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Lace Front Eyebrows X Trend

Has it gone too far?

We ladies have nails, weave, wigs, lashes, corsets, butt lifts, spanks, and anything other add on you can imagine. Now, we have lacefront eyebrows for ladies who want that "look". What? Is nothing real these days??? By the time you wipe off and take off everything off of some of the females you meet in the club they look like a completely different person.

 Isn't this a false representation? Guys don't do nearly as much yet women go above and beyond for this perfect image. Yes maintenance is necessary but I was always told your'e natural beauty should shine outwardly. Be you!


Trending Topics X Justice X Pixie Cuts X #iLive Alexander McQueen

This week in trending topics, Beyonce and Rihanna get pixie's
And why not, it's their hair and right to switch it up.
Both ladies carry it well and there will be a severe drop in weave sales with these influential stars solidifying it's beautiful being different.

Nicki Minaj sports this beautiful stained glass print Alexander McQueen dress. The stained glass effect has been in style this season and will blend well in the fall/winter collections. I totally adore this look and can't wait to rock it in my own way!

Pharrell Williams And Cara Delevingne By David Bailey For Vogue UK September 2013

My obsession with my husband Pharrell is in full affect as he pairs with model Cara Delevingne, who was let go from H&M but still on top of her game snagging deals and covers around the world. They just look so good separately and paired in these pictures. Pharrell is not just a musical genius but the brain behind so much music coming out including Blurred Lines, my blog theme song and so much more coming to your ears soon! He's back like he never left and of course hasn't aged one bit.

I LOVE Ebony Magazine for this cover alone. Opening more eyes and not letting the injustice be forgotten. Trayvon Martin and so many more innocent murders. Pairing well known celebrities with their son sporting hoods. We have to continuously fight for justice and keep this topic well known. Silence with injustice is deadly. I will be purchasing a copy of this issue, I hope you do as well.

With all that is going on in around the corner and around the world, remember to...


Natural Hair X Weave X Summer Vs Winter Styles

I love hair, changing up a look or updating an image. That's why I've learned how to transition my natural hair from summer to winter time. I've been natural for over a year (Honestly, it's been so long I just know it's been over a year could be two.) I love weave though, I don't care what anyone says, it is so easy to manage and helps my hair grow tremendously. 

Unlike the lies people say is you stop getting a perm it is not guaranteed your hair will fall out. Mind you I trimmed my own hair because an afro looks weird with straight ends... The routine I've now grown accustom to is straight hair during the winter so my hair can rest and I can deep condition my hair in between hair styles, while during the summer I love my hair out, being free, driving with the top down and loving my curls. Mind you it is a tad bit of maintenance because I wet and braid/twist my hair go to sleep and let it out. Sometimes it gets frizzy in two seconds and sometimes I resort to a little secret technique *wink. 

However, I have been using Miss Jessies, the new creamy crack and it defines my curl way more and gives it a brilliant shine, smell and bounce. I can easily go from jumping in a pool, shower to sleep, wake up and not look like a wet dog. 
What do you do to maintain your summer/winter hairstyles?
Comment below =)

Summer me

Winter me


BE Magazine X Be Pampered Updated X Nik_Gold Approved

Another BE exclusive event right here in Atlanta turned out wonderful! With guest appearances from Vina Mills, Khadijah Rowe (Big Rich Atlanta), Tocarra Hamilton and many more.
Read an excerpt and view pictures of the event below:

"Last week, BE Entertained Magazine hosted their 2nd annual #BEpampered luxury pamper suite in Atlanta, and singers Dondria (So So Def), LaTavia RoBErson(formerly of Destiny’s Child), Meelah Williams (formerly of 702), Vina Mills, &Kahdijiha Rowe (Big Rich Atlanta) came out to get a taste of the good life. The event was hosted by Tocarra Hamilton, who not only took the time out to#BEpampered, but also wowed the crowd with an impromptu performance as they received pampering services from some of Atlanta’s most talented BEauty entities.
BE Magazine & our amazing sponsors including Quente’Sential Branding, Urban Vines Wine, The Social Circle, Cutting Edge BarBEr & BEauty Institute, Jaxon’s Pastries, & Colour U Cosmetics really rolled out the punches for the ladies, providing them with the ultimate VIP experience including hair service, makeup makeovers, unique massages by our special male models, wile sipping on wine & nibbling on sweet desserts. The evening was highlighted by a BEst heel contest, where the winner took home a hat and shirt from our vendor ATLwood, and a raffle where the winner took home a prize pack including a few items from Colour U Cosmetics, a bottle of Urban Vines, & a gel mani/pedi courtesy of Tu La 2 Nail Salon courtesy ofSharlinda & Brie Rowe & celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry. Kahdijiha Rowe & BE Magazine also announced an upcoming shoe giveaway from her shoetiquePlatform Addicts.
Guests walked away with VIP gift bags full of swanked out items including Miss Jessie’sThe Speak Tee, Celeb stylist Corwin,Shea MoistureShy Tie, & XOXO Wynter Sunglasses. The evening’s soundtrack was provided by DJ Tempz" -Jason 

@4everKD and @Nik_Gold

Check out more photos HERE

We are talking, music, wine, hair, nails, makeup etc. What more could you ask for??? STAY TUNED FOR MORE BE EVENTS, You will not be dissappointed!


Instagram X Business Woman X Alex_Elle

So there is no secret I love to support once I know the cause is right.
I love finding people that are like-minded in that way.
I have been following one very inspirational individual.

Meet Alex_Elle Creator X Blogger X Poet X Vegetarian
I have been following her journey making her brand, her eclectic jewelry which has inspired me to never stop making mine! Her natural journey has encouraged me to stick to my own, though it is weaved up and much easier to handle I will always read good tips and stay alert for natural products. Alex maintains style and grace while being a naturalist, mother and an overall inspiration.
Before even meeting her I know her heart is in the right place and this is another reason I love networking!

Following Alex_Elle has not only motivated me to do me and not give up when there are trials but be better and grow from every situation.  Be that beautiful, strong multi-talented woman and most importantly stay humble, yet confident in what you have to offer.
It doesn't hurt that her jewelry is unique, many socialites and celebrities have been seen wearing it and Alex herself is one hot tamale.
Yes, I said it.
After a church sermon one day I realized I needed these positive movers around me to consistently stimulate me and I have been focused and positive ever since!
Follow her on twitter @AisforAlex


DIY Ombre Blond-Red Tutorial

I started off with 1B Malaysian Straight to Wavy 16 inch hair. 
I sewed it in, I layered it, kept it curly and straightened it.
(It looked great both ways!)
After a few weeks I tried Ombre, which I originally did last year and had fun with the look so I wanted to try it again.

 Separating the hair and bleaching the ends until I got a favorable black-brown-blond tips,
I liked the blond tip look way more than the regular colored hair and then as usual I got bored and decided to dye the tips a cool color.
I wanted a light yet edgy color and choose this pinkish bright red Splat color.
The permanent color was vibrant. I recieved a load of compliments and what I aim to do, looking as real as possible.
I however, would NOT bleach and dye my hair, I will just stick with applying it to weave.

Radiant Red Dye Bleach X Color I used

I will be doing Weave Specials in the city of Atlanta.
*Sew Ins
*Weave Coloring/Ombre
All inquiries email me at!


This would be so sexy right now!

Since the burn accident that changed my life,
 August 23rd, 2011, I've been positive.
Positive I'll be better.
Positive there was only one way God wanted the situation to work out.
Positive fashion will be no problem with the new factor of a tad roasted legs.
Positive I miss working, and making money.
Positive I need to hustle and make progress before my eggs foil over and die.
Positive everyday is a chance to start over and better oneself
And last but not least positive this would be one sexy, classy and flawlessly carried out look
Loose tousled hair and everything.