New Artist Alert

So this sensation confirms that I need to always deliver new messages to my blog! The oh so blog worthy Elle Varner I actually discovered a couple months ago with her song and video ft J. Cole, "I Only Want to Give it to You."

 It expressed this funky, genuine chick who like me loves shoes and boys. It should be the theme song to a woman's love life!
The video to a song I heard on the radio, "Refill" is featured below

While listening I did the whole, hmmmm this voice sounds familiar, I love the different feel, the irish undertones, riffs in her voice and soulful sound. This chick's style is off the meter and she raps.... I'm done.

Wait! She is also from California went to NYU for music (engineering and producing)* and has a mixtape out entitled "Conversational Lush".
*Stay tuned*
and download her mixtape HERE


Chill Wednesday

Note to my Readers

What I am Listening To

Iggy and T.I released this song yesterday and it has been on repeat ever since. I'm not in love with it but I can definitely hear some more collabs between Iggy Azalea and rappers of today, maybe even some Styles P?

Recently downloaded Mac Miller's newest mixtape 'Macadelic', and I must say it is easily one of the best mixtapes of the year, yes year. I have agreed with many opinions that based off of his features his mixtape is the most diverse, yet well collected mixtape out yet. Bravo! Here is one of my favorites from the mixtape featuring another familiar rapper to my blog, Kendrick Lamar.


Style 101

**Spring is here and summer is around the corner!
Where is my spiked lemonade, straw hat and chiffon maxi dress?
What better way to spring into summer like swapping out our old color tablets for something new and fresh. What's in is my favorite...**
1. Pastels which keep everything cool, calm and collected. My favorites are pastel blue, mint green and pasty pink!

2. Neons: Without having an 80's flashback, here are some neon colors that will brighten up your day. There are even neon purples and oranges that bring something special to the table.

3. Nudes: help with the color popping in your ensemble or other accessories and keep's a look classy.

As far as clothing we have the sleek and stunning white with structured and relaxed shapes. Great for keeping a look spotless or mixing it in with other colored statement pieces.
(Feat. Kanye West, Celine, Philip Lip, Calvin Klein Collection)

A Nik_gold trend that I have rocked over the years is the mix and match patterns and colors. I never truly match but always coordinate. Here are some examples on how to work the look!
(Feat. Issa, Mary Katrazantou, Topshop Unique, Peter Pilotto)

Last but not least, keep it classy. We have playful girly notes that will blend into our beach wear wonderfully as well as making a going out look beyond gorgeous with feminine touches in jewelry, colors like pastels or even makeup with colored lips and full lashes.
(Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Chanel)

Whatever you decide to rock this season make sure to wear it with confidence and ...


I finally turned 20 this weekend!
Not only was it epic because I have come to truly appreciate life, being all the things I was put through and made it out stronger this year but I also had a lot of people who wanted to celebrate my special day with me!
I didn't have as many pictures of the past couple of nights as I thought I would,but maybe that is a good thing... lol

One valuable lesson I have learned is, yes we are all striving for the ultimate goal in life but enjoy the ride there!

Lifted out on the town

One of my presents, thanks Mom!

Random but I love this color

Cake #2, my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream cake!

Lime green back cut out dress I made, gold hanging chain detail on the back.

Interviewing for BE Magazine

I am a writer and stylist intern for BE Magazine.
I recently had the chance to interview two talented individuals.
You can check out my interviews by clicking on the link below and browse BE magazine website!

3-Finger Pearl Ring I made. 
(Only fits 3 fingers, goes across hand)
I wore out with my birthday lime green, back cut out dress
and oversized color blocked Nicole Lee clutch

iPhone Customized Case

This is pretty cute.
I recently made a stud case for my iphone but it fell apart
=( Case was rubber which NOTHING will stayed glue too.
Might try again with a different case.

Life has me by the tail.
Nostril flaming tormenting rules
In progression my feet sizzles on the coal
Mold them, soak them
Behind the force blows a constant screaming charge
Revitalized and alert
My voice screams at the heavens
The peak is in eyesight
I soar forward wind seeping through my locks
Sun warming my back
Almost there.


I'm already in my nighties... don't remember the last time I was in my nighties before 10.
Guess it's refreshing.
In The Sun is now playing, my phone is on mute, got my glass and it feels so good.


What I Wore
One of the few jackets that have hung in there that I actually wear I slipped on the other casual day and went to walk the dog on a beautiful day

#NikGoldDesign Spiked X Studded Hoops #HandMade
All Black Everything *
Black Back out Tank top #UrbanOutfitters
Black Liquid Leggings #AmericanApparel
Black Knee High Combat Boots #DSW

Not on instagram but my pic of the week*
What a great night!

My red eye though<
At a @BEmagazine Spring mixer event at my new favorite lounge, Midtown ATL.
#NikGoldDesign accessories of course

In jewelry and accessories sometimes the saying "Less is Best" is necessary. 
Dealing in the industry and growing through my brand Nik_Gold Designs (website will be available soon!) I've learned statement pieces or pieces that stand out usually don't need anymore items to be accompanied with. That's why going overboard with it can make you look more like a gypsy. I see individuals on a daily basis that don't know what the limit is and in result their outfit is confusing and misses the mark. 
Below are some statement pieces I love.
I wouldn't go overboard with these looks.