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Personal X Reflection X Move

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening right now, 
We forget what we have been through or better yet where we are headed.
There will always be a problem, always something taking our attention off of that next move.
I should know, it seems my biggest failures are when I forget the bigger picture.
Weeks pasts and I'm like, uhhhh what did I do but dwell in that mountain of a mole hill?
This life is all about a brighter future, building an empire. 
There will be a brighter day if you look up for it.
If not you'll be stuck, looking on the shaded ground for rusted pennies only to trick and trip yourself into limiting yourself.
It's already February of 2014 and I'm trying to get somewhere so profound this year.
It's my time.
Something is feeding it into my soul however, getting sidetracked and distracted only takes away that oh so precious time.
It's time. 


My Clique X Like No Other

I appreciate how Kanye discusses his Mother's passing on this song. This song is also a beast regardless, Jay Z? That intro? Yeah, I love it and can relate!
My clique has been tight as rope since we met each other at Claflin University years ago and we still keep in touch. When you have a bond with people that all elevate each other, it's like magic.
We shot this photo shoot just to do it and it's been featured on fashion blogs and even reached tumblr earlier this year

***FYI: This photoshoot was 2 years ago, spot the Nik_Gold Designs accessories!

Shattered Glass Lightening Bolt Earrings (Original Pair)

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It's a Done Deal

So I know tomorrow won't solve a damn thing.
Im hanging on to the epiphany that maybe something great will happen
Like God will hand deliver me a map and
From there I can see the stars, planets and the moons.
See what's new and which ones to wish on
So that someday my dream will come true.
Im not talking about another love story
The story love dooomed key
The sad all-I-need-love-to-find-my-way-in-life
My purpose
Im talking about that forever destiny drift
The one in which you find out the laws of nature and if you are god's one and only true gift
And in you I mean man the heavenly sinful thing
The take one look back and you turn into a grain of sand?
That goodness the stuff you feel down in your soul
Feeling lonely but never alone
You wiping your tears away, stating your life lessons on facebook and twitter so that someone can "like" or "repost"
But no one can repost your life
Your need of life
Nor your feed on life not even the dying sun
Bearing itself down to you so that you can see the light
In all it's glory and its last true fight

Heavy anticipation dims down at me cause I know

Tomorrow won't change a damned thing
Seeing you and all the guilt you bring
Weighing my heart down more than it ever has
For the guilt I already had for being born a love child.
No this ain't the "I hate my daddy" poem or the " I was raped but now Im better" storm
This shit right here... this shit right here??!!
Has no category, sits on its on territory
Drifting gently from sea to sea
Terrorizing me
Whimsically not giving a FU**
The life of misery unsolved because I know

Tomorrow won't chnage a damn thing.
I blink and I blink thinking something will change.
hours pass but my life still remains the same
Yelling yellow yearnings of despair for me to change for someone else to care
Because I left a long time ago
Shadowing centuries ago
Formed into dust because what I must be I cannot discuss
Something scary for me to think outside the little blue box
Sly as a fox but never willing to hop off the soap box and discuss minor mistakes misread
Unlike the beloved dead
I bring forth failure, goal making and half fulfilled promises
I leave behind merry memories, happy beginnings and wondering endings.
I brand things only to be en-lighted that nothing belongs to me only the maker above.
Then my eyes open really wide
The crust and disgust, mucus and deliverance and I focus
and spit.
I know

Tomorrow won't change a damn thing
If it didn't change today when I had all the time in the world
But instead wanted to disguise myself like a small boy or girl
I went to eat all the ice-cream in the world but at the thought pulled to the side and hurled.
Went to climb the highest mountain but instead returned the hiking boots
Insecurities will never deliver me and procrastination makes me the person I strive not to me.
Then I stop and think and ACTUALLY execute the next move...solved?




Im dying out here!

So I watching Paris' show Its Paris, Not France and I was actually going to cry during this show because my mom is leaning towards Claflin U because they gave me another scholarship ... (why can't she work that magic over at Howard???)

Well anyways I was scared of losin gmy friends but then was like (wah??) friends would mind if they havent talked to you in a couple weeks or if you deleted your myspace, facebook and only twittered once a week.

I finally got inkie winkie on the phone and felt much better. Im blessed. People can be so happy when they have nothing (well not so much have nothing to lose) but more of a have nothing left type situation.

Relating back to Paris.. she was talking about the sex tape and how it affected her greatly because she wasnt 19 like they thought she was.. in fact she was around 16ish...

and how she cried calling the boy begging him to not put the sex tape out there. But he was like eff it money is money...

andddd how her friends knew he was getting that close because he knew she was going to be famous one day and apparently wanted something of a leverage base.

what a bitch.

well she has the same procrastinations most of us have.. friends, what they think about me and money. Not much concern in the money department but friends and what they think about me are definetly highlighted to a microscopic level..

But newho Im out and about, taking out my micros but now about to hit the road and pick up mom from work, tomorrow i believe will be glorious. =) Only if I add this downtown thing with my riders lmbooooo

ohh lord so my plan is to be very grateful and appreciative of what I have.. and smile. Why the heck not???