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Personal X Reflection X Move

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening right now, 
We forget what we have been through or better yet where we are headed.
There will always be a problem, always something taking our attention off of that next move.
I should know, it seems my biggest failures are when I forget the bigger picture.
Weeks pasts and I'm like, uhhhh what did I do but dwell in that mountain of a mole hill?
This life is all about a brighter future, building an empire. 
There will be a brighter day if you look up for it.
If not you'll be stuck, looking on the shaded ground for rusted pennies only to trick and trip yourself into limiting yourself.
It's already February of 2014 and I'm trying to get somewhere so profound this year.
It's my time.
Something is feeding it into my soul however, getting sidetracked and distracted only takes away that oh so precious time.
It's time. 


NGD X More in Store X Watch

Nik_Gold Designs is my business, baby and passion. I've been working on more pieces for this year. These are some of my previous creations! If you would like to buy or use some of my pieces for styling purposes. Contact me Via FB, email ( I also make custom pieces so the sky is the limit! I look forward to working with you. Press PLAY!


NGD X Summer X Custom Apparel and Jewelry

This summer is about to be...

Trials and tribulations fuel me to creatively express myself through my business #NikGoldDesigns. Coming up on a year of selling online my profits and experience helped me grow #LiveGold #ShopGold from a line to a brand, and a way of life. People can copy material from you, put you down and there will also be missed opportunities but no one can ever steal your creative mind, persistence and talent. This summer there is so much more in store and I get to work with clients I look up to. 

Creativity X Progress X Positivity
Check out some of my pieces that will be available online!
Follow me on Twitter and IG @Nik_Gold

1. NGD Chain Printed Halter - Handmade
2. Gold Chain Necklace - Custom

1. Sheer Gold Trimmed Collar Shirt- Custom

1. Gold Sequin Back Out Dress -Handmade

1. Black Sequined Clutch with Optional chain link - Custom
2. Gold Pyramid Earrings - Handmade

1. Gold Halter Hi-Low Tank -Handmade

1. Diamond Finger Link Chain- Handmade

For any inquiries or pricing please email me


Styling X Profiling X NGD

I had the pleasure of working with Natasha for Part 2/3 of Nik_Gold Designs photo shoot premiere.

These are Part 1 and Part 2 where I am going for a spunky denim/camo feel
and the plaid/studded hipster.

Nik_Gold Designs is the brand bringing a royal feel to looks from grudge to glam.

Live life like it's golden!

It felt good to not only style and accessorize but to be in front of the camera once again. Modeling has always been a passion of mine since my younger days in New York and I must say it brings me life to pose and strut again on the runway.
Look out world I'm serving face!

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