certainly isn't promised.***

Take a moment out to read a poem I wrote today.

The twist

Vibrating lesions toss my body one way then another
The beauty of authenticity bares my soul willingly
While tender fascinating kisses are planted where deep bruises once laid
Warm tears of patience and appreciation trickle down my left cheek effortlessly
Never has a care burn so deep and shine so bright
Blinded by the dedication and passion
I tilt my crown to the sun and praise the mountains and valleys of the earth
My pounding rigorous breathe escapes in whispers of wonder
And finally, I own the white engrossing mist of consciousness


NGD X 1 Yr Online Anniversary

Tomorrow 7/4/13* is the first year anniversary of my online boutique. 
Nik_Gold Designs has been in business for almost 4 years and selling online has helped tremendously. Not only can you custom order but purchase one of a kind pieces online. The anniversary marks my growth and the potential to make this full time, the anniversary is just in time because most of my previous items are sold out. Accessorizing celebrities video and photo shoots, hosting fashion events and premiering my line at an annual BE Magazine fashion show has only fueled me to do more and bigger. There are levels to this but there are no limits for me.

Model Artrece wearing, "Spike Me Earrings", "Gold Wire Cuff" X "Pearled Out 4 Finger Ring"

 #NIKGOLDDESIGNS premiere line viewing with @BEmagazine @MimiFaust

 This year I've worked more with clothes, hand sewn and custom, I grew a deeper passion for making things from scratch just seeing a vision become reality, it's therapeutic. I have more eye catching handmade jewelry and accessories and I love making  extraordinary pieces for guys as well. I will be releasing some special pieces for the rest of the summer and it feels wonderful to have the support system I have. Emails, meetings and phone calls "What's next?", or "Can you create...?" or "I need to shoot with your line" fuels me everyday. Nik_Gold Designs is more than a line but a lifestyle of royalty and self worth. 

Reflection X Time X Growth

Time passing is inevitable and as I was looking through my pictures the other day I realized how fast it flies. When I first moved to Atlanta I was the eclectic dressing, coffee drinking, dancing blogger from New York and quickly made friends with other newbies from New Orleans, Detroit and some from Atlanta. Over time people began to appreciate my style, sarcastic personality and creative outlets. The picture below was taken by D.Sincere Photography at Fearless Weirdos Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia, long before I started working there.

 I was in the store for a fashion show and never imagined taking it as a platform to elevate me to where I wanted to be. After I left New York I wasn't sure what would happen then Atlanta became my playground to grow stronger, faster, smarter and use my uniqueness to make money, connections and build a brighter future. Wherever you are in life know that you are exactly where you need to be to get where you are going.


Natural Hair X Weave X Summer Vs Winter Styles

I love hair, changing up a look or updating an image. That's why I've learned how to transition my natural hair from summer to winter time. I've been natural for over a year (Honestly, it's been so long I just know it's been over a year could be two.) I love weave though, I don't care what anyone says, it is so easy to manage and helps my hair grow tremendously. 

Unlike the lies people say is you stop getting a perm it is not guaranteed your hair will fall out. Mind you I trimmed my own hair because an afro looks weird with straight ends... The routine I've now grown accustom to is straight hair during the winter so my hair can rest and I can deep condition my hair in between hair styles, while during the summer I love my hair out, being free, driving with the top down and loving my curls. Mind you it is a tad bit of maintenance because I wet and braid/twist my hair go to sleep and let it out. Sometimes it gets frizzy in two seconds and sometimes I resort to a little secret technique *wink. 

However, I have been using Miss Jessies, the new creamy crack and it defines my curl way more and gives it a brilliant shine, smell and bounce. I can easily go from jumping in a pool, shower to sleep, wake up and not look like a wet dog. 
What do you do to maintain your summer/winter hairstyles?
Comment below =)

Summer me

Winter me


Tichina Arnold X BE Magazine X Holiday Edition

Tichina Arnold or Pam as you may know her from the phenomenal, hilarious and cornerstone of African American shows "Martin" and even "Everybody Hates Chris". I had the pleasure of viewing her interview on the Wendy Williams show, catching some snapshots of her happy wedding to Rico Hines earlier this year in Hawaii and now in BE Magazine (@BEmagazine) the extraordinary actress and personality Tichina Arnold (@TichinaArnold) graces the cover with style and finesse!

Tichina is now in the cast of Happily Divorced with The Nanny's Fran on TV Land which I will be sure to catch, viewing her evolved acting skills and on screen chemistry with a diverse cast and modern day script.
You can catch more of her interview with BE magazine HERE where she talks about career longevity and her sister's fight with Lupus. Pick up a copy of the Holiday edition when it is released in early December!


Music: Brandy Back in Session

R&B artist and former "Moesha" is back at it and better than ever! 90's music has sculpted my love for real R&B and her coming back collaborating with today's hottest artists makes me feel like hope is still alive. And it is really is. 

Brandy 's growth as an artist has shown and she is everywhere including the top of the charts. Even her 90's braids have trended back into the cycle. She is now gracing the cover of Vibe Magazine's October/November 2012 Issue and discussing in her interview dealing with Whitney Houston's passing and her future goals for the industry.
In the words of one of my favorite Stylist/Designers. These shots are EVERYTHING!

Old Brandy videos are the best, Go to "Read More" to view some of my Brandy Throw Back favorites and Brandy X Chris Brown "Put it Down"! =)


I've finally enjoyed the understanding of one of life's greatest secrets.


It may sound so unoriginal and prosthetic

But the key behind planning is effective planning.

Im bound to learn more about these differences with summer ending and school beginning & me wearing more hats than ever before. A wise lady said this is the vast difference between a teenager and an adult.



They say the summer is what you make of it.
I'm being quickly convinced that there are some things and situations you just have to go through to get through.
No avoiding it but with it's passing you learn a lesson.
I'm like, oh boy summer homework???
But being honest I'd rather burn and grow then be soothed and babied.
So here I am growing and burning and stuff

And it's refreshing up here 
The life...


My mommy told me friends come and go.
Like seasons, they all have their reasons
I don't believe people fake to show
Hurt you at the belt but not an inch below
Feeling restrained
From the strange predicaments 
But just last week we where piled up in the thickest room with no cool air vents
Now it seems like the only thing thick is this trifling air 
when we appear 
but no one crosses the street to say hello
No one dares
Now fighting to hold on to friendship seems worthless and fake
instead everyone should be "real"
and give the REAL friends the break
Its often hard to mask the softness I want to keep with me all my years
But when friendship can be denied to easily,
Is it even worth my tears???


The "Struggle"

Not only was I casted in my FIRST movie called, "Struggle" and no matter how small a movie it encourages me to expand my wings and test my limits, but this week has been a constant struggle.
In between my lack of attention, remorseful load of homework they decided to disperse in college and the lack of financial funds I've been living with, I used the word struggle as my word of the week.
Getting out of bed was a struggle... but lets me real... is that new?
What has been shockingly new however are low funds, compared to the workaholic reflected checking account I had earlier this summer, my savings have surely dwindled down.
From food, to necessities to unexpected dilemnas, the zeros surrounding my money escaped and ventured off elsewhere.
My search for a job was successful, not.
Hearing the same, "We will get back to you."
"We are not hiring but expecting applications."
I felt like I was on the same financial rollercoaster as this summer before Chili's and I despised it.
My resume was right, schedule tight but the money situation was certainly not right.
I sighed, I got sadder easily when I couldn't by food out, because quite frankly food makes me happy and continued my lowly struggle not only this week but this whole month.
I let no one know however because quite frankly, no one but my mom could help.
I'm not rich but I usually have money in my pocket, a little something, something
and to tell the truth I can't even remember how I got money in my pocket before I had my job.
Now I am really appreciative of what Chili's did for me... financially that is.

A miracle happened and God bestowed upon me a blessing in disguise, my accident earlier this summer,
only to settle and to be given the power to lighten my moms crazy load and fill
up my gas tank all the way for the first time this semester.
I went to the school's library and straight-studied, organizing my mind, schedule and my
workload to better suite me and my needs
but before I run free-happily, I must realize that in order to do better, I need
to get myself financially straight to keep an income like this coming in.
Before the weight of so much was lifted just a little...
I struggled.



I went off the edge for the past couple days, I don't know why or when or how but I did.
But now I'm back together and all whole and all that mushy stuff. (I promise) lol
You see the brightest light after the storm, they say and in this situation its so very true.
I prayed, meditated and thought deep about who I was, and want to be.
You also find out who your true friends are in these crazy situations, who your enemies are and who truly does care for you...

No matter how dumb they are.
I hate hurting the people around me, though at one point in time I thought in a way most of it was superficial caring.
I see that light waaaayyyy clearer.
Well I also earned money on my fallout LMBO
It only made me determined to make money in general,
The after affects made me realize how beautiful I AM
and now I feel invincible...

Not sure if that's a good thing. -_-

But most importantly, I value my life and the reproductive investment my mother put into me.
Culturing the fact that I have to become famous and weathly to balance out the highs and lows in my family's lifetime.
It feels like something is just waiting to pop out and I'm not saying that I know the direction to fly in but I believe I'm waiting on a sign.

See thats that invincible stuff* right there.
LOL =]
But all in all Im happier, feel freeier and have more confidence, a confidence I should have had not only for myself but that things I invest my time and effort into, my work and the people who care about me around me.



Pageant_gold 2010*

 Though I didn't take home the crown I learned a lot.
Not only that having your own confidence can win a crowd over but smiling through it all can keep you on top..
I made 9 new sisters and had some of the most draining practices, more then dance, modeling and tennis put together. You had to consistently pour out an aura of elegance, grace, positivity, self assurance and humbleness (which I must add is not an easy fleet!!!)

Knowing that the first pageant I did was a total floop, money hole and phony scheme, this pageant boosted my confidence and reassured me that being multitalented, intelligent and true  Goddess of Nile is NEVER a bad thing ;-]

Pushing through all the barriers and stereotypes Im proud that I competed in a pageant my freshman year now they cant say they weren't ready for me sophomore year!!!
This is only the BEGINNING =]



Speaking of

Just an intro... I have had a rollercoaster of a week starting with last Tuesday, I almost felt guilty for being so happy and positive. Now I wish for that feeling back, I proritized and went through my day easily. Now I have to focus more on God, college and my family and not the other oblivious aspects of my life. I believe God takes us through stages in life to reach goals and therefore elevating us as a person. Since college started I'm on a new trail and noone can lead me off.

speaking of diamonds and class and college and growth.
I live like I see fit,
every minute
bit by bit
though some may be humamnized errors to look at oneself miniscule by miniscule
I see nothing wrong since im a young lady..
still in school
I choose now to look at myself as a whole, the world a whole by many
memorizing the great ones by the size of their soul
Mistakes come and go leaving misheveled footprints like dirty snow but only wet rimmed eyes can see past the flakes of fake.
Only fake can see fake
so no not I.
The whole that I am can only see real, whole and wonderful things.
The kind of things that pleasant ones bring.
To whom or what I'm speaking to I have no idea.
I speak of diamonds, class, college and growth, that I am, that I see and what I assume makes me


an O C T O B E R lift

I have had my ups and downs
Ins and outs
October leaves I have been turned over and over
and blown every which way
For when I was trully up I looked down instead of opening my arms
I believe God wants me to be in a happy place.
As I sit here listening to the oldie "This will be"
I can't find one thing that is wrong with my life
The cool sunset warming my beating melody
The gentle thrash of the wind threatening to grow with each passing second
Just challenges to
over come
Now every mountain prepares me for the next one
Every pissed off Black lady or manipulative white dude
Prepares me for the real sharks of the world

I learned my skin needed to be thicker yesterday...
I know it will be hard, hopefully not to the point where I cry but Im ready
Before the glow of my heart yeilds thin to societies call I stand on my own
The last tree to overturn leaves
Bark still ripe with liquid air and leaves still filled with plunder, experience and serenity.

Not the insensitive Black woman but a courageous ball of fire that knows where she stands.
Acknowledging and
Reaping the repercussions of my actions
Taking each day for its own