Truth About Nik_gold*

I catch myself putting
 my WHOLE heart in somethings
 some people don't think twice about.


How do you feel about this topic?

I lived in New York when the twin towers fell, Queens to be exact but my mom's job was located in the city.
My sister coming to my elementary school and us walking home seems like just yesterday, discussing how worried we were about mom and what was going on.
My mom actually worked downtown near the site and came back home full of soot that day, tired, worried and tearing.
We watched the second building fall in the basement on our T.V., hugging each other and praying it would be the last attack
I remember the day clearly....

Now whether or not the building goes up does not directly affect my life but why there?

New York lacks space for real estate but starting up a controversial project where there will always be a soft spot in the heart of New Yorkers is never a wise action and will lead to many negative responses.

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Sometimes We Take Life too Seriously, That's Why I post Things Like This... ROFL

To Be Perfectly Openly Honest with you...

It takes me some time to fully open up to someone.
I know! No one else has this issue
But once I'm opened I want the same in return.
People know when they are being honest with a relationship.
Any kind
Friendship, or something more...
And they can also, if the bond is on a reflective level,
know if the person is being open in return.
I've learned there is a difference between answering questions
(and elaborating on an answer)
and being openly honest, feet first.
I must say, it works out better on both ends
And sums up time that could have been waisted on foolishness.



Was invited to their summer concert in Atlanta and couldn't go (AW POOEY) because of.. well... school. -*- It's fine, matter of fact it's fine for everyone, there is a guaranteed next time and this time our cameras, iphones, bb's and flips* will be aimed and ready =]

N.E.R.D: With songs like, "Provider", "She Wants to Move" and "Everyone Nose", I can't recall a single living human being who can't place or decipher one of their songs and/or the lyrics. My mom does... who by the way is pretty FETCH*/COOL/EPICALLY DYNAMITE (=X) but come on =/.. Then again who could resist the funky edge, dynamite beats and glorious production of N.E.R.D.'s music? The Neptunes have stepped up and beyond the necessary outlook of "futuristic" music, and quite frankly if you haven't caught on... you never will.

NERD released their third studio album, "Seeing Sounds" in June 2008 and I truly believe the people want more of this techno-hip-hop-melody-groove crack.

Sooner or Later.

and I continue to smile...