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Beyonce X Flawless X Chinmamanda X Music Video

Beyonce does it right everytime.
I know one half of spectators are obsessed with Beyonce's album while the other half hates her guts in general (Illuminati this, overrated, blah, blah.). 
Listening to her album with a neutral listening palette I have considered "Flawless" as one of my favorite songs. Specifically the part in the song about women empowerment. Not only does it spell out Beyonce feeling slightly disrespected in the industry and being wonderfully and beautiful made like everyone else is but the assumed roles women are supposed to play in modern day society.

"We teach girls to shrink themselves...


Did you spot these similar fashion snapshots between Beyonce and Solange?

Here are the outfit details:


(Courtesy: FashionBombDaily)

I love both colorful on season looks! What do you think?


Trending Topics X Justice X Pixie Cuts X #iLive Alexander McQueen

This week in trending topics, Beyonce and Rihanna get pixie's
And why not, it's their hair and right to switch it up.
Both ladies carry it well and there will be a severe drop in weave sales with these influential stars solidifying it's beautiful being different.

Nicki Minaj sports this beautiful stained glass print Alexander McQueen dress. The stained glass effect has been in style this season and will blend well in the fall/winter collections. I totally adore this look and can't wait to rock it in my own way!

Pharrell Williams And Cara Delevingne By David Bailey For Vogue UK September 2013

My obsession with my husband Pharrell is in full affect as he pairs with model Cara Delevingne, who was let go from H&M but still on top of her game snagging deals and covers around the world. They just look so good separately and paired in these pictures. Pharrell is not just a musical genius but the brain behind so much music coming out including Blurred Lines, my blog theme song and so much more coming to your ears soon! He's back like he never left and of course hasn't aged one bit.

I LOVE Ebony Magazine for this cover alone. Opening more eyes and not letting the injustice be forgotten. Trayvon Martin and so many more innocent murders. Pairing well known celebrities with their son sporting hoods. We have to continuously fight for justice and keep this topic well known. Silence with injustice is deadly. I will be purchasing a copy of this issue, I hope you do as well.

With all that is going on in around the corner and around the world, remember to...


Updated*** Beyonce X Partnership X H&M Summer Collection

Mrs. Carter picks up a summer campaign with H&M!
Talk about running the world, with a new Pepsi can cover, the Presidential Inauguration, Super Bowl, multiple magazine covers including Shape and Vogue. 
Would you purchase some of her pieces?

(see a few Shape snapshots CLICK NEXT)


Beyonce Covers GQ X Rihanna's 7 cover Complex Magazine

Dominating magazine covers this year are music's finest ladies. Beyonce covers GQ flawlessy!

One year after Blue Ivy's birth and she's back taking over the cameras and snagging more company deals to expand the brand of Beyonce. It is definitely Beyonce take over, soda cans, H&M, football million dollar half time shows. Also look out for Beyonce in Vogue's March issue!

For now check out her spread below with GQ!

Rihanna has ever evolving style
hit records
a flowing bank roll
apparently the toughest Rihanna Navy fan base
and everyone's attention on her personal life and let's not forget her rolling controversial Instagram.

She takes over Complex magazine with 7 covers for her seven albums, 777 tour and apparently 7 is her lucky number.
Check out her interview with Complex HERE and view more photos below!


Black Power

President Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z at their fundraiser raising $4 million for the president!


Beyonce Fancy

Nothing can stop an artist from his craft.
Beyonce solidifies this statement by perfecting the craft of performing.
And also being named the best performer since Micheal Jackson.
Yes, that very talented, understated and over accused artist that passed and now everyone feels he deserves the credit.
There are artist...
and performers.
Beyonce, Ms. Fancy is one.
Another reason why I don't call females divas who just act "boujee" not a lot can hold up to the title of "Diva".
Beyonce Fancy, well that's in her name.


Waiting on this video! Many wondered why her album 4 was so love filled, because she was creating love in her belly!
I wonder if she will continue making music videos while pregnant.


Beyonce finally confirms her highly awaited pregnancy at the VMA's last night.
As I will catch up with a repeat of the VMA's because umm I do have a life, mostly now recuperating... How could you miss it?  It made the news, Good Morning America and various talk shows way before noon. 
So no one was escaping this news, though my sister  in Long Island was heavily disappointed she wasn't personally notified.
Yeah, the world understands.


I will be purchasing this "I am very comfortable in the throne I have been building" -Beyonce*, issue.