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Personal X Reflection X Move

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening right now, 
We forget what we have been through or better yet where we are headed.
There will always be a problem, always something taking our attention off of that next move.
I should know, it seems my biggest failures are when I forget the bigger picture.
Weeks pasts and I'm like, uhhhh what did I do but dwell in that mountain of a mole hill?
This life is all about a brighter future, building an empire. 
There will be a brighter day if you look up for it.
If not you'll be stuck, looking on the shaded ground for rusted pennies only to trick and trip yourself into limiting yourself.
It's already February of 2014 and I'm trying to get somewhere so profound this year.
It's my time.
Something is feeding it into my soul however, getting sidetracked and distracted only takes away that oh so precious time.
It's time. 


This would be so sexy right now!

Since the burn accident that changed my life,
 August 23rd, 2011, I've been positive.
Positive I'll be better.
Positive there was only one way God wanted the situation to work out.
Positive fashion will be no problem with the new factor of a tad roasted legs.
Positive I miss working, and making money.
Positive I need to hustle and make progress before my eggs foil over and die.
Positive everyday is a chance to start over and better oneself
And last but not least positive this would be one sexy, classy and flawlessly carried out look
Loose tousled hair and everything.